Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[new music] The West - Don’t Make a Sound

The West will rise again!

Formerly known as simply Bob and Anthony, this two part Seattle band, comprised of Anthony Darnell (of the local Satori Group) and Bob Husak (drummer for the Blakes), has added three more members to the line-up and changed their moniker to The West. Last year, Bob and Anthony released their first single "Underground", which made me an instant fan (heard here).

For those wanting more, you'll be happy to learn that The West has just released their first EP entitled Don't Make a Sound. The newly formed group is still crafting the melodic jams heard on "Underground", but there's a little more energy and synth injected into the upbeat sing-alongs, thanks to the addition of keyboardist Adrienne Clark, producer / guitarist Reed Griffin, and songwriter / electronic producer Arthur Ross. Hear it for yourself (the EP can be streamed below).

So go pick up a copy of the The West's 4-song EP Don't Make a Sound - it's the best 4 bucks you'll spend this week. And also check them out in Seattle at the Comet Tavern tomorrow night (9 PM, $7 at the door).