Sunday, September 13, 2009

[review] White Denim @ The Paradiso (9-13-2009)

White Denim tearing up Europe

As before, guest writer E-Rock has provided another great review from across the pond. This time we get his take on White Denim's show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. WD is concluding their lengthy European tour at the end of this month before embarking on a US tour starting in October. The band will also be releasing Fits and Exposion on their new US label Downtown on October 20.

White Denim Decimate the Paradiso, Amsterdam
submitted by E-Rock, guest Three Colours contributor

Superlatives abound. White Denim put on a hell of a show tonight to a packed house in the Kleine Zaal (Dutch for “Small Room”), Paradiso, Amsterdam. From the start that began with “Don't Look That Way At It” and powered straight through til the end with “Darksided Computer Mouth”, the trio took only two breaks and covered most of their entire catalogue with amazing success. I have seen a number of shows, but few bands have been able to generate such excitement and energy so efficiently. Moreover, they play high speed or varied versions of their studio craft during the live show. Even if you are familiar with the recordings, you can’t be sure what to expect live.

White Denim are really talented musicians and play as tight as any big name band. Josh Block (drums) is endlessly inventive with his drumming style, obviously having experience in several different rock genres as well as jazz. He plays front and center, so you can really appreciate his varied, exhilarating style. Steve Terebecki, looking rather dapper with his new haircut and missing glasses, provided the foundation for the band, but also played “lead” parts that put the bass at the fore. He had the thing turned up to 11 tonight, allowing you to not only listen, but feel the performance. Finally, James Petralli is the skillful guitarist and lead singer, and both were in top form tonight. He performs like a coil ready to spring, adding to the edge and excitement of the show. In the end, you can’t help but move to the groove.

More than anything, the three weaved through their catalogue with such fluidity. They also obviously care about how songs transition between each other, occasionally playing song fragments to provide the bridge between two other songs. This is an important point since the group pretty much plays continuously. It may be cliché, but the group really does cover an incredible amount of ground during a show, sampling garage, soul, funk, progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock. They also make excellent use of guitar looping and unusual song structures. The music is highly intelligent, but at the same time gritty and so much fun.

The one problem about not taking breaks is that you can only play as long as you have material for. White Denim have two EP’s and two LP’s, which lasts just over an hour. Thus, the high octane show did not last well into the night. I don’t have a big problem with this since the goods that they delivered were really top notch, but I did not hear “YoYo” or my personal favorite, “World as a Waiting Room”. (If anyone in the band is reading this, please slip that song into the lineup! It’s a great one.) The crowd was trying hard to get the band out for a second encore, but it was not to be. But these are minor quibbles.

I give White Denim my highest possible recommendation. White Denim’s recorded material is excellent, but to really experience this group they must be seen live. If you do not own a White Denim album, buy one today. If you have not seen a White Denim show, find where they are playing and buy a ticket today. You won’t regret it.


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