Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (12-19-2012)

Kubinski Mix

A great HDPP, inspired by a great man. Happy belated return to the States, bud!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (12-19-2012) ::
01 ::"Frontier Psychiatrist" – The Avalanches
02 ::"Exotic Talk" – RJD2
03 ::"We Could Forever" – Bonobo
04 ::"Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)" – Miike Snow
05 ::"Canto De Ossanha" – Jurassic 5
06 ::"And I Was A Boy From School" – Hot Chip
07 ::"Digital Love" – Daft Punk
08 ::"Grape Juice City" – Ratatat
09 ::"D.A.N.C.E." – Justice
10 ::"Vanished" – Crystal Castles
11 ::"Get Innocuous!" – LCD Soundsystem

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (12-12-2012)

Now That's What I Call 2009!

I had so much fun making the 2008 HDPP, I figured it was only fitting to follow up with my favorite hits from 2009. There were so many great albums to choose from, but as I discovered during this exercise, it is very hard to put together a cohesive mix as it seems my favs were quite an eclectic collection of styles. Since today is 12-12-2012, I really tried hard to reduce this list down to 12 songs... but 15 is as close as I could get (you can see what I left off the playlist here). While listening, I hope this mix evokes as much nostalgia for you as it does for me.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (12-12-2012) ::
01 ::"Ephemeral Artery – Neon Indian
02 ::"1901" – Phoenix
03 ::"The Lady Vanishes" – White Rabbits
04 ::"Stroke Their Brains" – Spoon
05 ::"Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!" – Sunset Rubdown
06 ::"Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" – Say Hi
07 ::"Two Weeks" – Grizzly Bear
08 ::"Officer Of Hearts" – Handsome Furs
09 ::"The Akara" – Beirut
10 ::"Skyscraper" – Julian Plenti
11 ::"Day By Day" – Taken By Trees
12 ::"Basic Space" – The xx
13 ::"Seven" – Fever Ray
14 ::"Beijing" – Patrick Watson
15 ::"Day Glo" – Brazos

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (12-5-2012)

Day 340 Mix

December 5 marks the 340th day of the year (including Leap Day), and it happens to fall on a Wednesday. You know that means? Not really anything, but nevertheless, here's this week's HDPP for your listening pleasure.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (12-5-2012) ::
01 ::"Fitzpleasure" – alt-J
02 ::"True Romance" – Citizens!
03 ::"Chained" – The xx
04 ::"Girl" – Oposssom
05 ::"Heavy On Me" – Zeus
06 ::"It's Too Late" – Wild Belle
07 ::"Waiting For" – Poor Moon
08 ::"Hand Of Man" – Django Django
09 ::"All Your Gold" – Bat For Lashes
10 ::"Default" – Atoms For Peace
11 ::"Total Life Forever" – Foals
12 ::"Why You Wanna" – Poolside
13 ::"Blue Meanies" – Oposssom
14 ::"Tides" – The xx

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (11-28-2012)

Lullaby Mix

Something huge has happened in my personal life, and while I don't talk much about that here on Three Colours, I think a quick listen to this week's HDPP should give it away. If you thought 3C has been lacking posts in recent times, don't expect that to improve any time soon. I'll still try to publish my weekly playlist on time, but any more than that would be a bonus for now.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (11-28-2012) ::
01 :: "Sweet Child O' Mine" – Guns N Roses
02 :: "About a Girl" – Nirvana
03 :: "Daughter" – Pearl Jam
04 :: "The Good Life" – Weezer
05 :: "Enjoy the Silence" – The Cure
06 :: "There, There" – Radiohead
07 :: "Don't Panic" – Coldplay
08 :: "Come as You Are" – Nirvana
09 :: "Speak To Me (Breathe)" – Pink Floyd
10 :: "Paranoid" – Black Sabbath
11 :: "Here Comes Your Man" – The Pixies
12 :: "Tonight, Tonight" – Smashing Pumpkins
13 :: "Soul to Squeeze" – Red Hot Chili Peppers
14 :: "This Lullaby" – Queens of the Stone Age

And for those who would prefer the non-lullaby mix, you can listen to that here as well. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (11-21-2012)

The Strokes Mix

I've been revisiting a lot of old Strokes songs, and it reflects on this week's HDPP. These guys can write such a catchy song... I'd forgotten how easily you can listen through their entire catalog.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (11-21-2012) ::
01 :: "You Only Live Once" - The Strokes
02 :: "What Ever Happened? " - The Strokes
03 :: "Last Nite" - The Strokes
04 :: "Taken For A Fool" - The Strokes
05 :: "New York City Cops" - The Strokes
06 :: "Juicebox" - The Strokes
07 :: "When It Started" - The Strokes
08 :: "Reptilia" - The Strokes
09 :: "Gratisfaction" - The Strokes
10 :: "Take It Or Leave It" - The Strokes
11 :: "Heart In A Cage" - The Strokes
12 :: "Games" - The Strokes
13 :: "Barely Legal" - The Strokes
14 :: "I Can't Win" - The Strokes

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (11-14-2012)

Winter is Coming Mix

For this week's HDPP, I tried compiling a list of foreboding songs that had a crisp, brisk feeling. Hopefully, it'll remind you that winter is only a few weeks away.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (11-14-2012) ::
01 :: "The Glorious Land" - PJ Harvey
02 :: "Keep Me In Mind" - Little Joy
03 :: "Roscoe" - Midlake
04 :: "White Tooth Man" - Iron And Wine
05 :: "Round And Round" - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
06 :: "Walking" - The Dodos
07 :: "Fernando Pando" - The Virgins
08 :: "You Can Have It All" - Yo La Tengo
09 :: "Guest Room" - The National
10 :: "Cold War" - The Morning Benders
11 :: "Before Destruction" - Spoon
12 :: "Summer Holiday" - Wild Nothing
13 :: "Baby" - Devendra Banhart

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (11-7-2012)

Now That's What I Call 2008!

