Monday, October 27, 2008

Parque Touch - Unknown Wonders

Before White Denim, Parque Touch was King

I'm not going to lie, the only reason I know about Parque Touch is because of White Denim. Regardless of this, after discovering their story, and their sound, I was hooked. Parque Touch is essentially White Denim with a fourth band member - Lucas Anderson (aka Byshop Massive). With Anderson at the helm singing and writing most of the songs, he brought a noticeably different element to the band. While White Denim flirts with blues, rock, and psychedelia, Parque Touch leans more towards the punk side of rock. Both bands are known for energy-packed live shows; however, Parque Touch is a bit sexier with a touch of angst.

Unfortunately for the band, Anderson is both a rocker and an academic, and the pursuit of knowledge eventually won out - in early 2006, Anderson left for graduate studies in Russia. Looking on the brighter side, with Anderson's departure came the creation of White Denim. Bop, Terry, and Mallard dropped their pseudonyms along with some of their old sound and became the power trio responsible for such great songs as "Shake Shake Shake" and "You Can Tell". As for Anderson, the last I heard, he was working on a collaboration with Steve Terebecki under the moniker Success, but the project was again on hiatus due to graduate studies. Maybe one day we'll get to hear some more Parque Touch. Until then, head over to their MySpace page for a 3-song sample platter.

Parque Touch - "Pouty"