Monday, April 12, 2010

[video] Wolf Parade - "Happy Birthday"

Spencer wishes his mom a happy 61st B-day.

On April 7th, 2010, Wolf Parade took a break from their set at The Phoenix in Toronto to have a "Happy Birthday" singalong for Spencer Krug's mother, who happened to turn 61 that day. A video is posted above - quite a good laugh. I especially liked the part after the song where Krug jokingly informs the crowd that "because of that, we can only do two more songs."

Wolf Parade will be perform at the Showbox on July 26.

Also, below is an actual new song, sung by Krug and captured at the same show. Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

I was there, it was great. "Can't talk long, mom, I'm at work." (And great blog, by the way.)

Greg said...

It's going to be nerve-racking waiting until July to hear these new songs live. Can't wait! (thanks, by the way.)