Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas!

Like I always say, you can't have Christmas without George Thorogood and the Destroyers... it's like serving Thanksgiving turkey without a chicken and duck stuffed inside it. Hopefully everyone made it home safely (and timely) for the holidays, and that everyone has a Rockin' & Rollin' Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Review: Cave Singers @ Neumos (12-11-08)

photo cred: Kyle Johnson

Last night, The Cave Singers performed to a very happy Thursday night crowd at Neumos. While I understand how cool it must be for the former Murder City Devils/Pretty Girls Make Graves members to play the same show, pairing Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death as an opener for The Singers was a bad idea. Noise-rock doesn't get me in the mood for folk-rock. Anyway, once The Cave Singers came on, it was apparent that they were going to treat Seattle to some new tunes. Having just returned from Vancouver where the band laid down tracks for a new album, Neumos may have been the first venue to witness these live performances. Throughout the course of the night, I'll bet we heard nearly 5-7 new songs, including an awesome boot-stomping screamer (same energy as "Dancing On Our Graves").

Highlights of the night included a duet performance of "Belmar" with ex-PGMG singer Andrea Zollo, various references to Ghostbusters II, a wild story involving a $40 fine on a lost porno DVD, and a beautiful encore-closer "After the First Baptism". Throughout the show, a very friendly Quirk (with one righteous beard) entertained the crowd with the help of some Jameson. Not the longest set, but all in all, a great performance from an even greater band. No word yet on when the new album will be released. Expect it to rival Invitation Songs in sound, especially after hearing the new material showcased last night.

Setlist: (in no particular order)
5-7 New Songs
Seeds of the Night
Belmar (duet with Andrea Zollo)
New Monuments
Oh Chistine
Dancing On Our Graves (last song of first set)
After The First Baptism (last song of the night)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reminder: Cave Singers @ Neumos (12-11-08)

Cave Singers in Seattle this Thursday (Dec 11)

Just a reminder to any Seattleites reading this (all two of you), The Cave Singers will be playing Neumos this Thursday. Tickets are still on sale, so get them quick before they sell out (they usually do). Back in October, the boys headed north to record their new record, which I assume is complete. If not, at least we'll get to hear some new jams. Head over to their MySpace page to hear an untitled new song - it's a very gentle folksy number.

*UPDATE: The new song (as of Dec 11) has been taken down from their MySpace page.

For some old jams, enjoy the video for "Dancing On Our Graves" - one of my favorite boot-stomping singles off of their debut LP Invitation Songs.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Colours' Top 13 Albums of 2008

After getting a big "fuck you" from Blogger according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I've had to re-write my top 13 albums of 2008. Rather than give the full rationale for each of my picks, I've now just submitted my list without explanation. I also did not post a sample song along with a link to purchase each album (which apparently got me in trouble to begin with). What angers me most is that the deleted post was nothing but praise for these albums, as well free exposure. I wasn't giving away entire albums, and the songs I posted were singles you'd hear on the radio. Lame...

So without further ado, I present Three Colours' Top 13 Albums of 2008 (once again), along with the most disappointing releases of the year.

13. Beck - Modern Guilt
12. Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line
11. Department of Eagles - In Ear Park
10. Foals - Antidotes
09. The Black Keys - Attack & Release
08. Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow & Blue
07. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
06. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
05. The Aliens - Luna
04. Beach House - Devotion

03. Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
I tend to hate jam bands, so to pigeon-hole Plants and Animals as one would be a broad generalization and a huge disservice to the band. While Parc Avenue is at times "jam bandish", it also flirts with psychedelia, folk, and nearly any other sub-genre of classical rock. Yet another Montreal band that I've fallen in love with, this is a must-have album of 2008.

02. White Denim - Exposion
Definitely the most rocking album of 2008, White Denim's debut US LP showcases the range of styles these three dudes can cover. Exposion delivers eleven power-packed garage jams that span the entire rock & roll spectrum. Based on their versatility and range of sound, I'm expecting BIG things out of this Austin trio. Witnessing their live act this summer, the band broke out some new tunes that will make yet another solid release.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
This timeless classic follows up their 2008 Sun Giant EP using the same working formula: simple three- and four-part block harmony, songs about friends and family, history, nature, and the things around the Pacific Northwest, unconventional song structures - sometimes putting two songs together as one, etc... Fleet Foxes, the band's self-titled debut album, is a wonderful collection of beautifully arranged folksy melodies. Lead singer Robin Pecknold's majestic cries, coupled with a lush composition of guitars, banjo, mandolin, and vocal harmonies equate to the number one album of 2008.

Honorable Mentions:
Ratatat - LP3
Black Mountain - In the Future
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty
The Raggedy Anns - The Prospector Joe EP

Most Disappointing of 2008:
While these albums are not necessarily bad (well, the TnT album blows hard), I just had very high expections and was not happy with the initial reactions upon listening to these highly anticipated releases. After giving these albums ample listens, I still feel that they did not deliver the satisfaction I had predicted. Who knows, maybe one day my mood will change and these will end up in the "Most Underappreciated Albums of 2008"??? Not likely, but you never know.

