Friday, July 31, 2009

[news] Spoon Got Nuffin EP on Vinyl (7" and 12")

Got Suffin!

Posted today at Spoon's official website, expect the US vinyl version in stores on August 18 (12").

Dear list,
Last week while Spoon was working on their next album in Brooklyn, long-time Spoon sound engineer Hot Pockets was in Austin mixing recordings of each of the three Stubb's shows from a couple of weeks ago. I would like you each to know that each show was recorded in multi-track HD and that each night is now available as an MP3 or FLAC download at the Spoon store. Earlier versions of the downloads had incorrect song titles but I've fixed that. There are also some Rob Jones-designed posters for the shows left in same store.

Dear fans of vinyl,
In Europe, the Got Nuffin 7" single is in shops now and available online through the Rough Trade store. The US vinyl version (on 12"!) will be in stores on August 18. If you've pre-ordered the US vinyl through the Spoon store (or if you order it now) it will arrive sooner than that.