Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Everyone Is A Wavves Fan: See Juavves

Wavves - Love 'em or Hate 'em

Someone with a great sense of humor has created a Mexican spoof on Nathan Williams's lo-fi surfer punk outfit Wavves. The band calls themselves Juavves, and you can listen to their cover of "So Bored" at their MySpace page, entitled "Muy Aburrido." Classic... Also, Juavves takes many jabs at the California sensation:
About Juavves
I like hip hop, weed, surfing, weed, goths, weed, weed, skateboards(even though I don't know how to skate), weed, punk rock, weed, garage band, weed, weed, 420, weed, goths, burritos, california, weed, and weed

Sounds Like
if you were to like smoke weed then go surf and like while you're on top of a sick wavve you were to take a sick bong rip and smoke more weed.
Speaking of Wavves, they'll be playing on campus at the University of Washington this Friday (April 24 at 7:00pm). The show will be held in the North Huskey Den in the Husky Union Building (HUB) - a map can be accessed here. Wavves will be accompanied by Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts, as well as local acts Idle Times and AFCGT.

The University of Washington's Campus Radio station RainyDawg Radio is celebrating its sixth birthday, and will be hosting this show.

Tickets are $6 will a valid UW student ID available in the HUB ticket Office. General Admission tickets are available via Tickets West for $10.