Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[new music] Gorillaz - The Fall

New music from Gorillaz

The Holidays have caused a backlog of posts, which I hope I can remedy very soon. The first order of business is to report on the Gorillaz's newest album, The Fall, which was recorded in 32 days while the band toured the US. Leading up to the album's Christmas day release, an Advent calendar was counting down the days throughout the month of December, offering up fun gifts from the band along the way.

Much to the delight of Steve Jobs, or quite possibly in a ploy to receive free Apple products for life, Damon Albarn & Co. recorded the entire album using an iPad. To hear the album right now, you can stream it (here) over at the Gorillaz site. For those of you who are part of the Gorillaz Fan Club, you can download a digital copy with liner notes. What I found most comical in the track credits was from track 15, "Seattle Yodel." The last song on The Fall was recorded in Seattle on November 2, and it features the Yodelling Pickle (see below for demonstration) from Archie McPhee, a novelty store every Seattleite is familiar with.

So all in all, The Fall is quite good. It features Albarn almost exclusively on vocals, which is a major plus for my tastes. There's much less hip hop influence, and quite a bit more electronic interludes between tracks. It's a very chill album for ideal atmospheric play. Check it out.

Stream :: Gorillaz - The Fall

Monday, December 20, 2010

[news] Low Power FM Wins the Battle of the Airwaves

New Bill Passes to Expand LPFM

While the big story this week in Congress was the repealing of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," another sweet bill was also passed with little publicity. After nearly a ten-year battle, Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations have won a major victory to reclaim the airwaves, thanks to the Low Power Community Radio Act (S. 592).

What is LPFM? To clarify, they are any station, licensed with the FCC, to transmit at a lower power than commercial radio stations. These stations do not transmit as far (roughly 7 mile-radius) as the commercial stations, but they usually have content that supports local communities, artists, and independent musicians.

Ten years ago, LPFM was born; however, shortly afterward, big commercial radio stations helped to push through the Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of 2000. The number of LPFM stations was drastically reduced due to this bill, since it prevented any LPFM station from being within "three clicks" of a commercial station. Therefore, if a major station was broadcasting at 103.3, no LPFM station could use the airwaves between 102.7 and 104.1 since these are within the "three clicks" definition.

But now, because of the newly passed Low Power Community Radio Act, many independent radio stations, citizen organizations, non-profit organizations, churches, and colleges have the potential to take advantage of all the newly freed LPFM stations! Hopefully more KEXP-quality stations can exist under this new era of independent radio!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

[new album] Gorillaz - New Album to be released on X-Mas

Gorillaz to release another album!

Head over to the Gorillaz's site and you'll notice an Advent calendar, which is counting down the days until the release of a new LP on X-Mas day. According to P4K, the album was recorded on Damon Albarn's iPad while on tour in the US. And the news gets even better, since it appears the album will be available for FREE! So far, the Advent calendar has revealed cryptic polaroid scans, Plastic Beach music videos, Gorillaz-themed desktop wallpapers, etc.

Since the band has been on tour, I wonder if this album will be less of a collaboration as Plastic Beach and feature more of the vocals from Albarn as with The Good, The Bad, And The Queen. I guess we'll have to wait until December 25 to find out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[new music] The Cave Singers - "Swim Club"

New tune from The Cave Singers

Last month, The Cave Singers announced the release date for their third LP No Witch, which will hit shelves February 22, 2011. The band also offered up their first single "Swim Club" from their album, which can be streamed below. Just as the season here in Seattle begins to get cold and dreary, these guys offer a warm slice of summer to lighten the days. No Witch supposedly has lusher/grander arrangements than Invitation Songs and Welcome Joy, and the additions are noticeable and successful in "Swim Club." A handful of live dates are posted below, in which the band is touring with the Cold War Kids.

MP3 :: The Cave Singers :: "Swim Club"
(No Witch - Jagjaguwar - 2/22/2011)

The Cave Singers tour dates:
12/07/10 - Charleston - Music Farm^
12/08/10 - Jacksonville - Free Bird Live^
12/10/10 - Birmingham - WorkPlay Theatre^
12/11/10 - Memphis - Minglewood Hall^

^ w/ Cold War Kids

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[new music] Spoon - Bonus Tracks 2008-2009

Spoon's bonus tracks now on CD

For those of you who have diligently followed Spoon over the last two years, you are probably well-aware that nearly every month, their website has released a "bonus track" - usually a demo or live version of an existing Spoon song. Well now over at the Spoon Store, you can purchase these tracks in the first installment of Bonus Tracks 2008-2009 on CD or digitally, which features album art by Nate Duval and liner notes by Britt Daniel. Below is the track listing. CDs cost around $9, and the digital copy runs around $6.

Because the band continued to release songs into 2010, I would expect an additional album to follow this, cleverly titled Bonus Tracks 2009-2010 or something along those lines. At the bottom of this post, I've provided a list all the bonus tracks and the months they were released. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

1. Was It You Demo
2. Rhythm And Soul Demo
3. Don't Let It Get You Down Demo
4. Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
5. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
6. Merchants Of Soul Demo
7. Eddie's Ragga Writing Exercise
8. My Mathematical Mind Demo
9. You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
10. In The Right Place The Right Time Demo

Complete List of Spoon Bonus Tracks (2008-2010)

"Paper Tiger (live Sydney '05)" February
"Eddie's Ragga (demo)" March
"Cherry Bomb (country version)" April #1
"I Turn My Camera On (first version)" April #2
"Don't Let It Get You Down (demo)" May
"Was It You (demo)" June
"Merchants of Soul (demo)" July
"You Gotta Feel It (rehearsal)" August
"My Mathematical Mind (demo)" September
"In The Right Place The Right Time (demo)" October
"Ghost (Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga demo)" November
"The Beast and Dragon (live Sydney '05)" December

