Friday, October 30, 2009

[new music] Spoon - Transference (New Album)

New Spoon!

Wow, Friday has just officially become AWESOME! Pitchfork just dropped the bomb that Spoon will be releasing its seventh studio album entitled Transference on January 26 in North America via Merge. And for everyone overseas, you'll be able to get it a day early via Anti-.

After Spoon released the 3-song EP Got Nuffin, I figured that was just a small ration to keep us from musical starvation... little did I know it was merely an appetizer for the main course. Now all we do is wait. Track listing is posted below, and you'll notice "Got Nuffin" made the cut. Also, listen to the bootleg of "Written in Reverse" from 2008's Pitchfork Festival. This is going to be good.

Track listing:
  1. Before Destruction
  2. Is Love Forever?
  3. The Mystery Zone
  4. Who Makes Your Money
  5. Written in Reverse
  6. I Saw the Light
  7. Trouble Comes Running
  8. Goodnight Laura
  9. Out Go the Lights
  10. Got Nuffin
  11. Nobody Gets Me But You

Buy ::
Got Nuffin (CD, LP, Digital)


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Hey, great news!