Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Crocodile Cafe Grand Re-Opening

The Croc Returns to Seattle

It's the grand re-opening of Seattle's most famous concert venue, The Crocodile (sans suffix Cafe). From the soul of grunge to the heart of indie rock, the Crocodile has been there for Seattle's music fans. And now, starting March 20, 2009, they are opening their doors once again. Since the Crocodile abruptly closed its doors back in December 2007, there have been spy reports of the renovations and "cosmetic upgrades" performed under the watch of the new management. Starting next month, we'll finally get first-hand accounts of the improvements and dreaded flaws of the new place. It'll be interesting to see where the horrible pillar ended up. Hopefully the venue hasn't grown too much that it loses its intimate appeal. I guess we'll find out soon enough. My biggest complaint so far is that Ticketmaster is handling all sales. I just paid $25 for a $15 Dr Dog/Cave Singers show! That's such a rip-off.

Here's a list of upcoming shows to be hosted at the Croc (according to Monqui):
High Altitude Bluegrass Pioneers
March 21: Hot Buttered Rum and Everybody Orchestra

Portland's latest literary indie mavens
March 27: The Builders & the Butchers

Seattle's finest dance provocateurs
March 28: U.S.E.

From Death From Above 1979
April 2: Sebastian Grangier

The Blues / Garage / Punk sound of
April 11: Heartless Bastards

Britians Hottest Import
April 12: The Ting Tings

Sweet Indie Pop & Local Songsmiths
April 14: Dr. Dog & The Cave Singers

Folk rock revivalists
April 18: Vetiver and Richard Swift

Japantronica Godfathers first tour in 4 years
May 1: Ghost

The throwback style of
May 28: The Devil Makes Three