"Black Like Me" (demo) February
"30 Gallon Tank (Sydney, 2005)" April
"Japanese Cigarette Case (Demo)" June
"You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (from scratch demo)" July
"Vittorio E (Live Sydney '05)" August
"Rhythm & Soul (demo)" September
"Ghost (AcaPella)" October
"Everything Hits At Once (live @ Sydney '05)" November
"Japanese Cigarette Case (delay song demo)" December

"Something To Look Forward To (early demo)" July
"Goodnight Laura (demo)" September
"Nobody Gets Me But You (demo)" October
"Out Go The Lights (demo)" November

Monday, November 29, 2010

[news] The End of Wolf Parade (for now)

Wolf Parade take indefinitely long hiatus

After just releasing two new tracks from the Expo 86 sessions, you'd think Wolf Parade were gearing up for another tour. Unfortunately, towards the end of their November 26th show in Toronto at Sound Academy, Spencer Krug apparently announced that it would be their last show "for a long time." To confirm the sad news, the Wolf Parade Fansite had this to say:
“It does not come easy for me to post this news. Dan Boeckner has contacted us and stated that Wolf Parade will be taking an ‘indefinite hiatus’.”
So what does this mean for WP fans? Well, I would think that we should expect records from their various other musical projects in the near future. Sunset Rubdown has also been placed on hiatus as well, so in a perfect world, late 2010-early 2011 would witness releases from Moonface (Spencer Krug), Handsome Furs (Dan Boeckner), perhaps Treasure Hunt (Arlen Thompson), and Johnny and the Moon (Dante DeCaro). Though that would be asking for way too much this Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

[new music] The Cave Singers - No Witch

The Cave Singers - No Witch Out February 22

The Cave Singers and Jagjaguwar have announced the release date of February 22, 2011 for the band's third album No Witch (cover art above). According to the press kit, this album is of a different breed:
No Witch is grander and more lush than The Cave Singers' previous efforts. It's also a nervier, scrappier affair: greasy guitars buck and rear up; Eastern-influenced blues snake through songs; gospel choirs rise up like tidal waves. There are big, grinning nods to Beggars Banquet-era Stones, the best of Mellencamp ("Clever Creatures") and the juke joint legends of Mississippi like Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside ("Black Leaf" and "No Prosecution If We Bail"). Of course, it's all filtered through that particular, magical Cave Singers formula: Pete Quirk's reedy, behind-the-beat delivery and existential wordplay, Derek Fudesco's lyrical guitar runs and drummer Marty Lund's no nonsense rhythms.
The Cave Singers worked with producer Randall Dunn (Black Mountain, Sunn O))), Boris) for No Witch. The band is currently on tour road-testing new tunes from the new album. All tour dates below, including a stint with Cold War Kids!

The Cave Singers tour dates:
11/27/10 - Las Vegas - The Bunkhouse
11/28/10 - Albuquerque - Low Spirits*
11/30/10 - Nashville - The 5 #
12/02/10 - Charlottesville - Jefferson Theater^
12/03/10 - Knoxville Bijou Theatre^
12/04/10 - Asheville - Orange Peel^
12/06/10 - Athens - 40 Watt Club^
12/07/10 - Charleston - Music Farm^
12/08/10 - Jacksonville - Free Bird Live^
12/10/10 - Birmingham - WorkPlay Theatre^
12/11/10 - Memphis - Minglewood Hall^

* w/ Birds & Batteries, Excalico
# w/ Shane Tutmarc, Derek Hoke, & Mike Younger
^ w/ Cold War Kids

Monday, November 22, 2010

[video] Gorillaz cover the xx's "Crystalised"

Gorillaz v. the xx

When two of my favorite bands cross paths, the potential for something special increases. Watching Wolf Parade's Dan Boecker perform on stage with Spoon while singing "Modern World" is a fantastic example. And while this particular case isn't nearly as epic as the aforementioned junction, apparently Damon Albarn and the Gorillaz project made a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance this past weekend, and among the songs showcased was a beautiful cover of the xx's "Crystalised." Also, special guest Daley helped to perform "Doncamatic" and an exclusive stripped back version of "On Melancholy Hill" (see below). Check out the rest at Some Kind Of Awesome!.

Monday, November 15, 2010

[mp3] Spoon - "Out Go The Lights" (demo) November Bonus Track

New Bonus Track from Spoon

Once again, Spoon has released a new bonus tracks at their website. This month's treat is a short, softer demo of "Out Go The Lights" off Transference. Check it out below.

MP3: Spoon - "Out Go The Lights" (demo)
(November Bonus Track)

[video] Spoon - "Nobody Gets Me But You"

Surveillance-stylized live music video

Spoon just released a new music video for their "it's much better live" track "Nobody Gets Me But You" off Transference. The studio cut has a nice groove to it, but if you see this track performed live, you'll experience something with so much more raw energy and fierce chops from lead singer Britt Daniel. So to much of my pleasure, the new music video was actually filmed live during a performance of the song at New York's Cake Shop, shot with a surveillance-style effect. Very cool. Check it out. And in other news, Spoon has a new bonus track posted at their site, a demo of "Out Go The Lights" (here).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

[new music] Wolf Parade - "Semi-Precious Stone" Single

"Semi-Precious Stone" b/w "Agents of Love"

When Wolf Parade recorded the jams that would ultimately end up on their 3rd LP Expo 86, they alluded to the idea of releasing an EP later in the year with some of the extra songs that didn't quite fit on the album. Holding true to their promise, WP is now selling two new tracks on iTunes (here). The a-side single, "Semi-Precious Stone," is a synth-heavy brooder sung by Krug. The b-side, "Agents of Love," is vintage Boeckner: pop-fueled rock song with an uncertain sense of urgency. Both tunes can be purchased digitally for a mere $0.99 each. Check them out here, and check out the band in a city near you (dates below).

