Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[news] Arlen Thompson - Treasure Hunt

Arlen's new project

Wolf Parade's members are among the most prolific musicians in the indie music community, for it seems that every time you turn your head, one of them has started yet another band. This time it comes from drummer Arlen Thompson. Thanks to Wolf Parade's unofficial fansite, we now have info on his new supergroup Treasure Hunt. Thompson is joined by ex-Hot Hot Heat member Dustin Hawethorn, and ex-Holy Fuck/Wintersleep members Mike Bigelow and Loel Campbell. For those keeping track, that's two bassists and two drummers - should be very interesting.

The band will be touring this month with Young Galaxy, whose new self-titled album is definitely worth checking out. So far, no music has been released, so the lucky ones who are in the Ontario area will have to report back on their experience.

Young Galaxy w/ special guest Treasure Hunt: tour dates
  • September 9th - Ottawa, Ontario - Zaphods
  • September 10th - Toronto, Ontario - The Drake
  • September 11th - Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore
And for a list of other Wolf Parade-related bands, I figured it be fun to point them all out.

Spencer Krug:
Sunset Rubdown
Swan Lake
Frog Eyes
Fifths of Seven
Marimba & Drums solo band (coming soon)

Dan Boeckner:
Handsome Furs
Atlas Strategic

Dante Decaro:
Johnny and the Moon
Hot Hot Heat

Hadji Bakara:

Arlen Thompson:
Treasure Hunt