2008 was a fantastic year in music. So fantastic, in fact, that it inspired me to start blogging about the great acts and albums of that time. After years of anonymous music writing on Wikipedia (fighting with editors on which bands were truly "notable" and Wiki-eligible), I decided to take my own shot at promoting my favorite acts, and thus Three Colours was born. Feeling a hint of nostalgia this week, I put together an HDPP with some of my favorite songs from '08. Hard to believe that was nearly 5 years ago!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (11-7-2012) ::
01 :: "Gamma Ray" - Beck
02 :: "Mexican Dogs" - Cold War Kids
03 :: "Balloons" - Foals
04 :: "A-Punk" - Vampire Weekend
05 :: "No One Does It Like You" - Department Of Eagles
06 :: "Bang Your Drum" - Wolf Parade
07 :: "Shake Shake Shake" - White Denim
08 :: "Mercy" - Plants and Animals
09 :: "Psychotic Girl" - The Black Keys
10 :: "Kim & Jessie" - M83
11 :: "Can You Tell" - Ra Ra Riot
12 :: "For Emma" - Bon Iver
13 :: "Ragged Wood" - Fleet Foxes
14 :: "Boats" - The Aliens
15 :: "Wedding Bell" - Beach House

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[video] Foals - "Inhaler"

Foals try out arena rock

You can now pre-order your copy of the Foals' 3rd LP, Holy Fire, which is set to release on February 11. You can also check out the new music video for their first single, "Inhaler". Additionally, if you pre-order Holy Fire from iTunes, you'll receive a digital copy of "Inhaler" today! Based on the new track, it seems the band may be headed toward new waters. 

Pre-order :: Foals - Holy Fire

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (10-31-2012)

Ghost Mix

This week's HDPP happens to fall on Halloween, so I thought if fitting to follow a ghostly theme. Of course, my all-time favorite Halloween-themed song is "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?" by The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative (video below), but that's unfortunately not available on Spotify. 

Enjoy the playlist, and Happy Halloween!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (10-31-2012) ::
01 :: "Walking With A Ghost" – Tegan And Sara
02 :: "The Ghost Inside" – Broken Bells
03 :: "Ghost Pressure" – Wolf Parade
04 :: "The Ghost of You Lingers" – Spoon
05 :: "Anyone’s Ghost" – The National
06 :: "The Ghost On The Shore" – Lord Huron
07 :: "Little Ghost" – The White Stripes
08 :: "Tuff Ghost" – The Unicorns
09 :: "Is There A Ghost" – Band of Horses
10 :: "Banana Ghost" – Man Man
11 :: "I Saw a Ghost" – Black Lips
12 :: "Give Up The Ghost" – Radiohead
13 :: "Ghost To Me" – Youth Lagoon

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

[review] Divine Fits @ Deluxe (10-26-2012)

Divine Fits in Indy

Ever since uprooting from Seattle and relocating to SW Michigan, seeing good live shows has become a bit of a challenge. Not that Chicago or Indianapolis are extremely far away, but it requires a bit more planning when "must see" shows swing through the area. But when I learned that Divine Fits would be playing the Deluxe in Indy on a Friday night, purchasing tickets was a no-brainer.

It had been nearly 8 years since seeing a show in the Circle City. I was happy to experience one of Indy's newer venues: the Deluxe is a nice, intimate stage room which resides inside the Old National Centre (formerly the Murat Theatre). There was a decently-sized crowd in attendance, even with Sleigh Bells playing the Vogue on the same night. Cold Cave kicked off the night with a really great show. Their dark, new-wave sound paired well with the main act's synth-driven catalog.

Readers of this blog will know that my favorite bands tend to revolve around Brit Daniel (Spoon) and Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs). When Spoon covered "Modern World" during their set at The Moore in 2010, I remember saying "It can't get any better than this!" Friday night's show, however, would make me eat those words.

Seeing both Daniel and Boeckner walk out on stage together nearly invoked Worlds Collide Theory. It was so weird... but the feeling was short-lived once the band launched into a very powerful "Neopolitans". The first thing that popped into my mind was that these dudes are professionals. Having only finished recording their debut album a mere 3 months earlier, you would have sworn these guys had been practicing these songs for years. In fact, this was only the band's 23rd live performance! Another surprise was how great drummer Sam Brown's performance was all night. This dude was mesmerizing to watch, and his metronomic mechanics were both meticulous and masterful. Keyboardist Alex Fischel (dubbed by Daniel as "this generation’s Ansel Adams") rounded out the lineup.

Divine Fits played an extremely tight set (setlist posted below), covering nearly every song off their debut album A Thing Called Divine Fits. A few surprise covers were thrown in there, too. Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky", Rolling Stones' "Sway", and the Wipers' "Doom Town" all took on new life as the band added their own elements. Highlights of the night (apart from Tron in attendance) included the Daniel-Boecker duets during "Baby Get Worse" and "The Salton Sea", as well as the one-two encore punch of "Flaggin A Ride" and "For Your Heart".

All in all, this was a damn good show and totally worth the drive. The band has a handful of shows left on the US-leg of their tour before conquering Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia at the beginning of 2013. Be sure to catch them if you can!

Setlist: Divine Fits @ Deluxe (10-26-2012)
Baby Get Worse
What Gets You Alone
The Salton Sea
Civilian Stripes
My Love Is Real
Doom Town (Wipers)
You Got Lucky (Tom Petty)
Like Ice Cream
What That Not Be Nice
Sway (Rolling Stones)
Shivers (Rowland S. Howard)
Flaggin A Ride
For Your Heart

Thursday, October 18, 2012

[new music] Chaos Chaos - S

New music from Asy and Chloe Saavedra

The first year I was out in Seattle, I vividly remember attending an Eels show at the Showbox. This was back in the summer of '06, but what really stood out though wasn't the weird performance by Mr. E and his kung fu dancing body guard (though that was quite weird). In fact, it was the opening band that really made the night memorable. That's because before any of the shows started, I felt like I was back in elementary school. I remember being completely surrounded by little kids and parent chaperones. At the time, I was quite confused, but when the opener Smoosh took the stage, which featured sisters Asy and Chloe (they were only 14 and 12 years old at the time, respectively), the tiny fans erupted in screams. This was probably the only concert that I've ever been to where I was "that tall person" where no one could see around.

So fast foward 6 years, and the Smoosh sisters have a new band called Chaos Chaos. Yesterday, they just released their debut EP entitled S, which you can get here. It's streaming on Spotify (and below), and it's definitely worth checking out. Pretty cool to hear how these two musicians have really grown, and it shows in their song structure and harmonies. Expect big things from these two indie pop prodigies!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (10-17-2012)

Thom Yorke Mix

For most bands, following up a masterpiece album results in disappointment. Some bands may continue using the same winning formula, creating a similar sound that lacks its predecessor's soul. Others will hit writer's block, crack under time pressures, and release an album that leaves much to be desired.

For the great bands like Radiohead, they will continue to evolve and completely redefine their sound. After OK Computer, Thom Yorke and company embarked on a transformative journey that would change the indie music landscape. Still today, Radiohead continues to push their sound to new areas, leaving inspired young bands in their wake. This week's HDPP is a collection of my favorite Thome Yorke tracks that embody the truly uniqueness that I've grown to love (sadly for this playlist, In Rainbows is not available in Spotify).

