Monday, July 19, 2010

[new music] Toadies - Feeler Has Arrived!

After over 12 years, it's finally here

As mentioned earlier, the Toadies have finally completed the thought-to-be-lost Feeler album. CD copies can be purchased at Kirtland Records and are shipping now, and vinyl copies can be pre-ordered, but their delivery date is still TBD. If you'd like to hear one of the tracks off this new LP, head over to Spin and listen/download the track "City of Hate." It sounds so much better than the rough recording I bought off eBay years ago. Also, here's the official track listing for the album.

Feeler track listing:
01. Trust Game
02. Waterfall
03. Dead Boy
04. City of Hate
05. Mine
06. Suck Magic
07. ATF Theme
08. Joey Let’s Go
09. Pink

Take advantage of this early ship date, because if you wait for the official release, it won't hit shelves until August 10.

Also, check out the tour dates posted below - the Toadies could be coming to a city near you. Seattleites take notice of the July 28 appearance at the Showbox (tickets $18).

Buy :: Toadies - Feeler (via Kirtland Records)

Toadies tour dates:
7-15 // The Venue at The Down Under // Tyler, TX
7-16 // Bully's Grill // Wichita Falls, TX
7-17 // House of Blues // Houston, TX
7-21 // Club 101 // El Paso, TX
7-22 // Club Congress Tucson, AZ
7-23 // Galaxy Theater Santa Ana, CA
7-24 // The Troubadour // West Hollywood, CA
7-25 // Bottom of the Hill // San Francisco, CA
7-27 // Berbati's Pan // Portland, OR
7-28 // The Showbox // Seattle, WA
7-31 // Gothic Theatre // Denver, CO
8-01 // Midnight Rodeo // Amarillo, TX
8-07 // The Palladium Ballroom // Dallas, TX
8-27 // White Water Amphitheater // New Braunfels, TX
8-28 // White Water Amphitheatre // New Braunfels, TX
8-28 // Dia De Los Toadies // New Braunfels, TX
8-28 // White Water Amphitheater // New Braunfels, TX

UPDATE :: You can now purchase the album digitally for instant gratification via Amazon ($6.99) or iTunes ($9.99). The iTunes package comes with the bonus Beatles cover of "Don't Let Me Down."


THOMAS said...
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THOMAS said...

Here is a link to song #5 'MINE'. One of my favorites.
It's free from AOL Radio blog.