Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[news] King Biscuit Time Back In The Studio

Finally some more KBT

While this is an extremely late post (I'm not sure how this one slipped by me), it still is fantastic news. Posted back in January at Steve Mason's MySpace page, King Biscuit Time has entered the studio with a some "amazing songs." According to the post, Mason is working with producer Richard X in London and will hope to get a tour together after the record formulates. This is great news for those who had tickets to the Black Gold tour (which Mason abruptly canceled merely days before the first show). A new album would be incredible... more news to come (hopefully).
So, my manager told me to write something here and let everyone know whats going on. This is whats going on--

I'm still in the studio. Working on about 12-15 new tracks. Though i am still writing new songs. I have been down to London and spent a few days with Richard X at his studio. We worked on a couple of my demo's and the results are promising. A little hard to describe here, but he is trying to drag me from obscureness into the light. It might work, i have some amazing songs, its just a matter of staying the right side of the dark side. I;m going back in the studio with Richard in Febuary.
I WILL be playing this year, as KBT. No more cancel's. Its on. Trying to put the KBT touring band back together, Pete Rankin ( OJR ) is back on board but C-Swing is on about giving up music. I will do my best to persuade him not too. What a waste that would be. I have a new bass player who i am sure most of you will have heard of, so the bottom end is locked down tight.

I will be posting more studio bits on YouTube as and when i feel like it. A new one soon though.
I think thats all she wrote.
la la later