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (10-17-2012) ::
01 :: "Harrowdown Hill" – Thom Yorke
02 :: "Morning Mr Magpie" – Radiohead
03 :: "Morning Bell" – Radiohead
04 :: "Backdrifts" – Radiohead
05 :: "Idioteque" – Radiohead
06 :: "Electioneering" – Radiohead
07 :: "There, There" – Radiohead
08 :: "Black Swan" – Thom Yorke
09 :: "Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box" – Radiohead
10 :: "Lotus Flower" – Radiohead
11 :: "Like Spinning Plates" – Radiohead
12 :: "Paranoid Android" – Radiohead
13 :: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" – Radiohead
14 :: "Bodysnatchers" – Radiohead
15 :: "Myxomatosis" – Radiohead
16 :: "Karma Police" – Radiohead

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (10-10-2012)

Buena Vista Mix

It was a struggle to get on top of the HDPP this week as I've been without internet for quite some time. Hopefully I haven't lost any listeners due to the delay. This week's list started from an oldie that I had forgotten about (Starlight Mints' "Buena Vista"), but upon hearing it last week, it sparked some really good memories. I just rode that wave to the 45 minute mark, and voila: this week's playlist!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (10-10-2012) ::
01 :: "Buena Vista" – Starlight Mints
02 :: "The Town Halo" – A.C. Newman
03 :: "Coquet Coquette" – Of Montreal
04 :: "It All Began With A Burst" – Kishi Bashi
05 :: "Sundialing" – Caribou
06 :: "The Salton Sea" – Divine Fits
07 :: "Genesis" – Grimes
08 :: "Be With You" – Vacationer
09 :: "Claudia Lewis" – M83
10 :: "Pulleys" – Animal Collective
11 :: "I Think About You All The Time" – Keepaway
12 :: "Drowatown" – Starlight Mints

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (10-3-2012)

Black Keys Mix

Upon request, this week's HDPP is a collection of my favorite songs from The Black Keys. It was hard to do, as the band still refuses to upload their newest album onto Spotify. Luckily, however, there are some singles from El Camino that are at least accessible. Again, like many playlists, there are simply too many great songs from these dudes to fit on one mix. In my opinion, my collection of hits just fit together quite nicely. I hope you think so, too.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (10-3-2012) ::
01 :: "Set You Free" – The Black Keys
02 :: "Remember When" – The Black Keys
03 :: "Strange Desire" – The Black Keys
04 :: "Gold On The Ceiling" – The Black Keys
05 :: "Tighten Up" – The Black Keys
06 :: "Till I Get My Way" – The Black Keys
07 :: Lonely Boy" – The Black Keys
08 :: "Howlin' For You" – The Black Keys
09 :: "Nobody But You" – The Black Keys
10 :: "Yearnin'" – The Black Keys
11 :: "10 A.M. Automatic" – The Black Keys
12 :: "Your Touch" – The Black Keys
13 :: "Next Girl" – The Black Keys
14 :: "Strange Times" – The Black Keys
15 :: "All Hands Against His Own" – The Black Keys
16 :: "The Only One" – The Black Keys

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Monday, October 1, 2012

[first listen] Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams

Hear Lord Huron's new album right now!

Head over to NPR's First Listen to hear Lord Huron's debut album Lonesome Dreams in it's entirety!!! To date, the Michigan natives have released two amazing EPs, and I'm so excited to feast my ears on their first proper long player. Physical copies of the album drop in stores October 9 on IAMSOUND Records (pre-order).

The album's second track "Time To Run" should be included in everyone's road trip mix tape. Just listening to it makes me want to hop in the car and start driving toward the wild!

Click here to visit NPR.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (9-26-2012)

Dan Boeckner Mix, Vol 2

Back in January, I posted a collection of my favorite Dan Boeckner hits that were available on Spotify. It's been received quite well judging from the traffic to that post; however, now that Divine Fits has released its amazing debut album, that old list feels obsolete. For this week's HDPP, I wanted to update the existing list with some of his new "instant classics" that can be found on A Thing Called Divine Fits.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (9-26-2012) ::
01 :: "For Your Heart" – Divine Fits
02 :: "Ghost Pressure" – Wolf Parade
03 :: "Shine A Light" – Wolf Parade
04 :: "Legal Tender" – Handsome Furs
05 :: "It's A Curse" – Wolf Parade
06 :: "What Gets You Alone" – Divine Fits
07 :: "Modern World" – Wolf Parade
08 :: "Lousy Pictures" – Wolf Parade
09 :: "Baby Get Worse" – Divine Fits
10 :: "Fine Young Cannibals" – Wolf Parade
11 :: "Thy Will Be Done" – Handsome Furs
12 :: "My Love Is Real" – Divine Fits
13 :: "Language City" – Wolf Parade
14 :: "Repatriated" – Handsome Furs
15 :: "Cannot Get, Started" – Handsome Furs
16 :: "Civilian Stripes" – Divine Fits

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(photo credit: Melissa Soltis)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (9-19-2012)

Fall Mix

Fall is officially here this week, and what better way to welcome the brisk autumn breeze by listening to this airy compilation of HDPP jams? There simply isn't a better way. Period.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (9-19-2012) ::
01 :: "Dead End" - The Whitest Boy Alive
02 :: "Tropical Birds" - Miniature Tigers
03 :: "Foreign Room" - Telekinesis
04 :: "Speak In Rounds" - Grizzly Bear
05 :: "Young Bride" - Midlake
06 :: "One More Time" - French Kicks
07 :: "Vaporize" - Broken Bells
08 :: "Waiting For A War" - The Morning Benders
09 :: "Blue As Your Blood" - The Walkmen
10 :: "When They Fight, They Fight" - Generationals
11 :: "Vapours" - Islands
12 :: "Heart it Races" - Dr Dog
13 :: "The Next Time Around" - Little Joy
14 :: "Click, Click, Click, Click" - Bishop Allen

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (9-12-2012)

Arctic Monkeys Mix

Getting back to some hits, this week's HDPP is a collection of my favorite Arctic Monkeys tracks. It's crazy to think back to my first Monkeys concert experience in early '06. They played the "old" Crocodile in Seattle to a crowd of maybe 150 fans. I paid a mere $10 for my ticket months before the show (a friend in the UK told me I should), and by the time the day of the concert rolled around, Arctic Monkey fever had infected the States. Swarms of people were offering $100 for my ticket to the sold-out show at the door. I would have been a fool to sell it, as that night was simply magical. You could get a sense that these guys were destined for something bigger.

