Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[concerts] Seattle Shows to Look Forward to (2010)

Good music on the way

So there's a bunch of great shows every week here in Seattle, but I wanted to showcase the ones I'm most looking forward to. This is a dynamic list, so expect it to grow with more dates as more announcements are made.

July 23-25 // Capitol Hill Block Party // 10th and Pike
July 26 // Wolf Parade // Showbox
(w/ The Moools)
July 28 // The Toadies // Showbox
July 31 // Phosphorescent // Crocodile
(w/ J. Tillman)
Aug 4 // Joanna Newsome // Moore Theater
(w/ Robin Pecknold!!!)
Aug 21 // No Depression Fest // Marymoor Park
(w/ Cave Singers)
Aug 29 // Vampire Weekend // Marymoor Park
Aug 25 // Wavves // Neumos
Sept 4-6 // Bumbershoot // Seattle Center
Sept 11 // The National // Marymoor Park
(w/ Okerville River)
Sept 24 // The Local Natives // Showbox
(w/ Love Language)
Sept 25 // The xx // Paramount
(w/ Warpaint)
Oct 14 // Telekinesis // Showbox
(w/ Teenage Fanclub & Superchunk)
Nov 2 // The Black Keys // Paramount

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[new music] Wolf Parade - Expo 86 Stream It Here!

Hear it today

Thanks to Sub Pop, you can stream Wolf Parade's third album in its entirety, right here! The album hit shelves today, and if you haven't feasted your ears on this solid release, do so now.

And if you happen to live in the greater Seattle area, Wolf Parade will play the Showbox on July 26th (tickets).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[video] Interpol - "Lights"

First Single "Lights" From LP Interpol

Since announcing the September 7 release date (via Matador) for their eponymous 4th LP, Interpol has showcased the album's first single "Lights," announced a few tour dates (see below), and as of today, have given us the first music video (watch above, or here). The artfully strange Charlie White-directed video features what appears to be pheromone harvesting from a vitamin D-deficient Matrix extra. Check it out.

Also, expect more dates to pop up as July approaches - ever since Bono's emergency back surgery caused the cancellation of nearly twenty U2/Interpol shows, the band has not announced any rescheduled dates. I would hope to see some more US dates, especially in Seattle. Keep your fingers crossed.

Interpol Tour Dates:
June 23 // Pittsburgh, PA // Mr. Smalls Theatre
June 25 // Allentown, PA // Crocodile Rock
June 26 // New York, NY // Creators Project Party, Milk Studios
July 23 // Northampton, MA // Pearl Street Ballroom*
July 24 // New Haven, CT // Toad’s Place
July 25 // Baltimore, MD // Ramshead Live
July 29 // Richmond, VA // The National
July 30 // Norfolk, VA // The NorVA
July 31 // Atlantic City, NJ // Showboat Atlantic City – House of Blues
August 04 // Montclair, NJ // Wellmont Theatre
August 05 // Boston, MA // House of Blues
August 06 // Clifton Park, NY // Northern Lights
August 09 // Montreal, QC // Metropolis
August 10 // Toronto, ON // Kook Haus
August 11 // Pontiac, MI // Clutch Cargo
August 13 // Milwaukee, WI // The Rave
August 14 // Minneapolis, MN // First Avenue
August 15 // Chicago, IL // Vic Theatre
August 18 // Charleston, SC // The Music Farm
August 19 // Lake Buena Vista, FL // House of Blues

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[new album] Toadies - Feeler Finally Gets Release

After 12 Years, Feeler Gets Proper Release

For the long-time readers who have followed Three Colours from the very beginning, you're probably aware of my in-your-face love affair with the Toadies. No matter what you think, the band's debut LP Rubberneck still ranks in my top 10 albums of all time. With that said, I want to share a little history lesson for those not so infatuated with these Texas rockers:

A long time ago (1994 to be precise), the Toadies released Rubberneck during the post-grunge movement, and my infatuation to "Possum Kingdom" was born. After extensive touring, awesome MTV appearances (see below), and multiplatinum success, the band returned to the studio for the recording of their sophomore effort. What they recorded in that hot summer of 1997 became a collection of songs that comprised the LP Feeler. Unfortunately for the Toadies, Interscope Records was not impressed and decided to can the project.

