Thursday, August 20, 2009

[news] Plants and Animals - New Shows

Plants and Animals add a few more shows

Plants and Animals appear to have added some gigs to their summer lineup - all around the Toronto/Montreal area. Once they're finished with this, they'll be putting the final touches on their latest album. Here are the details:
It’s hot in Montreal, and the band is mostly scattered out towards places with swimmable bodies of water. They won’t be gone for long though. As summer’s dog days come to an end the Ps and As will be hitting stages again, starting with a nice slot at Toronto V fest on August 30th (which has just been moved downtown, by the way!). They’ve also added a couple intimate between-Toronto-and-Montreal dates over labour day weekend, which should prove to be pretty wild. Try and get out to these if you can, as they’ll be spending most September mixing the new album ….
Plants and Animals tour dates:
August 30 - TORONTO, ON - V-Fest
September 5 - PETERBOROUGH, ON - Montreal House
September 6 - WAKEFIELD, QC - The Black Sheep Inn