Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review: White Denim @ The Tractor Tavern (4-5-2009)

White Denim delivered yet another solid performance

I imagine that the Tractor Tavern is going to require a new paint job after Sunday night's ass-kicking show by Austin's buzz-worthy favorite sons, White Denim. Literally rocking the very foundations of the establishment on seismic proportions, the band delivered a non-stop thrill ride of rock & roll that ceased to lose steam throughout the course of the night. I'm surprised the walls didn't just come tumbling down under all the stress. From the moment the loop-heavy opener "Don't Look That Way At It" kicked the night off, it was clear that the band was here to impress us with their complex and power-packed live act that has garnered the attention it so rightfully deserves. Luckily the fans in the audience were wearing their shoes, for their socks were surely to have been knocked off.

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing a White Denim show, here's how things usually go: the band plays big-ass blocks of solid rock, lumping multiple songs together into one mega-jam session. There's hardly any stops for in-between-song chatter, except for the occasional "thanks" for being a great crowd. The first six songs of Sunday night's performance blended seamlessly into each other, climaxing with the infectiously groovy "Shake Shake Shake" from the band's latest LP Exposion. Also showcased during their set were a handful of new tunes - all slated to appear on the band's next album Fits (go here for more details). All of the new songs sounded amazing live, especially the crowd favorite / Daytrotter Sessioned "Hard Attack" (listen below).

I had a chance to chat with soul-man James Petralli (WD guitarist/singer) that night - one hell of guy - and I asked for some more info about their new LP Fits. Interestingly, I was informed to expect a few numbers that might sound reminiscent of Steely Dan. Very interesting indeed...

All in all, the concert was fantastic. Local openers The Curious Mystery and Thee Emergency got the crowd moving before we were treated with the solid White Denim performance. Hopefully Seattle becomes a permanent tour destination for this Austin trio. To hear more White Denim, check out the two songs below, and visit their official website and iTunes to pick up digital copies of their music. You won't regret it!

MP3: White Denim - "Hard Attack" (demo)
(From their Daytrotter Session)

MP3: White Denim - "I Can Tell You"
(buy Workout Holiday LP)


Eric said...

You just had the opportunity to "chat" with James Petralli? Well, that's something. You a roadie now?

Nice post.