Dejected and upset, the Toadies continued to rock across the country, and later recorded an entirely new album Hell Below / Stars Above in 2001. Most of the Feeler tracks can be found on the Internet, but these rough recording sessions deserved a proper release. Luckily the Toadies felt the same way, because they just announced that they've explored the archives and are set to finally release Feeler! In a bizarre twist of fate, the LP has been re-recorded (Exile on Main St.-style) and is set to drop this summer. A tour will follow the album's release, which includes a Seattle date on July 28 at the Showbox (Tickets $18).

And after the summer and fall touring, the Toadies plan to re-enter the studio to record a batch of new songs. With a little luck there will be another Toadies record out in early 2011.

July 28 // The Toadies @ The Showbox (Tickets $18)

UPDATE :: According to DC9 over at The Dallas Observer, the album will be available as a digital release and as a tour souvenir almost as soon as the band finishes mixing and mastering the album in coming weeks. Also, it's not necessarily the exact same album: "Some Feeler songs didn't make the cut. And other songs, including, perhaps, a thus-far unnamed Beatles cover, may wind up on the newly recorded album." This version of Feeler is apparently the band's interpretation of those songs, completely new and completely from scratch.

Friday, June 18, 2010

[interview] Telekinesis - New Album Progress Report

Interview with Telekinesis (aka Michael Benjamin Lerner)

So things have been pretty crazy here, and posting has been a little slow and sporadic, but I'm very excited to share an interview I recently had with the very humble, very cool Michael Benjamin Lerner - the "man behind the curtain" of local Seattle band Telekinesis. In it, you'll see that Telekinesis is soon to enter the studio to follow-up one of 2009's best albums!

And if you haven't heard, Telekinesis just announced a few Pacific Northwest tour dates scheduled for this October, including an October 14 show at the Showbox (tickets). And get this... Telekinesis will be sharing the stage with Teenage Fanclub and Superchunk! Tour dates are posted below, and are followed by the interview:
Telekinesis w/ Teenage Fanclub and Superchunk
Oct 13 2010 // The Venue Nightclub // BC, Canada
Oct 14 2010 // The Showbox // Seattle, WA
Oct 15 2010 // The Wonder Ballroom // Portland, OR

(Three Colours) So recently Telekinesis has put out a few new songs here and there. In April for Record Store Day, you released "Dirty Thing" b/w "Non-Toxic" and "The Drawback," which I think may be in the running for best cover art yet this year, and then last month you contributed an ELO cover "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" to the lovely Sing Me To Sleep - Indie Lullabies compilation. All of these songs have been solid releases, by the way, and I've enjoyed them thoroughly.

But looking at your touring schedule, I've noticed a break from now until October, which all seams to be suggesting one of two things - either you're soon to be enjoying Seattle's fantastic summer for some much deserved R&R, or you're re-entering the recording studios for a possible new album. Or maybe a little of both? Do you care to comment on this?

(Michael Benjamin Lerner) Well, you would be correct in assuming that the gap in tours is being filled by the recording of LP2! Though, I'll still get to experience the lovely and mild northwest summer. We're going to do this record in Portland, Oregon in July. Last summer we were on a nationwide tour, and I got to experience sticky heat. It was kind of brutal. So, I'm psyched to get to stay in the breezy cool Northwest this summer, and also very excited to get started on this next record.

(TC) Could you share any details or plans?

(MBL) Yes, I'll be recording a new LP. If all goes according to plan, I reckon it'll be out around the new year, but I honestly don't know this for sure yet! And no titles yet! I've had a few floating around, but it's still a ways to go yet!

