Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[news] Foals - Back in the Studio

Recording Antidotes' Follow-up

Earlier this summer, Foals re-entered the studio to record its second album. Following the success from their solid debut album Antidotes, the Oxford quintet retreated to Göteborg, Sweden for a little transcendental inspiration. Perhaps like the great Thoreau, Foals will gain a more objective understanding of society by recording in the secluded location? Or maybe it's just a really good recording studio. Nevertheless, the band stated back in August that they had recorded one and a half songs, and that they were great (though every band says that). On Monday, they posted some studio pictures, which is a good sign that things are still going strong. Also on Monday, the band played a set at London's Transgressive Records anniversary show, and according to NME, the band showcased a few new jams. Below is the performance of "Spanish Sahara" from Monday night's show which found its way onto YouTube. The song struggles to start, but definitely picks up pace and builds into a strong finale. There's no more news about the Foals' new record, but it we'll definitely keep you posted on further details.