Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (12-12-2012)

Now That's What I Call 2009!

I had so much fun making the 2008 HDPP, I figured it was only fitting to follow up with my favorite hits from 2009. There were so many great albums to choose from, but as I discovered during this exercise, it is very hard to put together a cohesive mix as it seems my favs were quite an eclectic collection of styles. Since today is 12-12-2012, I really tried hard to reduce this list down to 12 songs... but 15 is as close as I could get (you can see what I left off the playlist here). While listening, I hope this mix evokes as much nostalgia for you as it does for me.

Stream the playlist below (or by clicking here).

:: Hump Day Power Play (12-12-2012) ::
01 ::"Ephemeral Artery – Neon Indian
02 ::"1901" – Phoenix
03 ::"The Lady Vanishes" – White Rabbits
04 ::"Stroke Their Brains" – Spoon
05 ::"Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!" – Sunset Rubdown
06 ::"Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" – Say Hi
07 ::"Two Weeks" – Grizzly Bear
08 ::"Officer Of Hearts" – Handsome Furs
09 ::"The Akara" – Beirut
10 ::"Skyscraper" – Julian Plenti
11 ::"Day By Day" – Taken By Trees
12 ::"Basic Space" – The xx
13 ::"Seven" – Fever Ray
14 ::"Beijing" – Patrick Watson
15 ::"Day Glo" – Brazos

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Anonymous said...

Great playlist!