(TC) When you recorded your debut LP, at the time, you were essentially writing and recording most (if not all) of the material, but obviously you don't have enough hands to play each instrument on the road. When you rocked out the UW campus during Lawnapalooza last year, I was intrigued by your performance in the not-so-common drummer/lead singer combo. Now that you've toured quite extensively with this lineup, are you tired of Phil Collins comparisons?

(MBL) Not even the slightest! I love Phil Collins! And you'd be surprised, I don't even get that comparison so much! But, the singing drummers are few and far between, I know this to be true! There's a funny recent story about it. We were playing at the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge a few weeks ago, and I noticed that the drummer/singer from No Age was in the crowd watching. He does virtually the same thing as me, and much better, so I kind of started freaking out a little bit. They were playing after us, I think. He turned out to be nice, I talked to him afterward. But, it was kind of scary!

I also enjoy the Jellyfish and Don Henley comparisons!

(TC) Do have plans of recording with the "road band"? Or do you think you'll go back to the more solitary, one-song-at-a-time format that seemed to work so well on your first record?

(MBL) It looks to be the solitary thing once again. The road band just isn't yet a full time thing, it's still a bit of a revolving cast of friends. So, it just doesn't make sense at this point. I want to make a full band record, absolutely, but it just doesn't feel like the right thing this go around. No knock to the fellas that have played in the touring versions of Telekinesis, all of which are better at their respective instruments than I am, but it'd be great to record a record knowing that the band that recorded it could be around for at least a full album cycle. That just hasn't worked out yet.

(TC) Will you enlist the help of Chris Walla again?

(MBJ) Enthusiastically, YES! We'll be shacking up at Jackpot! Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon. We are both really looking forward to making a rock and roll record.

(TC) Your song "Tokyo" made it onto so many of my mix tapes last year - it seems you music reminds me of traveling to far off places. I'm curious if touring ever got you out to Tokyo, and if there are any other places do you hope to visit while on tour?

(MBL) It hasn't yet! But, I'm hoping we can license this next record to a Japanese label, and that can be the catalyst to a trip over there. It would really be a dream come true. It's number one on the travel list. Followed by Australia, which I think most bands do at the same time as Japan, so it could be a one two punch of dream fulfillment! Here's to hoping!

I'd also really like to visit Portugal, and more of Switzerland. And I'd love to play New Orleans. We haven't done that yet.

(TC) Are there any memorable moments during your touring that really stand out?

(MBL) There are so many incredible moments. Touring is so fun! But, I think that our first trip to Germany, and playing our first festival experience, was pretty memorable. It just felt so rock and roll. We were on a nationwide US tour, and we parked the van in a parking garage in Chicago, flew to Berlin, toured Germany and Austria for a week or so, flew back to Chicago, and continued on to the east coast and home. It was grueling, and crazy, and exciting at the same time. It just felt so good boarding that airplane in Chicago, with my best friends, knowing that we were going to be in Berlin for the purpose of playing rock shows for people. Pretty incredible. I truly mean it when I say I have the best job in the world. I feel really lucky to be doing this for a living. It's also such a selfish thing because it would be impossible if it weren't for all the people behind the scenes of team TK. The labels, Merge and Morr and Inertia. My management. My booking agents. My lawyer. The list goes on and on. Sometimes I feel bad because they do all this work, and we are the ones that get to hop the planes and see the world and play rock shows for people. I am truly appreciative of everyone that is fighting the good fight on our behalf.

(TC) Do you have any favorite town or city that you look forward to returning to on your next tour now that you've covered a lot of the country?

(MBL) Yeah! I always always love playing San Francisco! It rules. The Great American Music Hall is one of the best venues in the country, and it employs some of the nicest, most helpful people. Kind of great. I also really love/hate playing New York. I'm always stressed to the max, but once we leave I always look back on it with serious excitement. Chicago rules.

