Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Britt Daniel / Drake Tungsten / Spoon Covers

A collection of my favorite Britt Daniel-related covers

Britt Daniel has a policy, or so I read somewhere in an interview, that he only likes to cover songs written by his friends. This is apparent if you look at Spoon's albums throughout the years. Usually hidden deep in the liner notes, you may notice that certain Spoon songs are actually not Spoon songs at all. For example, "Me and the Bean" a Spoon setlist staple is actually a John Clayton (of The Sidehackers) cover. More recently from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, the song "Don't You Evah" is a cover from fellow tourmates and now-dissolved (sadly) The Natural History. For those of you who frequent Spoon shows, you may have heard a few treats throughout a set - ones that don't make it throught the studio recording process. Being a huge Britt Daniel fan (from his Skellington and Drake Tungsten days all the way to present-day Spoon), I've decided to share some wonderful covers that have come across my hands. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I will also give credit to the BayTaper for his excellent recordings of the San Fran show at the Fillmore West (September 22, 2008) that I've included in this post (the last four songs). He does amazing work.

MP3: Britt Daniel - "Modern World" (Wolf Parade cover)
MP3: Drake Tungsten - "Do the Manta Ray" (Pixies cover)
MP3: Drake Tungsten - "Secrets" (The Cure cover)
MP3: Spoon - "Decora" (Yo La Tengo cover)
MP3: Spoon - "Cut My Friend Down" (Julian Cope cover)
MP3: Spoon - "It's Gonna Take an Airplane" (Destroyer cover)
MP3: Spoon - "Don't You Evah" (The Natural History cover)
Spoon - "Me and the Bean" (The Sidehackers cover)
MP3: Spoon - "Peace Like a River" (Paul Simon cover)
MP3: Spoon - "Rocks Off" (Rolling Stones cover)