Sunday, April 5, 2009

White Denim - New Album Fits and Seattle Show Tonight

White Denim always Fits nicely

Two bits of useful info: tonight is the night to see White Denim perform (with local acts Thee Emergency and The Curious Mystery ) at the Tractor Tavern here in Seattle. Tickets are still available, and only 10 bucks.

Also, some very exciting news has just been released: White Denim's next Full Time Hobby release will be entitled Fits, and it will drop in European stores June 22, 2009. A track listing is posted below. Hopefully the band samples a few of these new jams tonight. So far, the only one of these songs I'm familiar with is "Hard Attack" (demo performed as "Heart Attack"), which can be heard on their Daytrotter Session (and on the link below).

MP3: White Denim - "Hard Attack" (demo)
(From their Daytrotter Session)

Track listing:
  1. Radio Milk How Can You Stand It
  2. All Consolation
  3. Say What You Want
  4. Hard Attack
  5. I Start To Run
  6. Sex Prayer
  7. Mirrored And Reversed
  8. Paint Yourself
  9. I’d Have It Just The Way We Were
  10. Everybody Somebody
  11. Regina Holding Hands
  12. Sync'n
- Sun.Apr.05.09 - White Denim @ The Tractor Tavern
White Denim :: $10 adv :: tickets