Monday, July 5, 2010

[video] Handsome Furs - "Best Of"

It's been a great ride, thanks for taking us along...

Well, for those of you who've been following the Handsome Furs' CNN mini-documentary, it has finally come to the end. Capturing the adventures of two happy newlyweds whose passion for music and world travel took them to wonderful new places, Handsome Furs: Indie Asia was a really fun look into one of my favorite bands. To see a "greatest hits" video compilation, watch Episode 8: "Best Of" above. As for the future of this band, according to, even though Wolf Parade is in the midst of a world tour, Dan stated this:
I’m not [slowing down]. I’m working on new Handsome Furs stuff. I’m working on a handful of new songs, a new setup for the band and instrumentation, so... I’m actually insanely busy right now.
Perhaps a new album is in the works? One can only hope.