Thursday, August 13, 2009

[video] Patrick Watson - "Fireweed"

Patrick Watson's "Fireweed"

Taking to heart the practice of quality over quantity, Secret City Records has found this to be the formula for success (and great music). Though the young, three-year-old record label supports merely five total bands, three have been shortlisted for the coveted Polaris Music Prize (Plants and Animals, Patrick Watson, & Miracle Fortress) over the short history of the award. Most notably of the three is singer/songcrafter Patrick Watson. He not only won the 2007 Polaris Music Prize for his beautifully arranged Close To Paradise, he's found his way on this year's shortlist yet again for his newest album Wooden Arms. Above is a video for the opening track, "Fireweed," which was directed by Watson himself. If you haven't listened to either of his albums mentioned above, I strongly recommend doing so.

Buy :: Close To Paradise
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