Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-29-2012)

Paul Banks Mix

This week's HDPP is a collection of my favorite Paul Banks hits. Most notably known for his work with Interpol, Banks has also released some great jams under his solo moniker Julian Plenti. While I've never been a fan of his sunglass choice, he does know how to write a great song. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-29-2012) ::
01 :: "Obstacle 1" - Interpol
02 :: "Slow Hands" - Interpol
03 :: "Barricade" - Interpol
04 :: "Games For Days" - Julian Plenti
05 :: "C'mere" - Interpol
06 :: "Who Do You Think" - Interpol
07 :: "Evil" - Interpol
08 :: "PDA" - Interpol
09 :: "On The Esplanade" - Julian Plenti
10 :: "Lights" - Interpol
11 :: "The Heinrich Maneuver" - Interpol
12 :: "Say Hello to the Angels" - Interpol
13 :: "NARC" - Interpol
14 :: "Summer Well" - Interpol
15 :: "Pace Is the Trick" - Interpol

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-22-2012)

Plants and Animals Mix

Plants and Animals have silently made a solid catalog of music over their last 3 albums. Their best to date, in my opinion, is still their debut Parc Avenue, but that album's recording process spanned many years, which resulted in a very eclectic mix of amazing rock. P&A's next two albums focused more in the classic rock direction, and the results were interesting and enjoyable. For this week's HDPP, I hope to highlight band's very best songs, condensing the list down to 15 songs. Sure I left off some great jams, but these are the energizing hits that'll get you over the hump.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-22-2012) ::
01 :: "Feedback in the Field" - Plants and Animals
02 :: "Fake It" - Plants and Animals
03 :: "Why & Why" - Plants and Animals
04 :: "Mercy" - Plants and Animals
05 :: "The Mama Papa" - Plants and Animals
06 :: "Lightshow" - Plants and Animals
07 :: "Good Friend" - Plants and Animals
08 :: "Tom Cruz" - Plants and Animals
09 :: "Lola Who?" - Plants and Animals
10 :: "Swinging Bells" - Plants and Animals
11 :: "American Idol" - Plants and Animals
12 :: "Faerie Dance" - Plants and Animals
13 :: "Control Me" - Plants and Animals
14 :: "The End of That" - Plants and Animals
15 :: "Bye Bye Bye" - Plants and Animals

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Friday, August 17, 2012

[news] Britt Daniel in New Band Spl:t S:ngle

Another band for Britt Daniel!?

It looks like Britt Daniel has been keeping busy lately. Right on the heels of the Divine Fits announcement, Daniel revealed that he has been recording with yet another band called Spl:t S:ngle. According to other reports, Daniel's primary musical vehicle Spoon is still alive in the background as well!

As for Spl:t S:ngle, you can see from the picture above that Daniel is only contributing his bass skills (and not his pipes), something he hasn't done for quite some time (Alien Beats, perhaps?). You can check out some of their songs here. It's quite a departure from Daniel's other works, and that's because Spl:t S:ngle was conceived by Jason Narducy (Telekinesis, Verbow), who wrote/sang all 13 tracks that were recorded last month. Rounding out the lineup is drummer Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats). Should be most interesting to hear what Daniel brings to the table.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-15-2012)

Daniel Rossen Mix

Daniel Rossen has one of the most distinct voices in the indie music community, and he's contributed his equally beautiful songwriting skills to Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles, and even some solo work. This week's HDPP may lack some of the pizzazz that one usually needs to get through a slow day, but I think the power in these songs should do quite well regardless. Notably, Rossen didn't join Grizzly Bear until Yellow House, so I intentionally left off the band's earlier work. By the way, GB's newest album Shields is set to drop September 18!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-15-2012) ::
01 :: "Yet Again" - Grizzly Bear
02 :: "No One Does It Like You" - Department of Eagles
03 :: "Two Weeks" - Grizzly Bear
04 :: "On A Neck, On A Spit" - Grizzly Bear
05 :: "While We're Young" - Daniel Rossen
06 :: "Romo-Goth" - Arcade Fire
07 :: "Knife" - Grizzly Bear
08 :: "Golden Mile" - Arcade Fire
09 :: "Shift (Alt Version)" - Grizzly Bear
10 :: "Little Brother" - Grizzly Bear
11 :: "While You Wait For The Others" - Grizzly Bear
12 :: "He Hit Me" - Grizzly Bear
13 :: "Ready, Able" - Grizzly Bear
14 :: "In Ear Park" - Department of Eagles
15 :: "Silent Song" - Daniel Rossen