Tapes 'n Tapes - Walk It Off
My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Handsome Furs - Face Control Cover Art

Face Control Cover Art Unveiled

Just posted at Sup Pop, the cover art for the Handsome Furs' sophomore LP looks pretty sweet. Featuring a rabid, frothy-mouthed dog in front of a bright, red background, Face Control is sure to grab buyers' attention. Unfortunately, also announced, the album is now set to drop March 10, 2009 (originally a February 3 release date).

Friday, December 5, 2008

Plants and Animals Video: "Feedback in the Field"

"Feedback in the Field" by Plants and Animals

This psychedelic number receives an equally trippy video. Plants and Animals just released a new video for their latest single, "Feedback in the Field". If you still don't own a copy of Parc Avenue (one of the best albums of 2008), go get yourself a copy for Christmas - an excellent stocking stuffer.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP

Bon Iver to Release New EP in January

I'm a little late on this one, but it appears Jagjaguwar has announced that Bon Iver's next release will be entitled Blood Bank. The EP will consist of four songs, many of which have already been showcased during their latest North American tour, and it will drop in the US on January 20, 2009. A track listing is posted below, along with a live recording of the title track.

Blood Bank EP
  1. Blood Bank
  2. Beach Baby
  3. Babys
  4. Woods

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spoon's Monthy Bonus Tracks (nearly a year)

Spoon: Demos and Bonus tracks

Spoon has always been very generous to their fans (see Devils Dishes and You Could Say So Motherfucker Vol. 1 & 2) - so when the band announced on Valentine's Day '08 that they would be releasing a new demo track for every month through their website, I was very happy. With many thanks to fellow Spoon fan Peter Herron (see Peter's exhaustive Spoon discography here) for filling in the gaps of songs that I had missed over 2008, I now present the entire set of bonus tracks and their respective months for all to enjoy. Posted this month is a great live version of "The Beast and Dragon, Adored" which was recorded at a '05 Sydney show during their Gimme Fiction tour. I'm sure more tracks are to follow, I just wanted to post them here for anyone who wanted them. If anyone notices errors or has other songs I'm missing, please correct me. Enjoy!

"Paper Tiger" (live Sydney '05) February
"Eddie's Ragga" (demo) March
"Cherry Bomb" (country version) April #1
"I Turn My Camera On" (first version) April #2
"Don't Let It Get You Down" (demo) May
"Was It You" (demo) June
"Merchants of Soul" (demo) July
"You Gotta Feel It" (rehearsal) August
"My Mathematical Mind" (demo) September
"In The Right Place The Right Time" (demo) October
"Ghost" (Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga demo) November
"The Beast and Dragon" (live Sydney '05) December

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave EP

For anyone craving a new Miracle Fortress album,
whet your appetite with this oldie.

Released in the winter of 2005, this rare gem is worth the listen. Sadly, the debut EP is out of print and nearly impossible to find. Hopefully I've saved someone the trouble of an in-depth internet search. If you love Five Roses, this five-song release is a nice supplement for any Miracle Fortress craving.

Miracle Fortress - Watery Grave EP
If you're just discovering the beautiful soundscapes of tortured genius Graham Van Pelt for the first time, then head over to Secret City Records and buy yourself a copy of Five Roses or their newest single "Have You Seen In Your Dreams" - you won't regret it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dr. Pepper Pays Up on Chinese Democracy Promise

Big Promise on GNR Album Quenches My Thirst (soon)

Well it's official, according to news sources, the Dr. Pepper Corporation will indeed give one free refreshing Dr. Pepper to every American (with internet access) this Sunday in response to Guns N' Roses' much anticipated album release. When Dr. Pepper first made the promise, the absurdity of the statement then was the thought of a 2008 release of Chinese Democracy. I guess we're all surprised, and will soon be rewarded for our long 14 year wait. Tony Jacobs, Dr. Pepper's vice president of marketing, reported "We never thought this day would come, but now that it's here, all we can say is: The Dr. Pepper's on us."

If anyone is interested in a free beverage, head over to Dr. Pepper's website (here) anytime on Sunday to download a printable voucher, which can then be redeemed until the end of February.

Also, if you haven't already heard the surprisingly good album, Chinese Democracy, head over to their MySpace page and enjoy the whole album streaming.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From the Basement - Fleet Foxes & White Denim

Fleet Foxes, White Denim, and others to be
featured in
music TV show From the Basement

Head over to From the Basement and watch some very cool video performances of your favorite indie rockers, including Fleet Foxes' "Blue Ridge Mountains" (here), as well as a very awesome rendition of White Denim's "All You Really Have To Do" => "Mess Your Hair Up" (here). I think both of these videos do a great job capturing the live experience for these two acts - both the eerie, majestic charm of Robin Pecknold's howl, and the unabashed primal energy of Austin's hottest trio. The apparent goal of From the Basement is to portray the "truest representation of the state of their artists work, captured in a way that lets their talents speak without the interference of presenters, logos, or audiences." Other bands featured in this show include Architecture in Helsinki, Band Of Horses, Gnarls Barkley, Beck, Andrew Bird, CSS ,Eels, Albert Hammond Jr., Iggy And The Stooges, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, The Shins, Sonic Youth, The White Stripes, Thom Yorke, and many more. Go check it out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten Tracks - the Future of Music???

Ten Tracks offers great music at an even greater price.