Wolf Parade tour dates:
11/03 – Montclair, NJ @ Wellmont Theatre
11/04 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
11/05 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live
11/06 – Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
11/08 – Charleston, SC @ The Pour House
11/09 – Orlando, FL @ Social
11/10 – Miami, FL @ The Fillmore
11/12 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
11/13 – Oxford, MS @ The Lyric Oxford
11/15 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
11/16 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
11/18 – Iowa City, IA @ The Englert Theater
11/19 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada
11/20 – St. Louis, MO @ Pageant
11/22 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
11/23 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
11/24 – Pontiac, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom
11/26 – Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

[sports] Can Clipboard Jesus Save Seattle?

Charlie Whitehurst to start in place of injured Hasselbeck

Coming off the worst showing of the year and suffering numerous key injuries in the process, the Seattle Seahawks look to forget the beating they suffered from the hands of Oakland, and hope to prevail against the mighty Giants with a new leader. While experts are saying Seattle needs a miracle to take on New York, Hawk fans may have gotten the answer to their Sunday wishes. Known to some as "Clipboard Jesus," Charlie Whitehurst will finally make his NFL debut at Qwest Field this weekend while starting QB Matt Hasselbeck recovers from a concussion.

How does one earn the nickname Clipboard Jesus? Whitehurst's holy resemblance is undeniable, and he's been holding a clipboard on the sidelines as a backup quarterback for the last 3.5 years I'm optimistically wishing for the best, and in honor of Charlie throwing his first regular season NFL pass since he joined the league in 2006, I've picked a classic Soundgarden jam to send him off in style. If only they could play song when he first takes the field...

Soundgarden - "Jesus Christ Pose"

Monday, November 1, 2010

[news] Specer Krug played Ska?

S-T-A-T-U-S... BABY!

Exploring a well-established musical artist's back catalog can be a very rewarding experience. Sometimes, you discover the true roots to the band you know and love. Once examined openmindedly, the evolution of your favorite artists can be tracked with various changes to the group dynamics (see Pick Floyd post-Barrett). Occasionally you'll find some real gems (see Britt Daniel's Drake Tungsten), and other times you just scratch your head and say, "Huh?"

Readers of this site may already be familiar with this recent discovery from earlier in the year. However, thanks to the Forums over at the Wolf Parade Fansite, I finally have my hands on a copy of Mantifiluss by the Two•Tonne Bowlers. Please keep reading for those of you asking, "Who?"

Spencer Krug (of Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, Swan Lake, Frog Eyes, Fifths of Seven) is one of the most prolific indie music artists around. Those familiar with his work will even recognize how one of his songs inspired the name for this site. And while he had probably wished away the existence of his earliest work, luckily (for us SK fans) some ska lover decided to hang onto a copy of this aforementioned album. As it turns out, Spencer Krug was a founding member of the ska band Two•Tonne Bowlers which released Mantifiluss in 1994. With songs like "Fallopian Tube Fandango," this 9-song LP is by no means representative of the direction in which Spencer Krug's musical career continued; however, it's a fun listen and worth checking out for its pre-historical context. The album cover is featured above, and below you can listen to the opening track "Status." I hope you enjoy!

MP3: Two•Tonne Bowlers - "Status"
(From Mantifiluss)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

[playlist] Wedding Music Done Right

A Wedding Playlist

When I created Three Colours over 2 ago, the music was always the focus. Up until now, I've never really shared anything personal about myself; however, due to my long hiatus, I feel like it's only necessary to provide a little explanation for the few readers that follow this site. The month of Rocktober was quite transformative for me, and after all the excitement has settled from two major milestones, I can now be called Dr. Husband.

One of the major elements that can make or break a wedding reception is the music, and when it came to planning the song selection for our wedding, a DJ was never an option. And while I have faith in my musical preferences, creating a playlist that works for a full spectrum of generations is no easy task. This same practice was implemented for our beer selection: we understand not everyone is a hop head, so in addition to an amazing IPA, there were also a domestic light and an amber in the mix. But I digress...

The motivation behind this post is to provide a music playlist that works. I understand that some of these songs have special importance within our groups of friends, but overall, this should provide a good starting point for anyone hoping to forgo the DJ route and attempt a DIY wedding song selection. Of note, all songs were trimmed and crossfaded (6 seconds) using iTunes to ensure smooth transitions and zero lulls in the night.

Our wedding wasn't the most traditional, and the focus was all about us. While I won't go into the details of the ceremony itself, I will say that the venue was a theater/concert hall, allowing the music to be a powerful tool for creating the desired ambiance. The music featured during the ceremony included arrangements from Peter Broderick, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, and The Budos Band. As a side comment, I think more weddings should be held in theaters. Weddings are theatrical, so why not use a venue engineered for an entertainment experience? After the ceremony, we moved onto a different location, which hosted a cocktail hour/dinner and a dance party.

By design, the cocktail hour and dinner playlists showcased more of the music we wanted to hear. Pulling heavily from the new wave covers by Nouvelle Vague and the worldly sounds by Zach Condon's Beirut, the cocktail hour had a very "smooth celebration" feel to it. Once dinner started, the music picked up a little momentum. After our first dances, the dance party portion kicked off with MJ (can't go wrong with the King of Pop!). The early songs of the night were chosen in hopes of pleasing both older and younger generations, which helped to fill the dance floor immediately. As the night proceeded, it slowly evolved to target more of the younger audience. Anyway, these songs worked great for our guests, and the night was a blast. Below are the playlists for each portion of the night - I hope you enjoy.

