Sunday, November 15, 2009

[review] White Denim w/ Parque Touch @ Rock & Roll Hotel (11-14-2009)

Parque Touch Reunion!

Guest writer and Senior White Denim Correspondent E-Rock has been kind enough to give us yet another White Denim concert review, this time at Washington, D. C.'s Rock & Roll Hotel. Sounds like yet another solid performance. Hopefully WD will be hitting up the West Coast sometime soon (fingers crossed).

White Denim Rock DC
submitted by E-Rock, guest Three Colours contributor

White Denim once again deliver the goods with a rousing show at the Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC. Frequent readers of Three Colours are aware that this is not my first time witnessing White Denim’s explosive set. The White Denim freight train-steamroller thundered through Amsterdam last September, firing on all cylinders for sixty minutes straight. The band started out with a similar intensity this time around, but then settled into a slightly looser groove and stretched out their jams with more developed psychedelic or progressive arrangements. White Denim later finished the set strongly with their typical rapid-fire song medleys and tight, scorching execution.

I don’t have a lot of new details to add from the last review as the set was mostly similar. White Denim did pull out a new song that has not yet been released on LP. It was an exciting mix of styles (like everything else), with a bluesy classic rock intro riff progressing to a complex bridge with start-stop dynamics and swirling rhythms. They also had several new renditions for their studio craft.

The band was treated with a very enthusiastic crowd at the Rock & Roll Hotel. The venue was crowded (but not full), so it is possible that the word is finally getting out for this critically-acclaimed band. WD members were really enjoying themselves and appeared happy to be back stateside. Block (drums) and Petralli (guitar/vocals) were particularly intense and played off each other’s leads throughout the night. Terebecki (bass) was in his own zone, providing bass slaps and slides, and the three played as tight as any band I’ve seen.

The most unexpected event of the night was the finale of the show when White Denim invited Lucas Anderson (a.k.a. Byshop Massive, now a DC resident) onto the stage for an impromptu reunion of Parque Touch (Austin, TX). The foursome blazed through the decidedly more hardcore Parque Touch song “You” (heard here) for a fiery finish to an already strong show (video below).

White Denim are more talented than your favorite band and give intense live shows that cannot be missed. Buy tickets now if they are rumbling through your area. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

I should also mention that the opening acts did a good job warming the crowd up. My Mind (Philadelphia, PA) kicked off the night with a short set. They call themselves Punk/Funk/Crunk, but the group struck me as a progressive band that decided to play punk. I personally found their set entertaining and (inadvertently) hilarious. Next up were Brazos (Austin, TX). These three guys were really talented and played dreamy indie rock with chiming guitar, smooth/groovy bass, and well placed percussion. Martin Crane (guitar/vocals) puts his vocals up front and has a delightful, higher register voice that fits very nicely with their sound. While most of the group’s songs were generally happy and middle paced, Brazos concluded their set with a faster paced rocker, followed by a minor-chord melancholy gem. I highly recommend checking out Brazos if they are rolling through your town.