Record labels these days are trying just about anything in order to stay afloat in the digitally pirated waters. The old ways are out (R.I.P. Tower Records), and some new ways have proven successful (ie Radiohead, NIN, etc.); however, it seems that having an established fan base and mainstream notoriety definitely allows for these aforementioned ventures the positive outcomes. What about the up-and-coming bands that no one has ever heard of? Where do they fit into this new label system? Sure, MySpace and the blogging community (see also RCRD LBL) do their part in getting the lesser known bands their due exposure, but what else is out there?

A label I recently discovered seems to be ditching a lot of rules that once were a part of the music industry's golden standard. Rather than raise the price of an album to recoup the loss in overall sales, online label Ten Tracks has come up with an idea that practically gives music away. For all the fine print, go here, but to just give you the short of it, here goes: each month Ten Tracks releases a digital album of ten songs (makes sense) from various artists (both known and unknown). Each song can be purchased individually for £0.30 each, or the whole album can be purchased for merely £1.00 (a £2.00 saving!). Currently, there three different types of albums each month (called "channels"). Every month each channel will release a new bundle of ten tracks. A description of each channel is posted below:
The Police Box - modern folk, electronica and songwriting
Optimo - world-renowned future-music variations
Open Ear - selection of italo-disco rarities and cutting-edge production flair
I've listened to the October and November Police Box discs - really good stuff on there. So far, many of the bands showcased have come from the Scotland area. Included in that bunch are King Biscuit Time, The Aliens, and Black Affair (all ex-Beta Banders). That's probably why I've enjoyed them so much. For a listen, help yourself:

MP3: King Biscuit Time - "I Let Her In"
MP3: The Aliens - "Pernickitty Jack"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dan Auerbach Flies Solo

Black Keys frontman announces solo album release date

Dan Auerbach, voice and guitar of the Akron duo Black Keys, announced that he will be releasing his debut solo album on February 10, 2009. The album, entitled Keep It Hid, will be released on Key's label Nonesuch, and it will feature a "mixture of things [Dan] likes to listen to: psychedelia, soul music, country harmonies." Written on the road during the Black Keys' Attack and Release tour, the album will showcase Auerbach playing a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, percussion, and keyboards. Auerbach's friends and family have also contributed to the record, with appearances from fellow Ohioans Jessica Lea Mayfield and Bob Cesare, as well as a song originally written by Auerbach’s father. According to Auerbach, the record has a “live, organic sound - nothing was too plotted or planned, just a lot of spontaneity.” Track listing and tour dates for both the Black Keys and Dan Auerbach are posted below. Notably, on March 10, The Showbox Market will host Auerbach!

Keep It Hid:
01 Trouble Weighs a Ton
02 I Want Some More
03 Heartbroken, In Disrepair
04 Because I Should
05 Whispered Words
06 Real Desire
07 When the Night Comes
08 Mean Monsoon
09 The Prowl
10 Keep It Hid
11 My Last Mistake
12 When I Left the Room
13 Street Walkin'
14 Goin' Home

The Black Keys tour dates:
11-17 Bristol, England - Carling Academy
11-19 Milan, Italy - Magazzini Generali
11-21 Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli
11-22 The Hague, Netherlands - Royal Theatre
11-23 Ghent, Belgium - Vooruit Arts Centre
12-29 Fremantle, Australia - Fremantle Arts Center
12-30 Adelaide, Australia - HQ
12-31 Phillip Island, Australia - Pyramid Festival
01-01 Byron Bay, Australia - Great Northern Hotel
01-03 Coolangatta, Australia - Coolangatta Hotel
01-04 Bokarina, Australia - Lake Kawana Community Centre
01-05 Brisbane, Australia - The Arena
01-07 Coffs Harbour, Australia - Coffs Ex-Services Club
01-08 Newcastle West, Australia - Panthers
01-09 Sydney, Australia - Luna Park
01-10 Towradgi, Australia - Waves
01-11 St Kilda, Australia - Palais Theatre
01-29 Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
01-30 Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
02-04 Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live!
02-05 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
02-06 New York, NY - Terminal 5
Dan Auerbach tour dates:
(all dates with Those Darlins and Hacienda)
02-28 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
03-01 Boston, MA - Paradise Club
03-02 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
03-03 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
03-05 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
03-06 Chicago, IL - Metro
03-07 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
03-10 Seattle, WA - The Showbox (Market)
03-11 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
03-13 San Francisco, CA - Bimbo's 365 Club
03-14 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hansome Furs - Face Control Official News!

A rumor no more...