Interestingly, though, the band played everything off of Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, and apparently ran out of material for an encore... Now fast forward to today; they have so much great material, I had much trouble trimming this playlist down. Hopefully my condensed version is to your enjoyment.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (9-12-2012) ::
01 :: "From The Ritz To The Rubble" - Arctic Monkeys
02 :: "Teddy Picker" - Arctic Monkeys
03 :: "My Propeller" - Arctic Monkeys
04 :: "Brick By Brick" - Arctic Monkeys
05 :: "Old Yellow Bricks" - Arctic Monkeys
06 :: "Dancing Shoes" - Arctic Monkeys
07 :: "505" - Arctic Monkeys
08 :: "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala" - Arctic Monkeys
09 :: "Crying Lightning" - Arctic Monkeys
10 :: "Do Me A Favour" - Arctic Monkeys
11 :: "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" - Arctic Monkeys
12 :: "Brianstorm" - Arctic Monkeys
13 :: "If You Were There, Beware" - Arctic Monkeys
14 :: "Piledriver Waltz" - Arctic Monkeys
15 :: "When The Sun Goes Down" - Arctic Monkeys
16 :: "Secret Door" - Arctic Monkeys

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (9-5-2012)

Summer's End Mix

Summer is rapidly disappearing, and I'm left wondering where it went. Before it's officially over, make sure to do something summery so you don't regret wasting these precious days. Hopefully this week's HDPP can serve as your soundtrack while you're doing said summery thing.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (9-5-2012) ::
01 :: "Eskimo Boy" - Strange Talk
02 :: "When the Movie's Over" - Twin Shadow
03 :: "For Your Heart" - Divine Fits
04 :: "Lights & Music" - Cut Copy
05 :: "Defeatist" - Cameras
06 :: "Long Flight" - Future Islands
07 :: "Cave Song" - WU LYF
08 :: "The Green Room" - The Tins
09 :: "Forget It" - Blood Orange
10 :: "Can't Be Wrong" - Love Inks
11 :: "Oh, Naoko" - Sun Airway
12 :: "Walking Through That Door" - Future Islands

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-29-2012)

Paul Banks Mix

This week's HDPP is a collection of my favorite Paul Banks hits. Most notably known for his work with Interpol, Banks has also released some great jams under his solo moniker Julian Plenti. While I've never been a fan of his sunglass choice, he does know how to write a great song. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-29-2012) ::
01 :: "Obstacle 1" - Interpol
02 :: "Slow Hands" - Interpol
03 :: "Barricade" - Interpol
04 :: "Games For Days" - Julian Plenti
05 :: "C'mere" - Interpol
06 :: "Who Do You Think" - Interpol
07 :: "Evil" - Interpol
08 :: "PDA" - Interpol
09 :: "On The Esplanade" - Julian Plenti
10 :: "Lights" - Interpol
11 :: "The Heinrich Maneuver" - Interpol
12 :: "Say Hello to the Angels" - Interpol
13 :: "NARC" - Interpol
14 :: "Summer Well" - Interpol
15 :: "Pace Is the Trick" - Interpol

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-22-2012)

Plants and Animals Mix

Plants and Animals have silently made a solid catalog of music over their last 3 albums. Their best to date, in my opinion, is still their debut Parc Avenue, but that album's recording process spanned many years, which resulted in a very eclectic mix of amazing rock. P&A's next two albums focused more in the classic rock direction, and the results were interesting and enjoyable. For this week's HDPP, I hope to highlight band's very best songs, condensing the list down to 15 songs. Sure I left off some great jams, but these are the energizing hits that'll get you over the hump.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-22-2012) ::
01 :: "Feedback in the Field" - Plants and Animals
02 :: "Fake It" - Plants and Animals
03 :: "Why & Why" - Plants and Animals
04 :: "Mercy" - Plants and Animals
05 :: "The Mama Papa" - Plants and Animals
06 :: "Lightshow" - Plants and Animals
07 :: "Good Friend" - Plants and Animals
08 :: "Tom Cruz" - Plants and Animals
09 :: "Lola Who?" - Plants and Animals
10 :: "Swinging Bells" - Plants and Animals
11 :: "American Idol" - Plants and Animals
12 :: "Faerie Dance" - Plants and Animals
13 :: "Control Me" - Plants and Animals
14 :: "The End of That" - Plants and Animals
15 :: "Bye Bye Bye" - Plants and Animals

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Friday, August 17, 2012

[news] Britt Daniel in New Band Spl:t S:ngle

Another band for Britt Daniel!?

It looks like Britt Daniel has been keeping busy lately. Right on the heels of the Divine Fits announcement, Daniel revealed that he has been recording with yet another band called Spl:t S:ngle. According to other reports, Daniel's primary musical vehicle Spoon is still alive in the background as well!

As for Spl:t S:ngle, you can see from the picture above that Daniel is only contributing his bass skills (and not his pipes), something he hasn't done for quite some time (Alien Beats, perhaps?). You can check out some of their songs here. It's quite a departure from Daniel's other works, and that's because Spl:t S:ngle was conceived by Jason Narducy (Telekinesis, Verbow), who wrote/sang all 13 tracks that were recorded last month. Rounding out the lineup is drummer Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Mountain Goats). Should be most interesting to hear what Daniel brings to the table.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-15-2012)

Daniel Rossen Mix

Daniel Rossen has one of the most distinct voices in the indie music community, and he's contributed his equally beautiful songwriting skills to Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles, and even some solo work. This week's HDPP may lack some of the pizzazz that one usually needs to get through a slow day, but I think the power in these songs should do quite well regardless. Notably, Rossen didn't join Grizzly Bear until Yellow House, so I intentionally left off the band's earlier work. By the way, GB's newest album Shields is set to drop September 18!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-15-2012) ::
01 :: "Yet Again" - Grizzly Bear
02 :: "No One Does It Like You" - Department of Eagles
03 :: "Two Weeks" - Grizzly Bear
04 :: "On A Neck, On A Spit" - Grizzly Bear
05 :: "While We're Young" - Daniel Rossen
06 :: "Romo-Goth" - Arcade Fire
07 :: "Knife" - Grizzly Bear
08 :: "Golden Mile" - Arcade Fire
09 :: "Shift (Alt Version)" - Grizzly Bear
10 :: "Little Brother" - Grizzly Bear
11 :: "While You Wait For The Others" - Grizzly Bear
12 :: "He Hit Me" - Grizzly Bear
13 :: "Ready, Able" - Grizzly Bear
14 :: "In Ear Park" - Department of Eagles
15 :: "Silent Song" - Daniel Rossen

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Monday, August 13, 2012

[first listen] Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits

Hear Divine Fits' new album right now!

