Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[new music] Spoon - Bonus Tracks 2008-2009

Spoon's bonus tracks now on CD

For those of you who have diligently followed Spoon over the last two years, you are probably well-aware that nearly every month, their website has released a "bonus track" - usually a demo or live version of an existing Spoon song. Well now over at the Spoon Store, you can purchase these tracks in the first installment of Bonus Tracks 2008-2009 on CD or digitally, which features album art by Nate Duval and liner notes by Britt Daniel. Below is the track listing. CDs cost around $9, and the digital copy runs around $6.

Because the band continued to release songs into 2010, I would expect an additional album to follow this, cleverly titled Bonus Tracks 2009-2010 or something along those lines. At the bottom of this post, I've provided a list all the bonus tracks and the months they were released. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

1. Was It You Demo
2. Rhythm And Soul Demo
3. Don't Let It Get You Down Demo
4. Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
5. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
6. Merchants Of Soul Demo
7. Eddie's Ragga Writing Exercise
8. My Mathematical Mind Demo
9. You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
10. In The Right Place The Right Time Demo

Complete List of Spoon Bonus Tracks (2008-2010)

"Paper Tiger (live Sydney '05)" February
"Eddie's Ragga (demo)" March
"Cherry Bomb (country version)" April #1
"I Turn My Camera On (first version)" April #2
"Don't Let It Get You Down (demo)" May
"Was It You (demo)" June
"Merchants of Soul (demo)" July
"You Gotta Feel It (rehearsal)" August
"My Mathematical Mind (demo)" September
"In The Right Place The Right Time (demo)" October
"Ghost (Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga demo)" November
"The Beast and Dragon (live Sydney '05)" December

"Black Like Me" (demo) February
"30 Gallon Tank (Sydney, 2005)" April
"Japanese Cigarette Case (Demo)" June
"You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (from scratch demo)" July
"Vittorio E (Live Sydney '05)" August
"Rhythm & Soul (demo)" September
"Ghost (AcaPella)" October
"Everything Hits At Once (live @ Sydney '05)" November
"Japanese Cigarette Case (delay song demo)" December

"Something To Look Forward To (early demo)" July
"Goodnight Laura (demo)" September
"Nobody Gets Me But You (demo)" October
"Out Go The Lights (demo)" November