Posted over at Sub Pop today, Handsome Furs have verified that their second album is indeed titled Face Control, that it will be released February 3rd, and that the track listing is as follows:

Track list:

  1. "Legal Tender" - Studio Q performance
  2. "Evangeline" - Wolfe Island '08
  3. "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues"
  4. "(Passport Kontrol)"
  5. "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything" - Neumos, Seattle (4-19-08)
  6. "I'm Confused"
  7. "(White City)"
  8. "Nyet Spasiba" - Wolfe Island '08
  9. "Officer of Hearts" - Neumos, Seattle (4-19-08)
  10. "(It's Not Me, It's You)"
  11. "Thy Will Be Done" - Studio Q performance
  12. "Radio Kaliningrad" - Neumos, Seattle (4-19-08)

Also stated on the band's page was this quote about the album making process:
Face Control is the second album by Montreal’s Handsome Furs, 2007’s Plague Park was their first. Alexei Perry and Dan Boeckner wrote the songs on Face Control together, as one. The album was recorded and mixed by Arlen Thompson at Mount Zoomer. It was mastered by Harris Newman at Hotel2Tango. It will be released on February 3rd, 2009.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Handsome Furs - Rumors of Face Control

photo credit: Liam Maloney

Just posted at Wolf Parade's fan page, we should expect the band's sophomore effort in early February. The album, currently titled Face Control, has apparently been fully recorded, mixed, and mastered. I think I had read in an interview earlier about how Sub Pop was just waiting for all the hype of Wolf Parade's At Mount Zoomer to die down before dropping another bombshell to hungry fans. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

And the Country Celebrates

Yes We Did!

Head over to Spoon's website and you'll find something quite interesting. The band has compiled 15 videos from various cities and college campuses, documenting the country's reaction to Obama's victory Tuesday night during the 2008 Presidential Election. It's pretty awesome that the young vote actually came through this time. Even more unbelievable were Indiana's results. Growing up in a state that had only voted once for a democratic presidential candidate since 1932, I never thought I would see the day when the Hoosier state went blue again. It was a very pleasant surprise. Below is Seattle's reaction in Capitol Hill:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Out and Vote Today, Please.

Today is voting day, have you voted, yet?

Just a friendly reminder that you should go and vote if you haven't already. Since this no longer applies, I can now post Wilco & Fleet Foxes' cover of Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" which was performed live in Bend, Oregon on August 23, 2008. The tune was originally available to anyone who pledged to vote in the 2008 Presidential Elections. Rather than deter people from showing up to the voting polls, I've waited until today to post this song. I hope you enjoy it, ONLY AFTER you've gone and voted.

MP3: Wilco & Fleet Foxes - "I Shall Be Released" (Bob Dylan cover)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Seattle Power Outage: Goose Responsible

Evil Goose responsible for turning off my alarm this morning.

I had the displeasure of waking up (late) to no power this morning. Apparently, so did 4,000 other Seattleites living in the Fremont-Wallingford area. Not only was I late for work, but I also had very limited hot water during my shower. Who was responsible? More like what... as it turns out, the reason for the power outage was a damn goose. It was reported that its wide wingspan caused a short circuit in a main power line in the area. Sadly, the goose did not survive the electrocution...

So in light of the situation, I thought I'd share Eagles of Death Metal's new song "High Voltage" off of their third album, Heart On. Enjoy... oh, and go vote tomorrow!

MP3: Eagles of Death Metal - "High Voltage"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wolf Parade - New Tour Dates!

Just announced, new Wolf Parade dates

November 2008

*North America
11-01 Buffalo, NY - Asbury Hall (inside Babeville)
11-02 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
11-03 Omaha, NE - Slowdown
11-05 Tulsa, OK - Marquee Room
11-06 Little Rock, AR - Revolution Music Room
11-07 Columbia, MO - Blue Note
11-08 St. Louis, MO - Gargoyles @ Washington University
11-10 Madison, WI - Majestic Theater
11-11 Indianapolis, IN - Vogue
11-12 Newport, KY - Southgate House
11-13 State College, PA - State Theater
11-14 Montclair, NJ - Wellmont Theater

11-17 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia Club
11-19 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser
11-20 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega (small hall)
11-21 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
11-22 - Hamburg, Germany - Uebel & Gefährlich
11-23 - Stuttgart, Germany - Manufaktur
11-24 - Zurich, Switzerland - Mascotte
11-25 - Paris, France - Trabendo
11-26 - Lille,France - Grand Mix
11-28 - Manchester, United Kingdom - Ruby Lounge
11-29 - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street-venue change

December 2008

12-01 - London,United Kingdom - KCLSU
12-02 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
12-03 - Cologne, Germany - Luxor
12-04 - Gent, Belgium - Vooruit - Montreal Festival
12-05 - Brussels, Belgium - AB

Here's an oldie, but a goodie: Wolf Parade covering Blackout Beach's "Claxxon's Lament" for a Believer Magazine Compilation. Speaking of Blackout Beach, expect a new album to drop December 2, 2008, entitled Skin of Evil.

MP3: Wolf Parade - "Claxxon's Lament" (Blackout Beach cover)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Parque Touch - Unknown Wonders

Before White Denim, Parque Touch was King

I'm not going to lie, the only reason I know about Parque Touch is because of White Denim. Regardless of this, after discovering their story, and their sound, I was hooked. Parque Touch is essentially White Denim with a fourth band member - Lucas Anderson (aka Byshop Massive). With Anderson at the helm singing and writing most of the songs, he brought a noticeably different element to the band. While White Denim flirts with blues, rock, and psychedelia, Parque Touch leans more towards the punk side of rock. Both bands are known for energy-packed live shows; however, Parque Touch is a bit sexier with a touch of angst.