Cocktail Hour / Dinner Playlist


Taken By Trees
Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague
Fleet Foxes
Nouvelle Vague
Taken By Trees
Fleet Foxes
Blitzen Trapper
Plants And Animals
The xx
New Order
Dr. Dog
Nouvelle Vague
Fleet Foxes
Edward Sharpe
Nouvelle Vague
Little Joy
The Black Keys
Fleet Foxes
Little Joy
The Black Keys
New Order
Taken By Trees
The xx
Mates of State
Taken By Trees
Grizzly Bear
Yo La Tengo
Dr. Dog
Jason Collett and Zeus
Beach House
Plants And Animals
Bon Iver

La Llorona
Watch The Waves
A Forest
One Two Three Four
Just Can't Get Enough
I Feel It All
The Killing Moon
White Winter Hymnal
Ever Fallen In Love
My Moon My Man
The Delicate Place
Ragged Wood
Good Friend
The Old Days
Dance With Me
Blue Ridge Mountains
I Melt With You
Brand New Start
Howlin' For You
The Next Time Around
Sea Lion Woman
Tighten Up
Age Of Consent
My Boys
Day Glo
Long Way Home
The Underdog
Day By Day
Two Weeks
Everything Hits at Once
You Make Me Feel Good
Postcards from Italy
The World May Never Know
Every Night
Used To Be
The Akara
Kon Tiki
Skinny Love
My Wife

Dance Party Playlist


Michael Jackson
Tommy Tutone
KC and the Sunshine Band
Sister Sledge
Stevie Wonder
Hall & Oats
Dexy's Midnight Runners
Michael Jackson
Talking Heads
Rick Springfriend
Kenny Loggins
George Michael
Bon Jovi
Def Leppard
Rick James
Salt 'N' Pepa
Human League
The Weather Girls
The Hit Crew
Marky Mark
Bobby Brown
Gap Band
Ray Parker, Jr.
Michael Jackson
Bon Jovi
Neil Diamond
Michael Jackson
Gnarls Barkley
KC and the Sunshine Band
The Gourds
Max A Million
Sir Mix Alot
Lady GaGa
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
Huey Lewis and the News
Cutting Crew
Matthew Wilder
Fine Young Cannibals
Men At Work
Justin Timberlake
Culture Club
Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson
Franz Ferdinand
Wanna Be Starting Something
Jenny (867-5309)
I'm Your Boogie Man
We Are Family
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
You Make My Dreams
Come On Eileen
Take My Breath Away
Billie Jean
Any Way You Want It
Once in a Lifetime
Jesse's Girl
How Bizzare
Wake Me Up Before You Go-go
Shot Through The Heart
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Rockin' the Casbah
Push It!
Don't You Want Me
It's Raining Men
The Chicken Dance
Take On Me
Good Vibrations
My Prerogative
Let's Go Crazy
You Dropped A Bomb On Me
Livin' On A Prayer
Rosa Parks
Sweet Caroline
Our House
Build Me Up Buttercup
Beat It
Boogie Shoes
Don't Stop Believin'
Gin and Juice
Sexual Feeling
I Like Big Butts
Poker Face
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life
The Power Of Love
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Like A Prayer
Break My Stride
She Drives Me Crazy
Land Down Under
So Fresh , So Clean
Sexy Back
Karma Chameleon
Eleganty Wasted
Isn't She Lovely
The Way You Make Me Feel
Big Pimpin
Take Me Out
The Final Countdown

Monday, October 25, 2010

[mp3] Spoon - "Nobody Gets Me But You" (demo) October Bonus Track

New Bonus Track from Spoon

Once again, Spoon has released a new bonus tracks at their website. This month's treat is a very Beatles-sounding demo of "Nobody Gets Me But You" off Transference. I definitely prefer this version over the album cut. Check it out below.

MP3: Spoon - "Nobody Gets Me But You" (demo)
(October Bonus Track)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[tour dates] Plants and Animals w/ Frightened Rabbit

Plants and Animals Return to Seattle!

After touring across the Atlantic, Plants and Animals return to the US for another leg of the La La Land tour. Fantastic paired with Scotland's Frightened Rabbit, the tour kicks off here in Seattle this Thursday (Oct 7) at the Showbox Market (tickets here). Don't miss this show, and be sure to catch these dudes in a city near your. A full list of tour dates are posted below.

Plants and Animals tour dates:

Oct 7
Oct 8
Oct 9
Oct 10
Oct 13
Oct 14
Oct 15
Oct 16
Oct 17
Oct 19
Oct 20
Oct 21
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 26
Oct 28
Oct 29
Oct 30
Nov 1
Nov 2
Nov 3

Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Anaheim, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Tempe, AZ
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Gainesville, FL
Athens, GA
Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Washington, DC
Pittsburgh, PA
Detroit, MI

The Showbox~
The Vogue Theatre~
Wonder Ballroom~
The Fillmore~
Mayan Theater~
House of Blues~
House of Blues~
The Beauty Bar~
The Clubhouse~
The Loft~
Stubb's BBQ~
Walter's on Washington~
Common Grounds~
40 Watt Club~
Starlight Ballroom~
Terminal 5~
9:30 Club~
Diesel Club~
Magic Stick~

~ w/ Frightened Rabbit

Monday, October 4, 2010

[new music] Tapes 'N Tapes - Outside

Sweet Jorts!