Head over to NPR's First Listen to hear Divine Fits' debut album A Thing Called Divine Fits in it's entirety!!! If you've been living under a rock for the past couple months, Divine Fits is a new musical outfit consisting of Britt Daniel, Dan Boeckner, and Sam Brown.

The second track, "Flaggin A Ride", is sooo catchy. I still need to spin this album a few more times to truly form an opinion, but so far I'd say it's the excellent caliber of music that you'd expect from these very talented musicians.

Click here to visit NPR.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-8-2012)

Arcade Fire Mix

Who doesn't like a little Arcade Fire to jump-start their Wednesday? This week's HDPP is sure to help you over the hump. As always, these are my favorite hits, though limiting a playlist to 15 songs does leave off a great number of excellent tracks. I hope you enjoy!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-8-2012) ::
01 :: "We Used to Wait" - Arcade Fire
02 :: "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" - Arcade Fire
03 :: "No Cars Go" - Arcade Fire
04 :: "Ready to Start" - Arcade Fire
05 :: "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" - Arcade Fire
06 :: "Keep the Car Running" - Arcade Fire
07 :: "Wake Up" - Arcade Fire
08 :: "The Suburbs" - Arcade Fire
09 :: "Rebellion (Lies)" - Arcade Fire
10 :: "Rococo" - Arcade Fire
11 :: "Speaking in Tongues" - Arcade Fire
12 :: "Modern Man" - Arcade Fire
13 :: "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" - Arcade Fire
14 :: "Intervention" - Arcade Fire
15 :: "Sprawl II" - Arcade Fire

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[video] Divine Fits - First Live Concert!

Divine Fits in concert!

Last night, Divine Fits surprised Austin with a secret show, performing under the pseudonym The Hot Skulls at the Continental Club. To the lucky few who either knew about the ruse, or just so happened to be looking for new jams, they were in for a treat. Above you can watch the Britt Daniel-sung "Flaggin A Ride", and if you follow this link (via Stereogum), you can watch two other songs: "My Love Is Real" and the Tom Petty cover "You Got Lucky". Sounds pretty great, can't wait to hear the whole album!

Pre-Order :: Divine Fits :: A Thing Called Divine Fits :: August 28

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (8-1-2012)

Budos Band Mix

In a mood to get some serious work done this week? Hopefully this lyric-free HDPP will provide the necessary groove to tackle that ever-growing "to do" list. This work-inducing jam session is brought to you through the amazingly smooth jams of The Budos Band. This playlist is also great for entertaining guests, providing the perfect amount of sophisticated ambiance to your evening party. Try it out!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (8-1-2012) ::
01 :: "Up From The South" - Budos Band
02 :: "Nobody's Bulletproof" - Budos Band
03 :: "Unbroken, Unshaven" - Budos Band
04 :: "Chicago Falcon" - Budos Band
05 :: "Rite of the Ancients" - Budos Band
06 :: "Aynotchesh Yererfu" - Budos Band
07 :: "Deep In The Sand" - Budos Band
08 :: "Budos Dirge" - Budos Band
09 :: "Ride Or Die" - Budos Band
10 :: "River Serpentine" - Budos Band
11 :: "Mas O Menos" - Budos Band
12 :: "The Volcano Song" - Budos Band
13 :: "His Girl" - Budos Band

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (7-25-2012)

Phantasmagoric Mix

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had some difficulty naming this week's HDPP, as it seems I may overuse the word "dreamy" to describe a lot of my playlists. How else can you characterize a group of songs that transport the listener to the nonphysical realm of existence in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart? Perhaps I should use phantasmagoric? Seems to fit the bill.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (7-25-2012) ::
01 :: "The Look" - Metronomy
02 :: "Myth" - Beach House
03 :: "Run My Heart" - Twin Shadow
04 :: "Heaven's On Fire" - The Radio Dept.
05 :: "I Remember" - Yeasayer
06 :: "Boyfriend" - Best Coast
07 :: "Shallow" - Beach Fossils
08 :: "All The King's Men" - Wild Beasts
09 :: "Bermuda Triangle" - Deep Time
10 :: "The Bay" - Metronomy
11 :: "Desire Lines" - Deerhunter
12 :: "Rinse Me Down" - Bombay Bicycle Club
13 :: "Conversation 16" - The National

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (7-18-2012)

Mighty Sea Mix

Sort of an Old Man and the Sea-inspired HDPP this week. Seems like a lot of musicians have drawn their creativity from the epic force that is the ocean. Enjoy

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (7-18-2012) ::
01 :: "You're a Wolf" - Sea Wolf
02 :: "Fisherman's Son" - Port O'Brien
03 :: "House By The Sea" - Iron and Wine
04 :: "From a Sinking Boat" - Magnetic Fields
05 :: "Sea Lion Goth Blues" - The Growlers
06 :: "Over The Ocean" - Best Coast
07 :: "Sea Legs" - The Shins
08 :: "Ocean of Noise" - Arcade Fire
09 :: "From the Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" - The Cure
10 :: "The Fisherman" - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
11 :: "You Are the Ocean" - Phantogram
12 :: "Turn This Boat Around" - Matt & Kim
13 :: "On the Sea" - Beach House
14 :: "All the Sand in all the Sea" - Devotchka

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

[new music] Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams

Debut LP from Lord Huron!

Lord Huron just released the teaser for the band's debut album, entitled Lonesome Dreams. According to the video below, the album is set to drop on October 9. Check out the snippet of the beautifully crafted "Time To Run", which scores the LP trailer. The band has also announced a handful of tour dates that start in late August, which are posted below.

