Friday, August 7, 2009

[news] Them Crooked Vultures

aka Queens of the Lead Fighters

I'm not sure what to make of this - in fact, when I first read about this nearly four years ago I thought it was just a huge joke. But as of yesterday, we now have word that the supergroup comprised of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones (yes, I'm not making this up) will be producing music together under the project title Them Crooked Vultures. According to the BBC, the band will be playing a show at the Metro in Chicago this Sunday (August 9). Homme, most notably known for his work with Queens of the Stone Age and Desert Sessions, has just recently finished up work producing The Arctic Monkeys third album Humbug.

This would not be the first time these dudes have teamed up for a musical collaboration - in 2001 Grohl and Homme recorded the QOTSA commercial success Songs for the Deaf. Jones also collaborated with Grohl, helping during the recording session of In Your Honor, the fifth Foo Fighters' fifth album. Said most poignantly, Grohl described the project in these words:
"The next project that I'm trying to initiate involves me on drums, Josh Homme on guitar, and John Paul Jones playing bass. That's the next album. That wouldn't suck."
I agree, while I don't know what to expect, I can at least count on it not "sucking." More news to follow...

UPDATE #1: A video has surfaced with some teaser tunes (if the video is legit). And according to some sources, the band's debut album may be title Never Deserved the Future, and will be released on October 23rd.

UPDATE #2: Looks like you can now purchase a t-shirt at the band's store for $30! I don't care whose band it is - for $30 it had better be cashmere or at least include a copy of their album.