Unfortunately for the band, Anderson is both a rocker and an academic, and the pursuit of knowledge eventually won out - in early 2006, Anderson left for graduate studies in Russia. Looking on the brighter side, with Anderson's departure came the creation of White Denim. Bop, Terry, and Mallard dropped their pseudonyms along with some of their old sound and became the power trio responsible for such great songs as "Shake Shake Shake" and "You Can Tell". As for Anderson, the last I heard, he was working on a collaboration with Steve Terebecki under the moniker Success, but the project was again on hiatus due to graduate studies. Maybe one day we'll get to hear some more Parque Touch. Until then, head over to their MySpace page for a 3-song sample platter.

Parque Touch - "Pouty"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Were Promised Jetpacks Sign with FatCat Records

We Were Promised a Debut Album

Huge news for the Scotland quartet, We Were Promised Jetpacks - the band has just this month signed on with FatCat Records, home to No Age, Sigur Rós, and touring mates Frightened Rabbit. The band has garnered a lot of attention after releasing their 3-song EP, which is available on a previous post, as well as though extensive touring along side Frightened Rabbit. Their biggest break seems to have come from KEXP's Song of the Day for "Quiet Little Voices" (which is where I first heard the band). According to FatCat, we should all expect a WWPJ album to debut around May 2009 - exciting stuff. Some songs that will inevitably end up on the record are posted below:

WWPJ - "Ships With Holes Will Sink" (live)
WWPJ - "Roll Up Your Sleeves" (live)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

GNR - Chinese Democracy... For Real!

Indiana's Hardest Rockin' Hoosier Finally Finishes His Masterpiece
(15 years too late)

For the masses in this country counting down days until the 2008 presidential elections, we may have to set the counter back to 30 until we receive true democracy. That's right, hitting the shelves November 23, Guns N' Roses will finally release the MUCH anticipated LP Chinese Democracy. The record will be the first new GNR material since 1991. How good will this record be? I feel like with any build-up this big, it's bound to disappoint; however, I'll save my judgment until after a few listens. Head over to their website to hear the title track streaming for your listening pleasure. As if the wait wasn't long enough, apparently this is just the first installment in a trilogy of new albums to be released by GNR, with the third album slated to drop by 2012. I'll believe it when I see it.

Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On (First Listen)

Heart On Streamed at

Head on over to and feast your ears on Eagles of Death Metal's third album, Heart On, streamed for all. The album was originally slated for an October 21 release; however, the album is now scheduled to drop October 28. I think Boots Electric described their new album best with this quote: "EODM's latest fabulous weapon, a top-secret music missile, a sonic warhead sexually tipped for her pleasure, shot from the deck of USS EODM Mantastic Fantastic." Also, make sure you get your tickets for the EODM Seattle show at Neumos, which kicks off their North American tour on October 30.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake" Single & Video

Steve Terebecki graces the odd cover of
White Denim's latest single "Shake Shake Shake"

For all of you White Denim UK fans, hopefully by now you've acquired a copy of their new single, "Shake Shake Shake". Released on October 5, 2008, "Shake Shake Shake" marks the third UK single off of Workout Holiday released through Full Time Hobby. The single also contains the b-side "All Truckers Roll", which can be found on the band's US debut LP Exposion. Accompanying the release is a slew of more overseas tour dates, as well as this awesome video directed by Tom Haines.

WHITE DENIM - Shake Shake Shake from ACIDBIRD on Vimeo.

November 2008 Tour Dates
12th Cologne, Underground
14th Amsterdam, Paradiso (London Calling)
16th Newcastle, Cluny
17th Sheffield , Plug
18th London, Dingwalls
20th Bristol , Cooler
22nd Liverpool, Korova
23rd Manchester , Ruby Lounge
24th Glasgow, Stereo

White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake"

Monday, October 20, 2008

White Denim - Exposion - Released Today!!!

Multiple format options for White Denim's US debut LP

I just received an email from White Denim about an hour ago. In it were the details of their US debut LP, entitled Exposion. While this album has been out since the spring (sold as the tour LP, 11 Songs), this new cut should have a little slicker sound after being reworked and remastered and distributed through Transmission Entertainment. It also appears that White Denim has worked out a new digital record company that allows fans to buy directly from band. Here's what was said:

The record's available above in MP3 (320 kbps) format for $8.99, so click away. And for all you sound junkies out there, the record's also available in loss FLAC format for $13.99 right here. Both downloads come with all album artwork.

Year-long subscriptions are also available ($29.99) here. All subscribers will automatically receive the album in 320 kbps format, a 12" copy of the album, a 7" copy of the "Let's Talk About It" EP , and a collection of unreleased digital live tracks. Over the year, we'll inundate you with all kinds of stuff, including plenty of unreleased materials and continuous entries from the WD tour diary.

And last but not least...don't forget to sign up for the WD email list here. Everyone who signs up will receive regular updates on band news, shows (secret and non-secret), pre-show footraces, and other substantial events.
Not sure about you, but I'm going for the whole subscription. These guys are awesome - support indie rock. Go here and buy it.

Review: Fleet Foxes @ The Moore (10-19-2008)

Fleet Foxes played to a sold-out show at the Moore last night

After a lack-lustered performance by the Seneca Wallace-led Seahawks on Sunday Night Football, I decided to hop a bus and catch the Fleet Foxes show at the Moore Theater. Little did I know, the show sold out literally two minutes before I got there. Rather than walking home with my tail between my legs, I hung out around the entrance looking for an extra ticket to buy. Fortunately for me, my persistence paid off - the wonderful Pecknald family and friends had purchased an entire row to see their boy perform and had a ticket up for grabs. Paying much less than if I had ordered through Ticketmaster, I was able to get into the show (and my seat was amazing!).