Lord Huron tour dates:
Aug 24 :: The Geffen Contemporary :: Los Angeles, CA
Sep 21 :: Mojo's :: Columbia, MO
Sep 25 :: Magic Stick Lounge :: Detroit, MI
Sep 27 :: Midpoint Music Festival :: Cincinnati, OH
Sep 28 :: Pygmalion Music Festival :: Champaign, IL
Sep 29 :: The High Watt :: Nashville, TN
Sep 30 :: The Bottletree :: Birmingham, AL
Oct 02 :: Dan's Silverleaf :: Denton, TX
Oct 03 :: Stubb's BBQ (Indoor) :: Austin, TX
Oct 05 :: Drunken Unicorn :: Atlanta, GA
Oct 06 :: Local 506 :: Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 07 :: Black Cat Backstage :: Washington, DC
Oct 08 :: KungFu Necktie :: Philadelphia, PA
Oct 09 :: Mercury Lounge :: New York, NY
Oct 11 :: Great Scott :: Allston, MA
Oct 12 :: Glasslands Gallery :: Brooklyn, NY
Oct 13 :: Mohawk Place :: Buffalo, NY
Oct 15 :: Schubas :: Chicago, IL
Oct 16 :: 7th St. Entry :: Minneapolis, MN
Oct 18 :: Larimer Lounge :: Denver, CO
Oct 19 :: Kilby Court :: Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 20 :: Neurolux :: Boise, ID
Oct 21 :: Barboza :: Seattle, WA
Oct 22 :: Doug Fir Lounge :: Portland, OR
Oct 24 :: The Independent :: San Francisco, CA
Nov 01 :: Casbah :: San Diego, CA

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (7-11-2012)

Keep Cool Mix

With record temps topping the weather charts, it's been a challenge to beat the heat. Luckily, this week's HDPP is pretty damn cool...

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (7-11-2012) ::
01 :: "Gallop" - Jeremy Jay
02 :: "Spin The Bottle" - The King Khan & BBQ Show
03 :: "I'm Watching You" - Jay Reatard
04 :: "Baby Missiles" - The War On Drugs
05 :: "The Same Thing" - Cass McCombs
06 :: "Face It" - Beach Fossils
07 :: "Walkabout" - Atlas Sound
08 :: "The Magic" - Joan As Police Woman
09 :: "Come Closer" - Miles Kane
10 :: "Piledriver Waltz" - Alex Turner
11 :: "Cheerleader" - St. Vincent
12 :: "The Alter" - Wye Oak
13 :: "Undertow" - Warpaint

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (7-4-2012)

Beck Mix

I'm excited to share the first ever reader-requested HDPP this week. It's always interesting to see if fans of the same band actually like the same songs. I guess I'll have to wait and find out. But anyway, I was asked what my "Beck Hits List" would look like. Below, you'll find my playlist, which is just under the one hour mark. I found it extremely difficult to mix the slower Sea Change songs with the sillier Midnite Vultures ones. Additionally, since this is for Hump Day, most of Sea Change was not used (I love the LP, however, I would like someone to honestly tell me that album pumps them up). Happy 4th everyone!

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (7-4-2012) ::
01 :: "Gamma Ray" - Beck
02 :: "Devils Haircut" - Beck
03 :: "Tropicalia" - Beck
04 :: "The New Pollution" - Beck
05 :: "Girl" - Beck
06 :: "Sexx Laws" - Beck
07 :: "Paper Tiger" - Beck
08 :: "Modern Guilt" - Beck
09 :: "E-Pro" - Beck
10 :: "Mixed Bizness" - Beck
11 :: "Loser" - Beck
12 :: "Garbage Truck" - Beck
13 :: "Where It's At" - Beck
14 :: "Nausea" - Beck
15 :: "Got It Alone" - Beck
16 :: "Everbody's Got To Learn Sometime" - Beck

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (6-27-2012)

5 Seconds Mix

This week's HDPP started with Twin Shadow's awesome new single "Five Seconds", which refuses to leave your head once you've heard it. The rest of the list loosely fit my resulting mood. Speaking of Twin Shadow, his new LP Confess is out July 10. Check out the epic music video for "Five Seconds" above.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (6-27-2012) ::
01 :: "Five Seconds" - Twin Shadow
02 :: "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia
03 :: "Balance" - Future Islands
04 :: "Not The Same" - Tanlines
05 :: "Spacetime" - Gardens & Villa
06 :: "No. 1 Against the Rush" - Liars
07 :: "Metal" - Gary Numan
08 :: "Drinking Problem" - Surfer Blood
09 :: "Beverly Kills" - Ariel Pink
10 :: "Tripped and Fell in Love" - YACHT
11 :: "Castles in the Snow" - Twin Shadow
12 :: "Beat Your Heartbeat" - The Kissaway Trail
13 :: "New Theory" - Washed Out

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Monday, June 25, 2012

[cover art] Divine Fits - Divine Fits

Possibly new cover art?

It's definitely iconic.

Friday, June 22, 2012

[first listen] Divine Fits - "My Love Is Real"

Pre-order a copy today!

Divine Fits have just released the first single off their upcoming album, which features the vocals of Dan Boeckner over some synthesized beats and a static-laden drum machine. To be honest, it's definitely not the product I would have expected from the collaboration of Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs Boeckner. At least from this song, you can really hear the Furs influence.

You can pre-order a 7" of "My Love Is Real" b/w "I Was Born In A Laundromat" (here), and you can stream the single below. Physical copies won't ship out until July 26, but purchasers of the pre-order will instantly receive a digital download of the songs. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (6-20-2012)

LCD Soundsystem Mix

This week's HDPP is sure to get you over the hump. Featuring a collection of the most accessible LCD Soundsystem songs (in my opinion), these hits will deliver a burst of energy to any willing listener. Sadly, James Murphy does not plan to make music under this moniker ever again. Fortunately for rabid LCD fans, though, one more opportunity still remains for "experiencing" the band. On July 18, a pseudo-documentary will debut, cataloging the last days of LCD Soundsystem before their disbandment. Showing in a city near you, be sure to catch Shut Up And Play The Hits, as it will be playing one night only. Watch the trailer above.

Stream the LCD-inspired HDPP below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (6-20-2012) ::
01 :: "North American Scum" - LCD Soundsystem
02 :: "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" - LCD Soundsystem
03 :: "I Can Change" - LCD Soundsystem
04 :: "Someone Great" - LCD Soundsystem
05 :: "You Wanted A Hit" - LCD Soundsystem
06 :: "Time To Get Away" - LCD Soundsystem
07 :: "Tribulations" - LCD Soundsystem
08 :: "All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem
09 :: "Live Alone" - LCD Soundsystem
10 :: "Disco Infiltrator" - LCD Soundsystem
11 :: "Us V Them" - LCD Soundsystem
12 :: "Dance Yrself Clean" - LCD Soundsystem
13 :: "On Repeat" - LCD Soundsystem
14 :: "Home" - LCD Soundsystem
15 :: "Watch The Tapes" - LCD Soundsystem

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Friday, June 15, 2012

[video] Plants and Animals - "H.C."

