Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[review] The Cave Singers @ Easy Street Records (8-18-2009)

The Cave Singers played Welcome Joy for Seattle

Residents of Seattle were treated with The Cave Singers' Welcome Joy record release party at Easy Street Records in Queen Ann tonight. Starting promptly at 7 pm, the band kicked the night off with the highly energetic "At The Cut" before embarking on a short 8-song set. If memory serves me correctly (which it rarely does these days), the band played 7 brand new songs for the packed house, and after a few minor technical difficulties, closed the night with Dancing On Our Graves b-side "Belmar." I'd approximate that 200-300 people showed up for the free show, and over half of that endured the uncomfortably hot indoor conditions for a chance to meet the band / obtain autographs after the set - not bad for a Tuesday night.

Congrats to the band for overcoming the sophomore slump and releasing yet another killer album. Probably most surprising is the added support of Amber Webber (Black Mountain & Lightning Dust) and Ashley Webber (Lightning Dust) on select tracks. Pick up a copy today (here).

Set list (8-18-2009)
At the Cut
Beach House
Summer Light
I Don't Mind