Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: Dr. Dog / Cave Singers / Golden Boots @ The Crocodile (4-14-2009)

[Dr. Dog :: Cave Singers :: Golden Boots]
[Crocodile :: 4-14-2009]

Last night Seattle was treated with three great musical acts, all under the same roof. Kicking the night off at the newly re-opened Crocodile was Tucson, AZ's very own Golden Boots, who self-describe themselves as "alt-alt country." Playing heavily off their newest long player Winter Of Our Discotheque, the band walked a fine line between experimental folk/rock and fuzzed-out psychedelia/classic rock. Highlights of the set included the funky riffs of "Heatwave", the infectiously contagious sing-alongs of "Love Is In The Air", as well as the anthematic choruses of "Easy Lie." Also of note, the band's two drummers shared the same kick drum!

Second up on the night was Seattle's very own The Cave Singers. With a new album set to drop in August, the band showcased six new songs out of their ten-song set. The set list was as follows (new songs denoted with *).
Set list - The Cave Singers (4-14-2009)
F Guitar*
New Drum*
In Jam*
New Monuments
I Don't Mind*
Beach House*
New Harmonica*
Dancing On Our Grave
What I find funny about these song titles is that in many cases, the songs don't even have proper names yet ("F Guitar", "New Drum", etc.). I even asked the dude behind the sound board if the album has a title yet, and he seemed to think the answer was "no." In any case, from all the new songs I've heard so far, I think the Cave Singers' sophomore attempt is going to be a very respectable follow-up to Invitation Songs.

Capping the night with the third solid performance of the night, Dr. Dog really laid the jams on thick. Opening with a kick-ass version of "The Ark" off the band's last album Fate, we quickly found that they we were in for a real treat. The highlights of the night were the wonderful performances of "Way The Lazy Do", "My Old Ways", and "The Breeze." Going off memory, the rest of the set included the songs listed below (sorry, I know I'm forgetting some):
Set list (incomplete) - Dr. Dog (4-14-2009)
The Ark
My Old Ways
Oh No
The Pretender
Way the Lazy Do
The Breeze
The Beach
The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer
My Friends
Aint It Strange
And just to put icing on the top of the night, I ran into an old Twilight Exit employee, and he informed me that the bar lives on! I'm not sure how I missed the memo, but apparently it's moved yet again - this time to 25th and Cherry. I'll definitely have to swing by and pick up a PBBB (peanut butter bacon burger) and a can of Oly's some time very soon. At the end of the night, I went home with a big smile... what a fantastic Tuesday night show... and the Crocodile sounds just as good as it ever did.

UPDATE: Head over to Sound on the Sound to see some pictures from the night.