The night kicked off with a pleasant opening act, Frank Fairfield. This California native seemed to have been born in the wrong era, sporting a button-up shirt and high-waisted trousers that could have been lifted from the Grapes of Wrath wardrobe department. This multi-instrumental performer entertained the crowd with his fiddle/banjo/slide guitar playing ability, sounding at times like the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, while at other times the Cold Mountain soundtrack (especially when he played "Sitting On Top of the World"). Once his short set finished, Fleet Foxes wasted little time setting up and were able to start their show by 9:00 sharp.

Fleet Foxes seemed very surprised (and humble) to see a packed house at the Moore. It was almost like they still haven't bought into their fame, yet. The band even joked about this issue, saying that they'll probably have to play the Moore lobby next year. Judging from their live performance and the power of their debut album, I disagree with them wholeheartedly. The band's first set opened with the beautifully harmonized a cappella version of "Sun Giant", which seamlessly led straight into "Sun Rises" - simply amazing. You could tell that these guys were happy to be home playing to their friends and family (lead singer Robin Pecknold's parents were sitting a few rows in front of me) before they head off to Europe for an overseas tour - the banter between songs was very relaxed and genuinely funny.

Half way through the band's set, Pecknold performed a few songs by himself (to give the rest of the band a smoke break), which were breathtakingly in tune with their studio cuts. I was a little afraid that they wouldn't be able to hit all the notes perfectly; however, one might argue that they sounded even better live - no voice cracking, no out-of-tune harmonies, no lyrical miscues - the band played to perfection. After a 50 minute set, the band left the stage, only to return for a 30 minute encore. The first song of the encore was another Pecknold solo - this time a Karen Dalton cover of "Katie Cruel". What made the cover interesting was that Pecknold didn't plug into any amp or even use a microphone, but instead was able to sing loud enough for the whole theater to hear. The band also showcased a new song that sounded on par with any song off of their self-titled LP. To finish the night off, the Foxes played my personal favorite, "Blue Ridge Mountains", and sent all of us Seattlites home with a smile. Walking to catch my bus home with the tune still humming in my head, I felt reminded again why Fleet Foxes are currently my favorite local act (sorry Cave Singers, you're up there at a close second). A setlist for the night is posted below - sorry, I can't remember the order.

Setlist (in no particular order)
Sun Giant
Sun Rises
Your Protector
White Winter Hymnal
Quite Houses
He Doesn't Know Why
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
English House
New Song
Drops In The River
Ragged Wood
Katie Cruel (Karen Dalton/traditional cover)
Blue Ridge Mountains

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fleet Foxes @ The Moore (Tomorrow Night)

Just a Reminder: Fleet Foxes to play the Moore (10-18-2008)

Seattle's Fleet Foxes will be playing a couple shows in Washington state tonight and tomorrow before heading off for their fall European tour. Tomorrow night, they'll be at the Moore Theater - should be the perfect venue for these dudes. Show starts at 8pm. For a little Fleet Foxes primer, check out their newest video for "He Doesn't Know Why":

Fleet Foxes He Doesn't Know Why from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

Fleet Foxes - "Blue Ridge Mountains"

Friday, October 17, 2008

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Bandstand Busking

Scotland's We Were Promised Jetpacks
Perform In Amusement Park

The latest gimmicky website posting sweet 3-4 song sets of our favorite up-and-coming artists is Bandstand Busking. It's actually a fairly cool idea. Unlike Black Cab Sessions, where we can't actually ride along with the performers, Bandstand Busking offers all Londoners the invitation to attend these performances live. As the site promises if one joins their mailing list:

Fancy coming along? Subscribe and we'll let you know when and where our next Bandstand Busking will be happening...come down, bring a beer, and enjoy the music.

So far, there have only been two Bandstand acts, but the site plans that every week or so, a musical act will perform in a park in and around London. Visit the site to view three songs performed by WWPJ: "Ships With Holes Will Sink" (see above), "An Almighty Thud", and "Conductor".

For other WWPJ songs, you'll have to find a copy of their sole release - in 2007, these Glaswegians sold copies of a 3-song self-titled, self-released EP. You can hear these tracks on their MySpace page, but actually getting a hold of them is a trickier issue. Hopefully, these dudes sign a record deal and then it won't be an issue. Until then, see below:

We Were Promised Jetpacks - We Were Promised Jetpacks EP

MP3: 1. "Quiet Little Voices"
MP3: 2. "Moving Clocks Run Slow"
3. "Let's Call This A Map"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

White Denim - New Album Set to Expose!

Who knew all these stars were closet White Denim fans???

While rumors of White Denim's debut US full-length Exposion have hinted at a November release date through Transmission Entertainment, White Denim's very own website is now stating that we should expect it this month!

If you head over to White Denim's official website, you'll discover that their old site is currently receiving major cosmetic surgery. What you'll also find is a mailing list subscription box with the potential to "inundate you with music, video, drawrings, and more... Signing up will get you in line to purchase White Denim's first U.S. full-length album, to be released this month through" Sounds awesome.

