Sunday, February 12, 2012

[new music] Moonface - Heartbreaking Bravery

New jams from Krug & Co.

And just when I was greedily wishing there was more Wolf Parade-related music to hear, the WP fansite posted info on a new Moonface LP. As mentioned before, the Spencer Krug-driven musical project was to eventually incorporate the collaborative works from other bands. Well, that time is apparently here, and the third Moonface LP, entitled Heartbreaking Bravery, is set to feature the musical accompaniment of Siinai. The album drops April 17, 2012, and according to their press release: 
Siinai is the Finnish band Krug worked with on this album. Krug met Siinai when their former band, Joensu 1685, toured with Wolf Parade throughout Europe in 2009. Over the following year, friendships were born, Joensu 1685 broke up, Siinai was formed and Krug unexpectedly received a copy of their first album, Olympic Games. Siinai could safely be described as progressive kraut rock. Their songs are long and heavy, often gorgeous, repetitive, with slow subtle hypnotic changes that bring to mind a single cell splitting into two. Also of key interest to Krug at the time: they had no vocalist.

Krug asked if they wanted to make an album together, a collaboration wherein Siinai would perform the meat of the music, and Moonface would take care of the vocals (and ultimately a few licks on the keyboard). Upon agreement from Siinai, Krug arrived in Finland in August of 2011 to begin restructuring demos and write a few tunes from scratch. Big beats boomed. [Three] Colours burst. Krug’s addiction to melody and pop music met Siinai’s love for simplicity and their rare patience for music that slowly evolves, and something somewhere in the middle was created. It was a compromise that everyone enjoyed making. Heartbreaking Bravery:
Can't wait to hear the entire album! Check out the first single, "Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips", here:

With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery
Out 04/17/12
01 :: Heartbreaking Bravery
02 :: Yesterday’s Fire
03 :: Shitty City
04 :: Quickfire, I Tried
05 :: I’m Not The Phoenix Yet
06 :: 10,000 Scorpions
07 :: Faraway Lightning
08 :: Headed For The Door
09 :: Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips
10 :: Lay Your Cheek On Down

Check out Krug with Siinai.... such a strange photo!