Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[review] The Blakes @ Neumos (9-29-2009)

The Blakes debut Souvenir at Neumos

Last night The Blakes celebrated the completion and release of their newest LP Souvenir. Officially set to hit shelves on October 13, the band was selling copies to all who attended as part of their CD Release party held at Neumos. Opening acts The Purrs and Strong Killings got the night started off early and set the tone for a night of great rock.

When most bands record an album, there's an interim period between the completion of recording and the release date. In that time, there is a tedious mixing process where the band adds more elements, sounds, vocals, etc. After all the technical studio wizardry is complete, the band then has to relearn how to play those songs live without all the layers and studio additions.

Last night was one of the first shows The Blakes had played since the completion of Souvenir. I was expecting it to be a little rougher around the edges, but was ultimately surprised at how many new songs we actually were treated with - not to mention how great these sounded live. Nearly splitting the set list 50:50 with tracks from their 2007 self-titled record and their new LP, The Blakes have created yet another catchy collection of 60's inspired rock, laden with oh-so-contagious hooks. Be sure to grad yourself a copy now if you happen to live in Seattle, or later this month for everyone else. Included on the album is "Charmed," which a live, acoustic Pancho Villa version can be viewed above.

As for last night's show, The Blakes delivered another solid performance to its loyal fans. A set list is posted below, though the order is not correct. Some great pictures were taken by Kristen Blush over at The Stranger. One hell of a show.

Set list (9-29-2009):
in no particular order

Old tunes:
Modern Man
Two Times
Pistol Grip
Don't Bother Me

New tunes:
A Fire
Next Time Around
Little Bit About You
Lie Next To Me
Wolf In Sheep's Clothes
Move To The City