Sign up for yourself:

Handsome Furs - Studio Q Performance

Big thanks to James at Snakes Got A Blog for finding this video. A month ago I got a hold of two new tracks that are record-bound for the Handsome Furs highly anticipated sophomore effort, Face Control. These new tunes, which were showcased on CBC Radio's Studio Q with Jian Ghomeshi, include "Legal Tender" and "Thy Will Be Done". On Monday, Qtv posted the performance of "Legal Tender", along with a short interview of the happily married rockers, Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry. The interview touches on the issues of mixing work and play, and also the "insulting" mislabel of Handsome Furs as a side-project. Sadly, the video cuts off before the performance of the band's second new song, "Thy Will Be Done." Fortunately, however, I've posted the songs below for those of you who haven't had the delight of hearing these new gems. It's worth a watch.

Studio Q performance:

MP3: Handsome Furs - "Legal Tender"
MP3: Handsome Furs - "Thy Will Be Done"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Department of Eagles - In Ear Park

Another Solid Release from Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus

With a slight departure from Department of Eagles' first full length, The Whitey on the Moon UK (aka The Cold Nose), the boys released their second album last Tuesday on 4AD. The result, In Ear Park, is a beautifully textured landscape of sounds reminiscent of Yellow House. It's not hard to believe that DOE could somehow be influenced and/or sound a little like Grizzly Bear - in fact, the remaining three members of Grizzly Bear actually served as backup instrumentation during the recording of In Ear Park. Nevertheless, the folksy experimental space pop is quite an enjoyable listen. I especially love the LP's second track, "No One Does It Like You".

Take a listen for yourself:

MP3: Department of Eagles - "No One Does It Like You"

If you like what you hear, go buy a copy of In Ear Park at InSound, here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal - "Wannabe In LA"

The Dow isn't the only thing that's dropping this month...

Premiering this week, the video for Eagles of Death Metal's first Heart On single, "Wannabe In LA". The highly anticipated album has the first sounds of yet another quality release from Boots Electric and Baby Duck. If you'd like a copy of the single for your own listening pleasure, head on over to the band's MySpace page and download a free copy of the "Wannabe In LA" single for yourself.

To listen to the track directly, here you go:

Eagles of Death Metal - "Wannabe In LA"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Spoon Music Video - "Operation in Progress"

I came across this Spoon relic on YouTube today - a video of "Operation in Progress". Sadly, this song never made it onto a Spoon studio release, apparently because lead singer Britt Daniel always felt like it was too weak of a track. Instead, the song wound up the '97 compilation Rock and Roll Free-for-All: Vol. 2.

The video is quite comical - it looks like it was made with a handycam for a public access television show, and the band (which is only comprised of Britt, drummer Jim Eno, and bassist Josh Zarbo) looks so incredibly young. What grabbed my attention most was Britt's glasses (which can be seen on the cover art of Telephono) and his guitar. From the Telephono-era up until around '99, Britt sported an electrified acoustic guitar. It really gave the band a fuzzed-out, dirty sound. This video documents the acoustic guitar in action, and actually looks a little silly in my opinion because I don't associate the sound with the instrument. Nevertheless, it's a great song and a great video. Check it out:

If you want the track for yourself, Britt Daniel has personally allowed the downloading and sharing of this song through the Spoon Yahoo! group. Below are two different versions of "Operation in Progress" - one was recorded in '96 and ended up on the compilation (vide supra), and another version was recorded in '00 in an attempt to release a better version on Girls Can Tell - but like I said before, it didn't make the cut.

Spoon - "Operation in Progress" - 1996
Spoon - "Operation in Progress" - 2000

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spoon to contribute to Breathe Easy Benefit

Dandy Warhols host supergroup collaboration to raise money
for Breathe Easy conservation initiative

Resident Oregonians the Dandy Warhols have been working on a collaborative record for over a year, hoping to eventually sell the album to raise money for The Three Rivers Land Conservancy. Recorded at the Warhols' own studio the Odditorium, the 12-song LP will be available starting October 21, 2008 under the moniker Breathe Easy, and it is reported that 100% of the profits will be contributed to the conservation initiative. The project includes the talents of of artists like Spoon, the Kooks, the Raveonettes, the Black Angels, J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Saul Williams, Midnight Movies, David J (Love and Rockets), Vietnam, Spindrift, The Bravery, and of course the Dandy Warhols.

The Three Rivers Land Conservancy is a non-profit organization that works to conserve and preserve land by the Clackamas, Tualatin, and lower Willamette Rivers against urbanization. The Dandy Warhols and the Three Rivers Land Conservancy believe that conserving land and protecting against errant urbanization creates stronger healthier communities now and for future generations. Through consumer purchases, and corporate contributions the initial goal is to save 10,000 acres of Oregon's natural habitat.

Pretty cool stuff. Head over to the Breathe Easy MySpace page for more details, and check out this video if you're interested:

Breathe Easy Trailer from World's Fair on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Return of King Biscuit Time!!!

Steve Mason announces new King Biscuit Material

Posted in mid-September at King Biscuit Time's MySpace page, Steve Mason had this to say about a new KBT song:
So, i will be releasing a new track, called " I LET HER IN " on a new label called TENTRACKS in October/November. TENTRACKS is a music subscription site run by the people who bring you the brilliant free music and arts paper, [The Skinny]. I think my track will be on the first batch of 10 tracks that are going out. It's a great song that has been up here before in unfinished form.