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Monday, August 13, 2012

[first listen] Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits

Hear Divine Fits' new album right now!

Head over to NPR's First Listen to hear Divine Fits' debut album A Thing Called Divine Fits in it's entirety!!! If you've been living under a rock for the past couple months, Divine Fits is a new musical outfit consisting of Britt Daniel, Dan Boeckner, and Sam Brown.

The second track, "Flaggin A Ride", is sooo catchy. I still need to spin this album a few more times to truly form an opinion, but so far I'd say it's the excellent caliber of music that you'd expect from these very talented musicians.

Click here to visit NPR.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-8-2012)

Arcade Fire Mix

Who doesn't like a little Arcade Fire to jump-start their Wednesday? This week's HDPP is sure to help you over the hump. As always, these are my favorite hits, though limiting a playlist to 15 songs does leave off a great number of excellent tracks. I hope you enjoy!

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:: Hump Day Power Play (8-8-2012) ::
01 :: "We Used to Wait" - Arcade Fire
02 :: "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" - Arcade Fire
03 :: "No Cars Go" - Arcade Fire
04 :: "Ready to Start" - Arcade Fire
05 :: "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" - Arcade Fire
06 :: "Keep the Car Running" - Arcade Fire
07 :: "Wake Up" - Arcade Fire
08 :: "The Suburbs" - Arcade Fire
09 :: "Rebellion (Lies)" - Arcade Fire
10 :: "Rococo" - Arcade Fire
11 :: "Speaking in Tongues" - Arcade Fire
12 :: "Modern Man" - Arcade Fire
13 :: "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" - Arcade Fire
14 :: "Intervention" - Arcade Fire
15 :: "Sprawl II" - Arcade Fire

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[video] Divine Fits - First Live Concert!

Divine Fits in concert!

Last night, Divine Fits surprised Austin with a secret show, performing under the pseudonym The Hot Skulls at the Continental Club. To the lucky few who either knew about the ruse, or just so happened to be looking for new jams, they were in for a treat. Above you can watch the Britt Daniel-sung "Flaggin A Ride", and if you follow this link (via Stereogum), you can watch two other songs: "My Love Is Real" and the Tom Petty cover "You Got Lucky". Sounds pretty great, can't wait to hear the whole album!

Pre-Order :: Divine Fits :: A Thing Called Divine Fits :: August 28

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-1-2012)

Budos Band Mix

In a mood to get some serious work done this week? Hopefully this lyric-free HDPP will provide the necessary groove to tackle that ever-growing "to do" list. This work-inducing jam session is brought to you through the amazingly smooth jams of The Budos Band. This playlist is also great for entertaining guests, providing the perfect amount of sophisticated ambiance to your evening party. Try it out!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-1-2012) ::
01 :: "Up From The South" - Budos Band
02 :: "Nobody's Bulletproof" - Budos Band
03 :: "Unbroken, Unshaven" - Budos Band
04 :: "Chicago Falcon" - Budos Band
05 :: "Rite of the Ancients" - Budos Band
06 :: "Aynotchesh Yererfu" - Budos Band
07 :: "Deep In The Sand" - Budos Band
08 :: "Budos Dirge" - Budos Band
09 :: "Ride Or Die" - Budos Band
10 :: "River Serpentine" - Budos Band
11 :: "Mas O Menos" - Budos Band
12 :: "The Volcano Song" - Budos Band
13 :: "His Girl" - Budos Band

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