After Tapes 'N Tapes blasted into the mainstream with their masterfully crafted debut The Loon, they succumbed to the sophomore slump and released an absolute borefest: Walk It Off. The band has apparently gone back to the sound that made me fall in love with them in the first place, and they've put together a new album entitled Outside. Not much is known about the album as of now, but we do know the release date is January 11, 2011 via Ibid Records. The LP was recorded in Minneapolis at the Terrarium and mixed by Peter Katis. Back in June, TNT performed one of the new tracks "SWM" on MTV2 (video below). A track listing is below:

Tapes 'N Tapes - Outside
1. Badaboom
2. SWM
3. One in the World
4. Nightfall
5. Desert Plane
6. Outro
7. Freak Out
8. The Saddest of All Keys
9. Hidee Ho
10. People You Know
11. On and On
12. Mighty Long

"SWM" (acoustic) on MTV2

Saturday, September 25, 2010

[new music] White Denim - Last Day of Summer

Free New Music from White Denim!!!

According to James of White Denim:

howdy folks,

we hope that you are doing well today. the band has been straight up busy in the studio this summer with a fairly large collection of songs. we are pleased to share a handful of them with you right now. this record is something we made as a little summer retreat from our ongoing work on the third full length. many of these tunes have been bouncing around since the formation of the band back in 06. we were super pumped to utilize a few fresh and casual musical approaches on this record. we hope that you find something that satisfies you within this body of work. if you enjoy the music and feel compelled to support the group, please notice the support button beneath the download link and the image. we are going to be heading out on the roads this october and would greatly appreciate anything that you would feel comfortable contributing.

i would also like to add that we are still hard at work on the as yet untitled third lp. we expect to be wrapping that record at the end of the month. we can’t wait to play loads of this new material for you folks this winter and next year. at the moment i am writing all of the album info on a limited run of cd copies of ‘last day of summer’ that will be lovingly hand packaged and available at our fall shows. can’t wait to see you soon!

all the best,

So to sum that all up, White Denim is almost done with LP#3, but they're releasing an additionally album right now at their site (here) for free. Go get it.

White Denim Fall '10 Tour Dates:
Oct 16 2010 // Antone’s Blues Bar // Austin, TX
Oct 18 2010 // The Loft // Dallas, TX
Oct 19 2010 // Opolis // Norman, OK
Oct 20 2010 // The Bottleneck // Lawrence, KS*
Oct 21 2010 // The Waiting Room // Omaha, NE*
Oct 22 2010 // Fox Theatre and Cafe // Boulder, CO*
Oct 23 2010 // Fox Theatre and Cafe // Boulder, CO*
Oct 27 2010 // Club Congress // Tuscon, AZ
Oct 28 2010 // Clubhouse Music Venue // Tempe, AZ*
Oct 29 2010 // House of Blues // San Diego, CA*
Oct 30 2010 // El Rey Theatre // Los Angeles, CA*
Nov 1 2010 // The Independent // San Francisco, CA
Nov 2 2010 // Spaceland // Los Angeles, CA

*with Portugal the Man

[review] Local Natives @ Showbox (9-24-2010)

Local Natives play to their home away from home

When guitarist/vocalist Taylor Rice professed his love for Seattle as the band's favorite concert destination, the eruption of cheers from a very energetic crowd made it seem like The Local Natives were playing to their home crowd. And to then tell us Paseo was their favorite tour food in the entire country, I was almost convinced that these dudes were truly locals...

Last night, the Showbox hosted a sold out performance from a trio of harmonizing indie folksters. The evening began with a fantastic performance from The Union Line. If you haven't heard these guys, check out their MySpace page and their Daytrotter session. I picked up a copy of their Cernido Sonidos EP at the show, and it's been on constant rotation all morning. Following up with another quality caliber set was NC's The Love Language. It really got the sold out crowd excited for the Local Natives.

But the main event proved better than any reviewer can try to put to words. The Local Natives kicked off their set with a very powerful rendition of "Camera Talks" and immediately captured the crowds' energy. Based on the viewer reaction, it's amazing that the band only has one album to their name. However, when you don't have a weak song on your debut, it's not a problem to play your entire album for a show. And that is exactly what the Local Natives did, shuffling the order of Gorilla Manor's track listing.

And whether they're playing instrument roulette or switching between the band's dual lead singing capabilities (either Taylor Rice or Kelcey Ayer), to see these dudes live is a real treat. The three-part harmonies made possible from guitarist Ryan Hahn only add to the amazing live experience. And the rthym Highlights of the night included the performances of "World News," "Wide Eyes," "Shape Shifter," and "Airplanes." After a quick encore, the band returned with "Cubism Dream" and a very wild, crowd participating "Sun Hands." Overall, I was very impressed and pleased with the show, and highly recommend catching these guys live in a city near you. A set list is posted below.

Set list - Local Natives (9-24-2010):
Camera Talks
World News
Warning Sign
Cards & Quarters
Sticky Thread
Wide Eyes
Shape Shifter
Stranger Things
Who Knows Who Cares
Cubism Dream
Sun Hands

Thursday, September 23, 2010

[reminder] Local Natives @ The Showbox (9-24-2010)

Friday Night!

