Monday, July 26, 2010

[concert] Wolf Parade @ Showbox Market Tonight (7-26-2010)

Wolf Parade tonight!

Just a reminder: tonight is the night for Wolf Parade's sold out concert at the Showbox Market. Doors open at 8pm, and stage support includes the Moools.

If you haven't listened to WP's new LP, go here and get yourself a copy.

Buy :: Wolf Parade - Expo 86

Oh, and here's the first single off Expo 86, which you'll definitely hear tonight if you go to the show:

Wolf Parade - "Ghost Pressure"

UPDATE :: The show is no longer listed as sold out. Tickets are still available.


Erin said...

Where did you see this show is sold out? I just got tickets from Ticketmaster and the order went through... now you have me worried! lol

Greg said...

Well that's strange. Earlier today you couldn't buy tickets through Showbox because they were sold out (not the case now). Either that was an error, or they've decided to sell more tickets. Sorry for the scare!

Greg said...

You wouldn't happen to be the Erin that writes for the Weekly, would you?