Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Handsome Furs Insound EP (Neumos 4-19-08)

Handsome Furs Live EP with Face Control Pre-Order

For anyone who pre-ordered the Handsome Furs' Face Control t-shirt bundle from Insound, you probably received an email today from them like I did. To my delight, Insound has just added a special bonus, allowing everyone who pre-ordered the album to download the band's Live at Neumos 4/19/08 EP for free. By actual attending this concert in Seattle, I can attest that it was a great show. If you followed the link, you'll see that I've posted these recordings on my site before, but it appears Insound has cleaned them up a bit. The base lines pump harder, and there's much less crowd noise.

Handsome Furs - Live at Neumos EP (4/19/08) Seattle, WA
  1. "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything"
  2. "Officer of Hearts"
  3. "Legal Tender"
  4. "Radio Kaliningrad"
Head over to Insound and get this great offer before it runs out (go here).