Thursday, July 29, 2010

[review] Toadies @ Showbox (7-28-2010)

Seattle Loves the Toadies

Seattle has time and again shown their appreciation towards Fort Worth's very own Toadies. It's this affection, expressed in fist pumps and hollers, that creates the perfect environment for an all-around good show.

Wednesday night's concert was no exception. From the moment the Toadies took the stage at the Showbox, an eruption of elation occurred. You have to understand, for hardcore Toadies fans, the idea of a Feeler tour equates to the same emotions brought on by Brian Wilson's SMiLE, or GNR's Chinese Democracy. And feeding off the crowd's energy, the band immediately broke into the classics to get the night moving in a good direction. The Toadies kicked the set off with "Backslider," and lead singer Todd Lewis's voice never sounded so good. But that's what you come to expect at a Toadies show - don't let drummer Mark Reznicek's hair color fool you - these guys sound as young as they did back in '94.

Since the band was promoting their new album Feeler, we got to hear a fair number of hits off the LP, including "Dead Boy," "City of Hate," "Suck Magic," "ATF Theme," "Waterfall," and "Mine." To give a quick back-story behind this ill-fated album, the band originally recorded Feeler in '97 as a follow-up to Rubberneck, but Interscope deemed the record ill-fit for release. The Toadies lost the rights to the songs and had to re-record the entire album, and after 13 years it finally gets its proper release. You could almost see the triumph in lead guitarist Clark Vogeler's eyes as if to say, "yeah, we knew these songs would be liked."

Highlights from the night included the Rubberneck gems "Away," "Possum Kingdom," and "Tyler," and surprise favorites like "Push the Hand" and "Heel" sounded incredible. I was happy to hear some of the stronger songs from No Deliverance ("Nothing to Cry About" and the title track), and I thought all the Feeler jams were excellent. Really my only complaint of the night came during the encore when they covered the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down." It's not to say I didn't like the song, but I felt like they didn't need to throw it in there. If you buy Feeler through iTunes, you get this track as a bonus tune, so I understand why they played it. But I digress...

All in all, this one amazing show from a band that I'm so happy decided to make music again. At the end of the night, Vogeler thanked Seattle for being "the best fucking rock city in the country," and I think he was actually sincere about that comment. Mosh pits were erupting on the main floor, and the crowd was jumping up and down so much the band kept commenting on how the stage was literally shaking. A full set list is posted below, and as you can see, it's loaded with non-stop hits, and it ended with a crowd-favorite, "I Come From the Water."

Toadies set list (7-28-2010):
Little Sin
Dead Boy
Nothing to Cry About
Push the Hand
Doll Skin
City of Hate
Happy Face
Suck Magic
ATF Theme
Mister Love
Pressed Against the Sky
Possum Kingdom
Song I Hate
Don't Let Me Down (Beatles cover)
I Burn
No Deliverance
I Come From the Water