Saturday, December 3, 2011

[mp3] Spoon - "Towner on the B-Side" (demo) December Bonus Track

New Bonus Track from Spoon

Spoon wasted little time between releasing bonus tracks, bringing us all some early holiday cheer in the month of December. This month's song is a demo version of the aMiniature (the "a" is silent) cover "Towner on the B-Side". During a recent move, lead singer Britt Daniel apparently stumbled upon an old cassette tape that was made in the pre-Sneaks years. Cool!

Even cooler, a long while back I did a little write-up about my thoughts on the connection between Spoon and aMiniature, and to my surprise, aMiniature's lead singer John Lee responded. Read his comments here.

December's demo version is of Telephono's "Towner on the B-Side". For the full list of Spoon bonus tracks, go here. Check out this month's bonus track below.

MP3: Spoon - "Towner on the B-Side" (demo) - aMiniature cover
(December '11 Bonus Track)