Autumn has officially commenced, so go and celebrate the coming of rain by staying indoors! There's two great shows going on in Seattle tomorrow night: The Blakes @ Sunset Tavern ($10) and Local Natives @ The Showbox Market ($16). Sadly, you can't go to both, but at least you've got options. I'll be at the Showbox, rocking out to such songs like the one above and below. Details for both shows:

Friday - September 24, 2010

Local Natives @ The Showbox Market
Doors @ 8:00pm
w/ The Love Language and The Union Line
Tickets: $16 (here)

The Blakes @ Sunset Tavern
Doors @ 8:30pm
w/ Mal De Mer and Kids and Animals
Tickets: $10 (here)

Monday, September 20, 2010

[new music] Bob and Anthony - "Underground"

Bob and Anthony's "Underground"

Bob Husak, drummer for The Blakes, is currently working on a new music project with Anthony Darnell, the Managing Artistic Director of The Satori Group here in Seattle. The two are making music under the moniker "Bob and Anthony." So far, I've only heard a couple of their demos, and my favorite has to be "Underground" (which you can hear above). It's an extremely catchy tune and puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it.

Bob and Anthony are currently trying to raise funds to book some proper studio time for their debut album (see video below). The goal is to raise $2,500 - they have some enticing incentives for generous donors. You can essentially pledge the dollar amount for the album now, and after it's finished, they'll send you a free copy. Not a bad deal. Some of the larger pledges obviously get you bigger prizes (e.g., singing telegrams, private concerts, etc). I especially like that if you donate all $2,500, you get to name their band (but it has to be a good one, apparently). Check out the rest of the incentives below, and go here to make a pledge. And speaking of The Blakes, they've apparently just finished a new LP, and they'll be rocking the Sunset Tavern on September 24!

Pledge $1 or more
An exclusive track will be emailed to you when the album is released.

Pledge $5 or more
We'll email you THREE tracks from the album when it's released.

Pledge $10 or more
We'll email you FIVE tracks from the album when it's released.

Pledge $15 or more
We'll email you the ENTIRE album when it's released!!!

Pledge $30 or more
We'll email you the ENTIRE album when it's released. AND, we'll mail you a special thank you gift! Like it'll be an awesome gift.

Pledge $50 or more
We'll mail you a super special signed poster.

Pledge $100 or more
Signed poster and Anthony will write a humorous song about you.

Pledge $200 or more
We'll do a singing telegram (must be in Seattle).
(+the ENTIRE digital album)

Pledge $500 or more
We'll play at your party (must be in Seattle).
(+ the ENTIRE digital album)

Pledge $1,000 or more
All of the above, plus the digital album. You're a winner!

Pledge $2,500 or more
You can name our band (has to be a good name...).
Plus, all of the above.
(+ the ENTIRE digital album)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[video] Spoon - "No Time" (Jay Reatard cover)

Performed live @ Union County Musicfest (9-12-2010)

One of the last performance from the late, great Jay Reatard was in Milwaukee, opening for friends and fellow labelmates Spoon. Paying homage to the indie punk rocker who died so suddenly and tragically, Spoon broke out this cover of "No Time" on Sunday. Check it out above, and hear Jay's version below.

Jay Reatard - "No Time"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[video] Handsome Furs - "Expatriated" (New Song)

Handsome Furs show off new live song

The Handsome Furs showcased a brand new song "Expatriated" at the Baybeats Festival. You can watch their entire set here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

[mp3] Spoon - "Goodnight Laura (demo)" September Bonus Track

New Bonus Track from Spoon

Back by popular demand, Spoon has released a new bonus tracks at their website. This month's treat is a darker, slower demo of "Goodnight Laura" off Transference. I think I prefer this version over the album cut. Check it out below.

MP3: Spoon - "Goodnight Laura" (demo)
(September Bonus Track)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[news] White Denim Update (fall tour and new LP)

New Progress from Austin's White Denim

White Denim has spent the summer creating their follow-up to the critically acclaimed Fits (one of the best LPs in 2009). Not much news has been released on the album, but what we have been told is that WD added another guitarist to the lineup that apparently "shreds," and it also appears that they have recorded not one, but TWO albums this year! One of those albums is set to drop this October. And in support of the new LP, WD also announced a handful of tour dates (posted below, some with stage support by Portugal the Man). No love to Seattle, yet, but stay tuned.

White Denim Fall '10 Tour Dates:
Oct 16 2010 // Antone’s Blues Bar // Austin, TX
Oct 18 2010 // The Loft // Dallas, TX
Oct 19 2010 // Opolis // Norman, OK
Oct 20 2010 // The Bottleneck // Lawrence, KS*
Oct 21 2010 // The Waiting Room // Omaha, NE*
Oct 22 2010 // Fox Theatre and Cafe // Boulder, CO*
Oct 23 2010 // Fox Theatre and Cafe // Boulder, CO*
Oct 27 2010 // Club Congress // Tuscon, AZ
Oct 28 2010 // Clubhouse Music Venue // Tempe, AZ*
Oct 29 2010 // House of Blues // San Diego, CA*
Oct 30 2010 // El Rey Theatre // Los Angeles, CA*
Nov 1 2010 // The Independent // San Francisco, CA
Nov 2 2010 // Spaceland // Los Angeles, CA

*with Portugal the Man

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[new music] Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Horse Power

New Detroit duo brings joy to my ears

Not only does Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have one of the best band names I've heard in a while, their newest music video is definitely in the top 3 of 2010 thus far (watch below). I first have to give Josh over at Sound on the Sound (which just celebrated its 4th b-day!) credit for turning me onto these guys. Earlier this month, I listened to couple songs off their amazing Daytrotter session and it really peaked my interest, but it wasn't until I saw the video for "Nothing But Our Love" at SOTS that sealed the deal. The band just released their debut 4-song EP Horse Power, which can be purchased below. It's really good, and I strongly suggest giving these guys a spin.

And if Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is right up your alley, the Detroit duo is racing through Seattle on September 6 as part of the Rumble series. The show will be at the Havana Night Club. More info cant be found here. Oh, and did I mention it's a FREE show!

