Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Radiohead - Kid Amnesiac

Kid Amnesiac (my mix)

Let's face it, Kid A and Amnesiac are fantastic records, serving as the experimental "where to go next" follow-ups to Radiohead's OK Computer. Interestingly, both Kid A and Amnesiac were products of the same recording session and were released only eight months apart from each other. While I think they are very strong albums on their own, there are many who think that combining the gems from both albums would have made the strongest Radiohead album to date.

The melding of the two albums into one super album has been done before and cleverly coined as the Kid Amnesiac album (also written as Kid A/mnesiac, Kid A[mnesiac], etc...). Below is my compilation, which I think flows quite nicely. I also limited myself to 13 total songs, which clocks in at just under an hour - a little long, but all hits. After some editing, these songs seamlessly lead into the next, making for a very enjoyable listen. I'm curious how others would compile their Kid Amnesiac track listings, and what that implies about the compiler's musical tastes.

Kid Amnesiac track listing:
  1. Idioteque
  2. Morning Bell
  3. I Might Be Wrong
  4. The National Anthem
  5. Pyramid Song
  6. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
  7. Hunting Bears
  8. Like Spinning Plates
  9. Everything in Its Right Place
  10. Kid A
  11. You And Whose Army
  12. Optimistic
  13. Life In A Glass House


Jon Humston said...

I'm putting those songs together in iTunes and gonna have a listen. Thanks!

30ahs said...

Hey! Try this!
you could use a 10 second crossfade, up to maybe 12 or even higher..whatever makes it sound best to you..
[Untitled] - Kid A
Life in a Glasshouse - Amnesiac
Everything in its Right Place - KA
Like Spinning Plates - A
Kid A - KA
Hunting Bears - A
The National Anthem - KA
$s and Cents - A
How to Disappear Completely - KA
Treefingers - KA
Knives Out - A
I Might Be Wrong - A
Optimistic - KA
In Limbo - KA
You and Whose Army? - A
Idioteque - KA
Morning Bell/Amnesiac - A
Morning Bell - KA
Pull Revolving Doors - A
Pyramid Song - A
Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box - A
Motion Picture Soundtrack - KA
:|| (repeat)

Enjoy =D

sha03 said...

EDIT: 11 seconds, call it a day.

Anonymous said...

I might be wrong..

move Treefingers after I Might Be Wrong.

Anonymous said...

untitled, life, everything, like, kid, hunting, the nat anthem, $s, how to dis, morning/am, tree, knives, optimist, I might, in limbo, you and who, idiot, pull, morning, pyramid, packt, motion…

not so messy.