Thursday, October 18, 2012

[new music] Chaos Chaos - S

New music from Asy and Chloe Saavedra

The first year I was out in Seattle, I vividly remember attending an Eels show at the Showbox. This was back in the summer of '06, but what really stood out though wasn't the weird performance by Mr. E and his kung fu dancing body guard (though that was quite weird). In fact, it was the opening band that really made the night memorable. That's because before any of the shows started, I felt like I was back in elementary school. I remember being completely surrounded by little kids and parent chaperones. At the time, I was quite confused, but when the opener Smoosh took the stage, which featured sisters Asy and Chloe (they were only 14 and 12 years old at the time, respectively), the tiny fans erupted in screams. This was probably the only concert that I've ever been to where I was "that tall person" where no one could see around.

So fast foward 6 years, and the Smoosh sisters have a new band called Chaos Chaos. Yesterday, they just released their debut EP entitled S, which you can get here. It's streaming on Spotify (and below), and it's definitely worth checking out. Pretty cool to hear how these two musicians have really grown, and it shows in their song structure and harmonies. Expect big things from these two indie pop prodigies!


Anonymous said...

Don't be s cheapskate. Buy it on itunes or amazon