Buy :: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Horse Power EP
(Digital - iTunes | eMusic )(Physical - Label | Amazon)

[new music] Handsome Furs - "Serve the People"

New tunes from the Furs

The Handsome Furs rocked out for two shows at the Baybeats Music Festival in Singapore this past weekend. Headlining the Outdoor Theater on Sunday night, the band showcased a new tune entitled "Serve the People," which can be viewed above. Check it out.

Friday, August 13, 2010

[video] Best NFL Music Videos of All-Time

All Songs Football

Football season is rapidly approaching, and to get excited about Seahawks domination, I thought I'd delve into the '80s archives and share some of my favorite NFL team-music videos. In every way, these videos have not held up to the times, but in a special way, they've managed to become even more amazing.


12. Chicago Bears - "Super Bowl Shuffle"
To start off a list like this, I felt it necessary to start with the origin of all the madness. When members of the '85 Bears (aka The Shufflin' Crew) introduced the world to the "Super Bowl Shuffle," they paved the way for other teams to follow in their footsteps of music video magic. The fact that the Chicago team went on to win the Super Bowl that very same year was what solidified all of these players as eternal badasses. I love how "Punky QB" Jim McMahon is clearly blue-screened onto the video.

11. New York Giants - "Things We Hate"
Featured in a Pepsi Light commercial in '83, this video featuring the New York Giants' defense was too funny to leave off the list.

10. Philadelphia Eagles - "Buddy's Watchin' You"
There's an awesome collection of Cosby sweaters and heinous leather jackets in this '80s low budget rap. I like the addition of the female singing section, but look out for kicker Luis Zendejas - his segment is probably the worst attempt at rap I've ever heard.

9. Dallas Cowboys - "Christmas in Dallas"
Not much to say about this one. The Dallas Cowboys did a fundraiser by selling Christmas CDs sung by the players. There's a reason why these guys play football and not make music.

8. San Francisco 49ers - "49ers Rap"
This rap is just a classic. Featuring the "Team of the '80s," these guys look like they had the most fun making their video.

7. Los Angeles Raiders - "Silver and Black Attack"
Howie Long's haircut hasn't changed in over 25 years!

6. Cincinnati Bengals - "Who Dey Rap"
Q: "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?"

A: "Nooooooobody!"

5. Cleveland Browns - "Masters of the Gridiron"
I don't really know what to say about this one. It's part epic story, part song and dance, but completely cheesy in every way imaginable. Follow star Mike Baab (Baabarian) and the Brown clan as they defeat the Lion, Bear, and Bengal clans in order to win the Ring and become Masters of the Gridiron. The video is nearly 18 minutes in total, and had to broken into two YouTube parts. Part 1 is all introduction (skip to 4:23 to see Baabarian call his fellow warriors with his battle horn). Part 2 features the song and fight portion. Not sure I can guarantee the movie will be worth your time, but it's definitely an experience.

Part 1: Epic Intro

Part 2: Song and Finale

4. Los Angeles Rams - "Ram It"
The most sexually innuendos lyrics for any of the songs on the list, it almost sounds like it's from the disco days of the '70s. However, it's extremely catchy.

3. Miami Dolphins - "Can't Touch Us"
Never have seen more Zubaz in one place. Not the most original of the songs posted here, but I love the alternate lyrics - Stop! Dolphin time!

2. Glasgow Diamonds - "We Are the Diamonds"
The Glasgow Diamonds were an American football team playing in Glasgow, Scotland in the '80s. While they weren't technically an NFL team, this video was just too good to pass up. Their video prominently features a mustachioed lead singer whose lyrics are extremely laughable. Also, I love how one of the dudes in the video is "playing" a saxophone, yet there is not a single sax note in the song.

1. Seattle Seahawks - "Locker Room Rock"
An obvious choice for number one - I really wish Quest Field and the current Seahawks would incorporate this song into the games. After big plays, have the crowds chant "The Blue Wave Is On A Rolllll!!!" I think it's a golden idea.

Speaking of the Hawks, tomorrow is the first preseason game of the year. The team will be pitted against the Tennessee Titans. The first quarter is bound to have some of the starters playing, but after that, I can't guarantee that it'll be the most exciting sports spectacle you've ever seen. Game starts at 7:00pm. Go Hawks!

And if you're still in the mood for more sports related posts, this Seahawks-inspired draft day playlist should do the trick (go here).

[video] Arcade Fire on The Daily Show

Arcade Fire perform "Ready To Start" and "Month of May"

Last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Arcade Fire showcased two new songs off The Suburbs, which also happens to be the number one record in the country. The first song is my personal favorite of the LP, "Ready To Start," and the show was ended with "Month of May," which I think sounds much better heard here live. It's also fun to see just how short Stewart is compared to lead singer Win Butler (aka the kid in high school who protected Stewart from bullies). Check it out.

Also, new North American tour dates were just released, including a Key Arena performance scheduled for September 29! Tickets will go on sale soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

[video] Crime Bustin' Local Natives - "Airplanes"

Local Natives and Yours Truly Fight Crime While Rocking Out

The Local Natives performed a few songs live for Yours Truly, but before the band could break into the lovely chorus of "Airplanes," the song was interrupted by a near-by mugging. In the first minute of the video above, you can see the mugger run by with a lady's purse in hand. What the criminal didn't count on was the quick legs of a fellow Yours Truly dude, who apprehended the assailant and reclaimed the lady's stolen purse. It's probably the best possible feel-good introduction to "Airplane," which is played after the break. Check it out above.

Also, don't forget to catch the Local Natives' amazing live act at the Showbox Market when the boys swing through in September.