New music video from P&A

Plants and Animals just released a beautifully animated video for the shortest song in their catalog. Created by Aimée Van Drimmelen, the video for "H.C." can be seen above. If you're hungry for more, I highly suggest watching the video for their title track "End Of That" below. It's quite amazingly hilarious. Check out their tour dates below, and try to see these guys and their awesome stage performance in a city near you.

Plants and Animals Tour Dates
06/15/12 || Toronto, ON || NXNE Music Festival
06/16/12 || Montréal, QC || Festival Folk sur le Canal
06/30/12 || Gagetown, BC || Folly Fest
07/04/12 || Sherbrooke, QC || Théâtre Granada (Sherblues)
07/05/12 || Ottawa, ON || Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest
07/06/12 || Orillia, ON || Mariposa Folk Festival
07/12/12 || Dour, BE || Dour Festival
07/15/12 || Nijmegen, NL || Festival De-Affaire
07/17/12 || Paris, FR || Nouveau Casino
07/20/12 || Saint-Gédéon, QC || St-Gédéon s'amuse
07/24/12 || Columbus, OH || Newport Music Hall*
07/25/12 || Detroit, MI || Magic Stick*
07/27/12 || Burlington, VT || Signal Kitchen
07/28/12 || Boston, MA || Royale*
07/30/12 || New York, NY || Webster Hall*
07/31/12 || Baltimore, MD || Ram's Head Live*
08/01/12 || Washington, DC || 9:30 Club*
08/04/12 || Montréal, QC || Osheaga Music and Art Festival
08/16/12 || Îles de la Madeleine, QC || Pas Perdus
08/17/12 || Îles de la Madeleine, QC || Pas Perdus
08/24/12 || Squamish, BC || Live at Squamish
08/28/12 || L'Assomption, QC || L'Ange Cornu
*with Bombay Bicycle Club

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (6-13-2012)

White Denim Mix

It's impossible to create a White Denim "hits mix" on Spotify without access to their amazingly awesome material from Exposion, Workout Holiday, or even their RCRD LBL EP; however, this week's HDPP features my favorite WD songs that are currently available. These dudes are some of favorite, genre-bending jammers making music today, and if you ever have a chance to see their impressive live show, do it!

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (6-13-2012) ::
01 :: "Let's Talk About It" - White Denim
02 :: "Mirrored And Reverse" - White Denim
03 :: "Drug" - White Denim
04 :: "Champ" - White Denim
05 :: "I Can Tell" - White Denim
06 :: "El Hard Attack DCWYW" - White Denim
07 :: "Shy Billy" - White Denim
08 :: "Darksided Computer Mouth" - White Denim
09 :: "I Start To Run" - White Denim
10 :: "Mess Your Hair Up" - White Denim
11 :: "Home Together" - White Denim
12 :: "At The Farm" - White Denim
13 :: "Incaviglia" - White Denim
14 :: "No Real Reason" - White Denim

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[video] Moonface - "Faraway Lightning"

Epic Video from Moonface

"Faraway Lightning", the latest single off Moonface's Heartbreaking Bravery, has a new music video. Created by Marsha Balaeva, the stop motion-animated video is filled with Native American imagery and far-out visuals. It's perfect for the ominously-brooding track, which features the backing of Finnish post-rock outfit Siinai. Check it out!

Buy :: Moonface - With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (6-6-2012)

Stargazer Mix

This week's HDPP features songs that I'd classify somewhere between melodic shoegaze and otherworldly pop - music perfect for observing interplanetary events like the Venus transit. This mix has been on repeat since its conception, and it keeps getting better with each listen. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have.

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (6-6-2012) ::
01 :: "Alphabet Song" - Lower Dens
02 :: "Before the Bridge" - Future Islands
03 :: "Rock On" - Love Inks
04 :: "Be a Body" - Grimes
05 :: "Cannons" - Youth Lagoon
06 :: "Gila" - Beach House
07 :: "Give Out" - Sharon Van Etten
08 :: "Jesus Fever" - Kurt Vile
09 :: "Party Talk" - Craft Spells
10 :: "It's Real" - Real Estate
11 :: "Out in the Way" - Beach Fossils (w/ Wild Nothing)
12 :: "Mona Lisa" - Atlas Sound
13 :: "Used to Be" - Beach House
14 :: "Tin Man" - Future Islands
15 :: "Blackeye" - Love Inks

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Friday, June 1, 2012

[news] Divine Fits Preview New Song Clip

Things just got a lot more interesting...

After a lot of speculation on my part, we now have our first glimpse at the new supergroup Divine Fits, who just released a little teaser video (above) that samples a small bit of their sound. Adding to the intrigue, there are no guitars to be heard - only piano, synth, and sparse drums. Not the punk-driven sound I was expecting, and it would seem that the trio is heading down paths that Spoon, Wolf Parade, and New Bomb Turks never ventured. I'm thoroughly captivated, to say the least.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (5-30-2012)

Divine Fits Mix

As mentioned last week, the unthinkable happened when Britt Daniel and Dan Boeckner (along with Sam Brown) announced that they'd been making music together under the moniker Divine Fits. They apparently have a record slated to drop this year (via Merge), and as of yet, there's no word as to what they sound like. I'm guessing something totally different than Spoon, and possibly more like Atlas Strategic? I really have no idea. Nevertheless, I've put together some of my favorite songs from Daniel and Boeckner, which seemed fitting for this week's HDPP.

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (5-30-2012) ::
01 :: "Stoke Their Brains" - Spoon
02 :: "Modern World" - Wolf Parade
03 :: "Paper Tiger" - Spoon
04 :: "Dumb Animals" - Handsome Furs
05 :: "Stay Don't Go" - Spoon
06 :: "Lousy Pictures" - Wolf Parade
07 :: "Change My Life" - Spoon
08 :: "Shine A Light" - Wolf Parade
09 :: "I Saw The Light" - Spoon
10 :: "Evangeline " - Handsome Furs
11 :: "Metal Detektor" - Spoon
12 :: "It's A Curse" - Wolf Parade
13 :: "30 Gallon Tank" - Spoon
14 :: "Thy Will Be Done" - Handsome Furs
15 :: "Finer Feelings" - Spoon

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Monday, May 28, 2012

[video] Two•Tonne Bowlers - "An Acquired Taste" (w/ Spencer Krug)

Spencer Krug at age 17

Certain things are just better left buried, but luckily for us, someone else has done all the digging. A while back, it came to the knowledge of we Spencer Krug fans that he was once in a ska band. I didn't believe it at first, but more substantial evidence surfaced, thus confirming the rumors.

