Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[concert] Wolf Parade @ Showbox (Pre-sale) 7-26-2010

Pre-sale starts tomorrow

FYI: Just a friendly reminder, Wolf Parade will be playing the Showbox on July 26, and the pre-sale starts tomorrow morning at 10 am. Follow this link for the head start (here). The band has recently begun touring North America while showcasing set lists chalked full of new jams. So far, the best recordings I've come across are posted at The Trendwhore. Below is a rough recording of "Beyonce," one of many album-bound songs that will appear on Wolf Parade's third album Expo 86. For more songs, check out The Trendwhore's Halifax review here.

Who? Wolf Parade
When? 07-26-2010
Where? Showbox (Seattle, WA)
How? Pre-sale 4/8 @ 10am
General on sale 4/9 @ 10am

MP3: Wolf Parade - "Beyonce"
(Live @ Paragon Theater - April 3, 2010)
via The Trendwhore


Wendy said...

Howdy - where did the image in this post come from? It's awesome!

Greg said...

It's actually from a Wolf Parade t-shirt, which you can pick up here in a whole slew of colors:

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