Who :: The Local Natives
When :: September 24, 2010
Where :: Showbox Market, Seattle, WA
How :: $16 (Tickets)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

[video] Spoon on Jimmy Fallon (8-3-2010)

Spoon on Fallon

A few nights ago, Spoon was the musical guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The band performed the groove-laden "Nobody Gets Me But You," and they enlisted the help of Roots drummer ?uestlove and bassist Owen Biddle. Check it out before they take the video down. In my opinion, this song kicks so much more ass live than it does on Transference.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

[review] Toadies @ Showbox (7-28-2010)

Seattle Loves the Toadies

Seattle has time and again shown their appreciation towards Fort Worth's very own Toadies. It's this affection, expressed in fist pumps and hollers, that creates the perfect environment for an all-around good show.

Wednesday night's concert was no exception. From the moment the Toadies took the stage at the Showbox, an eruption of elation occurred. You have to understand, for hardcore Toadies fans, the idea of a Feeler tour equates to the same emotions brought on by Brian Wilson's SMiLE, or GNR's Chinese Democracy. And feeding off the crowd's energy, the band immediately broke into the classics to get the night moving in a good direction. The Toadies kicked the set off with "Backslider," and lead singer Todd Lewis's voice never sounded so good. But that's what you come to expect at a Toadies show - don't let drummer Mark Reznicek's hair color fool you - these guys sound as young as they did back in '94.

Since the band was promoting their new album Feeler, we got to hear a fair number of hits off the LP, including "Dead Boy," "City of Hate," "Suck Magic," "ATF Theme," "Waterfall," and "Mine." To give a quick back-story behind this ill-fated album, the band originally recorded Feeler in '97 as a follow-up to Rubberneck, but Interscope deemed the record ill-fit for release. The Toadies lost the rights to the songs and had to re-record the entire album, and after 13 years it finally gets its proper release. You could almost see the triumph in lead guitarist Clark Vogeler's eyes as if to say, "yeah, we knew these songs would be liked."

Highlights from the night included the Rubberneck gems "Away," "Possum Kingdom," and "Tyler," and surprise favorites like "Push the Hand" and "Heel" sounded incredible. I was happy to hear some of the stronger songs from No Deliverance ("Nothing to Cry About" and the title track), and I thought all the Feeler jams were excellent. Really my only complaint of the night came during the encore when they covered the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down." It's not to say I didn't like the song, but I felt like they didn't need to throw it in there. If you buy Feeler through iTunes, you get this track as a bonus tune, so I understand why they played it. But I digress...

All in all, this one amazing show from a band that I'm so happy decided to make music again. At the end of the night, Vogeler thanked Seattle for being "the best fucking rock city in the country," and I think he was actually sincere about that comment. Mosh pits were erupting on the main floor, and the crowd was jumping up and down so much the band kept commenting on how the stage was literally shaking. A full set list is posted below, and as you can see, it's loaded with non-stop hits, and it ended with a crowd-favorite, "I Come From the Water."

Toadies set list (7-28-2010):
Little Sin
Dead Boy
Nothing to Cry About
Push the Hand
Doll Skin
City of Hate
Happy Face
Suck Magic
ATF Theme
Mister Love
Pressed Against the Sky
Possum Kingdom
Song I Hate
Don't Let Me Down (Beatles cover)
I Burn
No Deliverance
I Come From the Water

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[concert] Gorillaz @ Key Arena! (11-2-2010)

Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour 2010

Just announced via P4K, it looks like the Gorillaz will finally be taking their show through Seattle. And what venue could possibly accommodate such a large, orchestrated production? Looks like only Key Arena can contain such an extravagant show. Other dates are posted below, but make sure you mark November 2 and 3 on your calendar if you happen to live in the Northwest. Gorillaz hit Seattle on November 2, and Vancouver, BC on November 3. Tickets go on sale to the general public on August 20, but if you're a member of the Gorillaz fan club (sign up here), you'll get early access to some good seats.

Gorillaz tour dates:
10-03 // Montreal, Quebec // Bell Centre
10-05 // Wallingford, CT // Oakdale Theatre
10-06 // Boston, MA // Agganis Arena
10-08 // New York, NY // Madison Square Garden
10-10 // Camden, NJ // Susquehanna Bank Center
10-11 // Fairfax, VA // Patriot Center
10-13 // Detroit, MI // Fox Theatre
10-14 // Toronto, Ontario // Air Canada Centre
10-16 // Chicago, IL // UIC Pavilion
10-17 // Minneapolis, MN // Target Center
10-19 // Houston, TX // Toyota Center
10-20 // Dallas, TX // Verizon Theatre
10-22 // Austin, TX // Frank Erwin Center
10-24 // Denver, CO // Wells Fargo Theatre
10-26 // Phoenix, AZ // Dodge Theatre
10-27 // Los Angeles, CA // Gibson Amphitheatre
10-30 // Oakland, CA // Oracle Arena
11-02 // Seattle, WA // Key Arena
11-03 // Vancouver, BC // Rogers Arena
11-11 // Dublin, Ireland // O2 Arena
11-12 // Manchester, England // Evening News Arena
11-14 // London, England // O2 Arena
11-15 // Amsterdam, Netherlands // Heineken Music Hall
11-17 // Birmingham, England // NIA
11-18 // Brighton, England // Centre
11-21 // Berlin, Germany // Velodrom
11-23 // Paris, France // Zenith
11-25 // Antwerp, Belgium // Lotto
12-06 // Perth, Australia // Burswood Dome
12-08 // Adelaide, Australia // Entertainment Centre
12-11 // Melbourne, Australia // Rod Laver
12-16 // Sydney, Australia // Entertainment Centre
12-19 // Brisbane, Australia // Entertainment Centre
12-21 // Auckland, New Zealand // Vector Arena