Friday, January 21, 2011

[video] White Denim - Live at Emo's (12-31-2010)

White Denim on New Years Eve

What I find most refreshing about White Denim is their willingness to take risks. So many bands today reproduce their album sound in concert to the point where there's very little difference. Sure it's also about the live experience, and the stage presence adds to the whole aura of the show. But it's very rare these days to see a band constantly tinkering with their sound and song-structure through live improvisation. White Denim is one of those exceptions, and I think fans have become open to the idea of the experience, too, which is why it works so well. Suffice to say, you never get the same show twice, and everyone goes home very happy.

A prime example of this experience was documented by Austin Music Weekly when WD headlined a New Years Eve party at Emo's last month. Definitely check this out - there are new jams showcased in the mix! And since White Denim doesn’t perform songs so much as medleys, in an effort to preserve the live integrity of one of Austin’s most thrilling shows, AMW condensed the audio to reflect that distinction.