Thursday, August 6, 2009

[review] Julian Plenti - Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper

Julian Plenti is... Really Good

Paul Banks is... the frontman for Interpol, yet on Tuesday he released his first solo effort under the moniker Julian Plenti. And for those of you who are fans of Interpol, you should definitely get your hands on a copy of his pseudo self-titled album Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper. The best way to describe the sound is maybe as more of a dance-driven version of Our Love To Admire with lush orchestrations and complex textures. Julian apparently hired session performers for all the string and horn arrangements, and also had a little help from Mike Sroud of Ratatat. It's a great supplement for anyone looking for new Interpol material; however, it stands on its own as a great release for 2009. I haven't been able to wear this album out yet, and each listen brings more appreciation than before. Go check it out. Below are a few songs off the album: the dance-rocker "Fun That We Have," and videos of the dream-trip/album closer "H," as well as the very Antics-esque "Game For Days."

And don't miss Julian on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which airs tomorrow night (August 7).

MP3: Julian Plenti - "Fun That We Have"
(buy :: Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper)


Julian Plenti video #2 from Julian Plenti on Vimeo.


Drew said...

I haven't been able to wear this album out either. It isn't a masterpiece, but it is solid. Great review. Check out mine if you get a chance.