Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[playlist] Hump Day Power Play (3-7-2012)

Steve Mason Editition

One of the most talented (yet underappreciated) songwriters of our time is the focus of this week's Hump Day Power Play. Most notably known as the ex-frontman of The Beta Band (now defunct), Steve Mason is the brainchild behind an expansive catalog of genre-bending classics, which somehow managed to mix experimental folk with psychedelia and electronic pop. Mason released a solid breadth of solo work under numerous monikers, including King Biscuit Time, Black Affair, and simply Steve Mason. There's really not another band out that's produced a sound that quite resembles any of Mason's work, and for that I think he's truly worthy of all praise. For this week's playlist, I tried to compile some of my favorite tracks from all of his projects.

By the way, if you like The Beta Band songs, be sure to check out The Aliens (i.e., The Beta Band sans Mason).

Hear it by simply clicking here. Playlist is below.

:: Hump Day Power Play (3-7-2012) ::
01 :: "I Walk The Earth" - King Biscuit Time
02 :: "Broken Up A Ding Dong" - The Beta Band
03 :: "Dry The Rain" - The Beta Band
04 :: "Easy" - The Beta Band
05 :: "Broke" - The Beta Band
06 :: "Space" - The Beta Band
07 :: "Japanese Happening" - Black Affair
08 :: "Squares" - The Beta Band
09 :: "Stress Position" - Steve Mason
10 :: "Lion Thief" - The Beta Band
11 :: "The Way You Walk" - King Biscuit Time
12 :: "Inner Meet Me" - The Beta Band
13 :: "Troubles" - The Beta Band
14 :: "I Know" - The Beta Band

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