Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Robin Pecknold's Solo Project: White Antelope

Fleet Foxes frontman releases music
under different animal name

Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes has always played solo shows - this is not a new thing. However, a MySpace page has recently been activated featuring his songs. Performing under the moniker White Antelope, it's obvious from reading the band's description that Pecknold is not only a Lost fan, but he also has a sense of humor about adding another to the long list of animal named bands:
White Antelope is the latest and greatest in a long line of exciting animal-named and themed music groups. This particular word synergectomy, "White Antelope," has heretofore never been used for such an application and we at the Dharma Initiative could not be more pleased to reveal this innovation to you, the listening public. This is our first serious co-branding initiative with Microsoft's animal-named music group software Fleet Foxes. We hope you enjoy this new animal-name, our most graceful and polysyllabic concoction yet!
Currently, there are only two songs posted on the site, "False Knight on the Road" (b-side to the Mykonos 7") and the Leo Kottke sounding "Guitar Duet" (aka "Magic Rings"). Some may ask if White Antelope will take higher priority over Fleet Foxes, or if this will delay the follow-up to 2008's fantastic Fleet Foxes LP. To relinquish any of these worries, the band has just posted via their blog that the band is currently in Port Townsend working on recording their next album. Apparently White Antelope will feature mostly covers.

Also, I saw Pecknold last Wednesday at the Dept. of Eagles/Cave Singers show (incredibly awesome show) - not to sound like some crazy groupie, but it looks like he's chopped off his hair!