The TENTRACKS website is coming soon, its going to be an amazing project with a lot of very high quality music of all genres.
I'm not sure if this means a new album will soon follow, or if he's just releasing this one track along with a group of nine others from various artists. Nevertheless, I'm always up for a new KBT song. And if you remember how the demo for "I Let Her In" sounded when it was originally posted nearly 2 years ago, the wait for October will be well worth it.

For a little taste of KBT, have a listen:

King Biscuit Time - "Izzum"
King Biscuit Time - "Kwangchow"
King Biscuit Time - "Paperhead"

Purchase a copy of Black Gold here if you like what you hear.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cold War Kids - Showbox (9-29-08)

Seattle fans showed their Loyalty to The Kids last night at the Showbox

Last night marked the third time I'd seen the Cold War Kids put on a show in Seattle - this was by far the biggest crowd, yet. The first time I caught this SoCal foursome was way back in September '06 at the Croc when they opened for Tapes 'N Tapes. At the time, I had only listened to Mulberry St, but from the sounds of that EP, I knew I was going to enjoy their show. Have you ever seen the movie High Fidelity? Do you remember the scene where John Cusack enters the nightclub to find Lisa Bonet singing Peter Frampton covers, and the rest of the bar is totally speechless, in total shock of how awesome the sound is? Well that's exactly how I remember my first Cold War Kids experience. Hardly anyone in the Crocodile was paying attention when the first opener (yeah, they weren't even the main opener) set up their equipment. But as soon as The Kids kick-started the night with an amazing rendition of "Saint John", an immediate hush was placed on the venue, conversations stopped mid-sentence by the band's spastic jerks of raw energy. And when they capped the night off with "Hospital Beds", I was convinced that these guys were going to be big.

Fast forward a month to October '06, and to my delight, the Cold War Kids came back to Seattle - this time supporting The Futureheads on a North American tour. Unfortunately for the band, however, TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear just so happened to be playing sold-out shows on the same night. To make matters worse (or better), The Futureheads canceled their entire tour, leaving the CWK with their very first headlining tour. That night they rocked out Neumos in full force; unfortunately, it was only received by about 100 fans. The band played a very awesome, very short set that night (with no encore), but it was still clear that these guys had talent. I think that night they played "Passing the Hat" and informed us that Robbers and Cowards was ready to drop.

So last night was the first time seeing them in nearly two years. In that time, the band has gone on to release two LPs through Downtown Records - however, I was still very surprised to see that they sold out the Showbox which seats over 1000. I was also surprised to see fans actually singing along to all the older songs. It really made me quite happy that these guys finally hit their groove and actually have a following. Highlights on the night were definitely their newer songs - they sound a lot better live than they do on the band's second LP Loyalty to Loyalty. The band finished their first set with powerful, more electric version of "Hospital Beds", then came back to play a two-song encore. The night ended with the crowd favorite "Saint John" which included guest-maraca player Sean Hayes (the opener). All in all, another fantastic show by the Cold War Kids.

Setlist (in no particular order)
"Hang Me Out To Dry"
"We Used To Vacation"
"Quiet, Please"
"Hospital Beds"
"Dreams Old Men Dream"
"Every Man I Fall For"
"Mexican Dogs"
"Welcome To The Occupation"
"I've Seen Enough"
"Every Valley is not a Lake"
"Something Is Not Right With Me"
"?" (some new song or cover I didn't recognize)

"Against Privacy"
"Saint John"

- Go buy a copy of Loyalty to Loyalty if you haven't already [here].

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Aliens - Luna (I really miss the Beta Band)

ex-Beta Band trio, The Aliens, release Luna today!

After much disappointment with The Aliens' debut LP, Astronomy for Dogs, my expectations for their sophomore effort Luna were admittedly very low. I guess I should have seen this coming, too, since history does tend to repeat itself. Just look at post-Waters Pink Floyd: while it contained 75% of the original band, the abbreviated line-up inevitably ventured into an entirely new sound. Similarly with The Aliens, without their lead man Steve Mason, these ex-Beta Banders embraced the lighter/sillier side of pop rather than the psychedelia that originally turned me onto the guys in the first place.

Luckily for me, however, Mason was busy with King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, and my Beta Band withdrawal was treated with large doses of Black Gold and Pleasure Pressure Point (it's crystal clear what influence he had on the sound of Beta Band).

So as stated before, Astronomy of Dogs was quite forgettable (in my opinion), but for the sake of the band, I gave these dudes a second try. Released today on the band's own label, Pet Rock, I'll have to say, well played sirs! This is what I was hoping for all along. Opening with the trippy 10 minute-plus "Bobby's Song", it's clear that these guys aren't writing another radio friendly album. I need a few more listens before I can definitively give my assessment of these new tunes, but after my first listen, this is hands down a quality record. In the mean time, check out this sweet video for "Magic Man" (why do things in reverse look so cool?):

Check three of the tracks, "Everyone", "Magic Man", and "Bobby's Song" at their MySpace page.

Also, go pick up a copy of Luna for yourself, here.