Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plants and Animals - Speeding Ticket = New Fan

Plants and Animals gain fan in the least likely scenario

So I was just surfing around Plants and Animals's MySpace page and stumbled upon this blog entry the band posted. While I realize how late I am at posting this, I think it's still worth mentioning. It appears that about a week after P&A played Seattle's Nectar Lounge, the band received an $89 speeding ticket while driving through Jasper, Alberta. The female RCMP officer who issued the ticket was not swayed when the band informed her who they were. However, after she returned to her office, she did some research and sent the band this email:
Subject: New Fan
Hello Band,

Hey I'm the RCMP officer who gave you a speeding ticket today. Just thought I'd let you know...when I returned to the office I googled your band and listened to your music online. You may have gotten a ticket today but on the bright side you definitely got some exposure. I emailed my music savvy friends and family to tell them to check out your music!

Best of luck with the Junos!
Unfortunately for the band, it wasn't enough luck... they did not win the two categories that they were nominated for in the Juno Awards, getting edged out by The Stills (seriously?) for New Group of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year (Parc Avenue). Oh well, we all know how the award results should have gone...

Anywho, enjoy the opening track off the unbelievably awesome Parc Avenue (see below). Also, if you still don't own a copy of their amazing debut long player, go here.