Saturday, November 14, 2009

[news] Depauw to Hell, We Got the Bell!

Wabash 32, Depauw 19

With an outstanding performance this year at the 116th Monon Bell Classic, Wabash College brings home the 300 lb trophy from Blackstock Stadium. This sound victory ends the two-year losing streak and tie-breaks the series to 54-53-9. Proving once again, Depauw still swallows...

MP3: Wabash College Glee Club - "Old Wabash"


Jon Humston said...

Way to go Wabash!!

Anonymous said...


somebody from depauw told me wabash blows, but I heard about depauw

hit me up if you're in town at all before the wedding this weekend.

Anonymous said...

well that first part didn't make any sense.

i need to start sleeping more.