But, the smaller cities are super fun too. Chapel Hill is insanely fun. Denton, TX is awesome. Norman, OK is totally rad. Lots of incredible places all around our gigantic country.

(TC) In a perfect world, what one band (alive or dead) would you want to tour with?

(MBL) Honestly? Even though it's just a handful of shows, I feel like we are fulfilling this dream by supporting Superchunk and Teenage Fanclub. I mean, seriously! My career could end now. Totally awesome.

(TC) What's your spirit animal and why?

Raccoon. I don't even know why.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

[video] OK Go - "End Love"

OK Go still amaze me

If historians look back at how the Internet influenced music, they'll probably cite OK Go as the pioneers YouTubing their way into platinum records. Constantly finding innovative ways to capture our imaginations, the OK Go consistently create viral music videos that spread faster than ebola. Off their latest LP Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, the music video for "End Love" apparently consists of 18 hours of the band dancing and 192 hours of the LA skyline (timelapsed, thankfully). With over a million frames of video, which were compressed down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds of fun, this music video is one continuous camera shot! Truly a unique experience. And it's really funny how this lone goose keeps the band company throughout the entire video.

Oh yeah, and the song is really good, too!

If you really like the video, you can download a high-quality version for free at the band's website.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[new music] Foals - Total Life Forever Pre-Order

Bonus Material with Pre-Ordered Album

According to Sup Pop, when you pre-0rder the Foals' new album Total Life Forever, you'll also receive a 7-song CDR featuring seven early sketches of songs from Total Life Forever (limited to the first 300 pre-orders). You'll also be the recipient of a couple stickers and a link to stream the record right this moment, so you don't have to wait until your order arrives to hear Total Life Forever in its entirety.

This album is quite amazing, so make sure to pre-order your copy right now and get on board to receive your free bonus material. To stream a couple tracks from the album to further entice you, go here and listen to "Spanish Sahara" and "This Orient" from the album.

Pre-Order :: Foals - Total Life Forever (via Sub Pop)

Friday, June 11, 2010

[new music] Wolf Parade - Expo 86 Pre-Order

Wolf Parade Update

For those of you who were in the mood for a Wolf Parade update, the band's third and very solid LP Expo 86 can now be pre-ordered over at iTunes. You can also sample 30 second clips of each song, and to further entice you into pre-ordering, Wolf Parade will include a fancy-shmancy digital booklet of photos. To hear more than just 30 seconds, I've included four tracks off the album (below) for your listening enjoyment.

And if you happen to live in the greater Seattle area, Wolf Parade will play the Showbox on July 26th (tickets).

"Yulia" and "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain"

"Ghost Pressure"

"What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)"

Monday, June 7, 2010

[video] Plants and Animals (Live @ KEXP)

Plants and Animals in the KEXP Studio

Before rocking out the Crocodile, Plants and Animals played a four-song set over at KEXP. Well, they've finally released the footage, which can be seen via YouTube. I've attached my two favorite performances: "Celebration" and "Game Shows," but you can also watch the in-studio performances of "The Mama Papa" and "Undone Melody" (as well as the other two songs) in high definition by going here.

In other P&A news, the band will be returning to the Emerald City for the 40th anniversary of Bumbershoot. The line up for the Seattle music and art festival was just posted, and if you'd like to catch Plants and Animals again, go on Sunday, September 5.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[video] Foals - "Miami"

Foals Welcome You to the Gun Show

The maturation of the Foals happened sometime between their break-through debut Antidotes and the recording sessions of Total Life Forever. Absolutely pleased with the transformation, I think fans of the old will find the newer material different but still familiar. Total Life Forever sounds more epic and less calculated, and the songs are allowed to develop past the 3 minute mark. An album standout, "Miami," has a new music video, and though very strange, I couldn't stop watching the group of oiled-up muscle heads. It's oddly fascinating, and somehow fitting for this song. Check out the rest of the album if you like.

Buy :: Foals - Total Life Forever