You most probably associate Krug with bands like Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake, or even Fifths of Seven. One that I'm guessing isn't on that list is the Two•Tonne Bowlers. Well, he had to start somewhere, and if you'd like to see some extremely rare live footage of Krug's high school band for yourself, check out the video above. Thank you YouTube!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (5-23-2012)

Handsome Furs Mix

"Thy Will Be Done"... such a fitting first song to this week's Hump Day Power Play, which is meant to pay homage to the Handsome Furs who abruptly announced their disbandment last week. It comes as a total shock, as both Dan Boeckner and Alexie Perry were not only bandmates, but also mates of matrimony. Still no news has surfaced as to whether this is a Wolf Parade-style "indefinite hiatus" or a Sunset Rubdown-style "done for good". Luckily, we already know that Boeckner's music making days are far from over, as he's currently a member of the supergroup Divine Fits, featuring Spoon's Britt Daniel and New Bomb Turks' Sam Brown. Sadly though, it's looking like the Handsome Furs are done for good. Still, we have three amazing LPs to remember them by, and below is my collection of the hits.

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (5-23-2012) ::
01 :: "Thy Will Be Done" - Handsome Furs
02 :: "Dead + Rural" - Handsome Furs
03 :: "What About Us" - Handsome Furs
04 :: "Cannot Get, Started" - Handsome Furs
05 :: "Memories of the Future" - Handsome Furs
06 :: "Evangeline" - Handsome Furs
07 :: "What We Had" - Handsome Furs
08 :: "Repatriated" - Handsome Furs
09 :: "Legal Tender" - Handsome Furs
10 :: "Damage" - Handsome Furs
11 :: "Sing! Captain" - Handsome Furs
12 :: "Cheap Music" - Handsome Furs
13 :: "I'm Confused" - Handsome Furs
14 :: "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues" - Handsome Furs
15 :: "Dumb Animals" - Handsome Furs
16 :: "Nyet Spasiba" - Handsome Furs
17 :: "No Feelings" - Handsome Furs

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[news] Divine Fits - Britt Daniel + Dan Boeckner!!!


Could the stars have aligned any better? Is some divine power at work in an attempt to lift my spirits? Just when I was thinking how sad it was that Handsome Furs had dissolved (and it still is really sad), I couldn't possibly have believed that Dan Boeckner's new band (mentioned in this Times Colonist article) would involve joining forces with Britt Daniel (of Spoon) and Sam Brown (of New Bomb Turks). They apparently have a debut album in the works and are set to release it this year! The album was produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and will drop via Merge.

Now this isn't the first time Daniel and Boeckner have shared the stage, however. Back in 2010, Boeckner joined Spoon at Radio City for a rendition of "Modern World" and "I Saw the Light". Daniel has also covered "Modern World" at numerous Spoon shows. While these were extremely exciting events, I can't imagine combining these two creative minds for an entire album. Can't wait to hear their sound!

Check out Divine Fits' website and twitter for future updates.

Friday, May 18, 2012

[news] The End of Handsome Furs

Sad news

According to the Handsome Furs site, the band has split... Posted last night, HF had this to say:
With a heavy heart the time has come to let all of you know that Handsome Furs are no more.

The most important thing that needs to be said right now is how extremely grateful we are to all the fans all over the world that showered us with love and support over the years. Thank you for everything! It's been an incredible 6 years and we owe it all to you.

At this point it's just speculation on the reasons behind the break up. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the recent health scare that led to the cancellation of their Euro tour. Equally important, I hope this is only a break in the band and not a break in their marriage.

Nonetheless, I wish Dan and Alexie the best, and feel grateful to have experienced their amazing 3 LPs and incredible live shows, as well as their touching CNN documentary IndieAsia.

First the end of Wolf Parade, and now the end of Handsome Furs... truly sad news.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (5-16-2012)

My Morning Jacket Mix

This week's Hump Day Power Play is a collection of my favorite My Morning Jacket songs. After experiencing a growth of appreciation for the band's newest LP Circuital, I've been attempting to force myself through Evil Urges. I'm still not getting through the album with solid enjoyment, and may just conclude that I don't necessarily like the album. There are some great songs on it, but as a whole, it's not my favorite MMJ release. Nevertheless, the experiment has gotten me revisiting a lot of my favorite tracks from the band, and I decided to share it.

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (5-16-2012) ::
01 :: "Anytime" - My Morning Jacket
02 :: "Victory Dance" - My Morning Jacket
03 :: "One Big Holiday" - My Morning Jacket
04 :: "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 1" - My Morning Jacket
05 :: "It Beats 4U" - My Morning Jacket
06 :: "Ran Thru" - My Morning Jacket
07 :: "Low Down" - My Morning Jacket
08 :: "Our World" - My Morning Jacket
09 :: "Circuital" - My Morning Jacket
10 :: "Heartbreakin Man" - My Morning Jacket
11 :: "Gideon" - My Morning Jacket
12 :: "Mahgeetah" - My Morning Jacket
13 :: "The Day Is Coming" - My Morning Jacket
14 :: "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 2" - My Morning Jacket

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (5-9-2012)

Spirit Animal Mix

One of my favorite questions to ask random strangers is, "What's your spirit animal, and why?" I'm more interested in the "why", since it's always interesting to see how one personifies their chosen animal. In almost all cases, their animal is somehow wise (e.g., elephant, owl, lion, eagle). If one were to image search "spirit animal" in Google, you'd find awesome pictures like the one above. If one were to ask me, I'd probably tell you the wolf is my spirit animal. Why? Well according to this quiz, it's because I'm loyal, devoted, and passionate... At any rate, it turns out I also happen to like a lot of bands named after animals, so I figured putting my favorite of those bands into this week's Hump Day Power Play was only fitting.

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (5-9-2012) ::
01 :: "Sea Ghost" - The Unicorns
02 :: "Modern World" - Wolf Parade
03 :: "What The Stars Have Eaten" - Deadboy & The Elephantmen
04 :: "No One Does It Like You" - Department of Eagles
05 :: "Revival" - Deerhunter
06 :: "Melody Day" - Caribou
07 :: "Sing It Softly in a Sigh" - Halcyonaire
08 :: "Little Brother" - Grizzly Bear
09 :: "Mykonos" - Fleet Foxes
10 :: "All Fires" - Swan Lake
11 :: "You're a Wolf" - Sea Wolf
12 :: "Revolving Doors" - Gorillaz
13 :: "Qui Dorm, Només Somia" - Deerhoof
14 :: "505" - Arctic Monkeys

Get Spotify (if you don't already have it).