Friday, August 13, 2010

[video] Best NFL Music Videos of All-Time

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Football season is rapidly approaching, and to get excited about Seahawks domination, I thought I'd delve into the '80s archives and share some of my favorite NFL team-music videos. In every way, these videos have not held up to the times, but in a special way, they've managed to become even more amazing.


12. Chicago Bears - "Super Bowl Shuffle"
To start off a list like this, I felt it necessary to start with the origin of all the madness. When members of the '85 Bears (aka The Shufflin' Crew) introduced the world to the "Super Bowl Shuffle," they paved the way for other teams to follow in their footsteps of music video magic. The fact that the Chicago team went on to win the Super Bowl that very same year was what solidified all of these players as eternal badasses. I love how "Punky QB" Jim McMahon is clearly blue-screened onto the video.

11. New York Giants - "Things We Hate"
Featured in a Pepsi Light commercial in '83, this video featuring the New York Giants' defense was too funny to leave off the list.

10. Philadelphia Eagles - "Buddy's Watchin' You"
There's an awesome collection of Cosby sweaters and heinous leather jackets in this '80s low budget rap. I like the addition of the female singing section, but look out for kicker Luis Zendejas - his segment is probably the worst attempt at rap I've ever heard.

9. Dallas Cowboys - "Christmas in Dallas"
Not much to say about this one. The Dallas Cowboys did a fundraiser by selling Christmas CDs sung by the players. There's a reason why these guys play football and not make music.

8. San Francisco 49ers - "49ers Rap"
This rap is just a classic. Featuring the "Team of the '80s," these guys look like they had the most fun making their video.

7. Los Angeles Raiders - "Silver and Black Attack"
Howie Long's haircut hasn't changed in over 25 years!

6. Cincinnati Bengals - "Who Dey Rap"
Q: "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?"

A: "Nooooooobody!"

5. Cleveland Browns - "Masters of the Gridiron"
I don't really know what to say about this one. It's part epic story, part song and dance, but completely cheesy in every way imaginable. Follow star Mike Baab (Baabarian) and the Brown clan as they defeat the Lion, Bear, and Bengal clans in order to win the Ring and become Masters of the Gridiron. The video is nearly 18 minutes in total, and had to broken into two YouTube parts. Part 1 is all introduction (skip to 4:23 to see Baabarian call his fellow warriors with his battle horn). Part 2 features the song and fight portion. Not sure I can guarantee the movie will be worth your time, but it's definitely an experience.

Part 1: Epic Intro

Part 2: Song and Finale

4. Los Angeles Rams - "Ram It"
The most sexually innuendos lyrics for any of the songs on the list, it almost sounds like it's from the disco days of the '70s. However, it's extremely catchy.

3. Miami Dolphins - "Can't Touch Us"
Never have seen more Zubaz in one place. Not the most original of the songs posted here, but I love the alternate lyrics - Stop! Dolphin time!

2. Glasgow Diamonds - "We Are the Diamonds"
The Glasgow Diamonds were an American football team playing in Glasgow, Scotland in the '80s. While they weren't technically an NFL team, this video was just too good to pass up. Their video prominently features a mustachioed lead singer whose lyrics are extremely laughable. Also, I love how one of the dudes in the video is "playing" a saxophone, yet there is not a single sax note in the song.

1. Seattle Seahawks - "Locker Room Rock"
An obvious choice for number one - I really wish Quest Field and the current Seahawks would incorporate this song into the games. After big plays, have the crowds chant "The Blue Wave Is On A Rolllll!!!" I think it's a golden idea.

Speaking of the Hawks, tomorrow is the first preseason game of the year. The team will be pitted against the Tennessee Titans. The first quarter is bound to have some of the starters playing, but after that, I can't guarantee that it'll be the most exciting sports spectacle you've ever seen. Game starts at 7:00pm. Go Hawks!

And if you're still in the mood for more sports related posts, this Seahawks-inspired draft day playlist should do the trick (go here).


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