Monday, October 12, 2009

[mp3] Owen Schmitt - There Will Be Blood

Another O. Schmitt Moment

Seattle Seahawks' fullback Owen Schmitt has always been known for his brutish ability to deliver/receive the hardest of hits in football. During his college days at West Virginia, this machine of a man mananged to mangle his facemask every few games - those things are really hard to bend! Part of his pre-game ritual sometimes included hitting his head with the very own helmet that's supposed to protect that precious cargo which resides inside that thick skull of his.

Fast forward to yesterday when the Seahawks were about to play an evenly matched (so the sports critics said) Jacksonville Jaguars. With an already injury-riddled team, the last thing we Seattle fans need is another injury to worry about. That's why many of us were utterly confused/shocked by Schmitt's decision to "pump up his team" with this act of barbarism. Take a look at the video above to see what I mean. Maybe it worked in the end, since the Hawks shut out the Jags 41-0 in another fantastic home victory. I put more emphasis on Hasselbeck's return: a 4-TD day from a man with broken ribs is not too shabby.

Anyway, Schmitt's pre-game injury got me thinking of an old My Morning Jacket song title. The track appears on an EP that's seldom talked about, Chocolate and Ice. Enjoy.

MP3: My Morning Jacket - "Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head"
(From Chocolate and Ice EP)