Monday, January 3, 2011

[sports] Clipboard Jesus Saves Playoff Chances

Seahawks Clinch Playoffs with 7-9 Record

Charlie Whitehurst played a smart and solid game tonight to help the Seattle Seahawks overcome the St. Louis Rams, securing the NFC West title and the 4th Seed in the playoffs. The defense was outstanding, and the 2nd half running game sealed the deal.

Next up, the Seahawks will host the New Orleans Saints at Qwest this Saturday at 1:30 pm. No matter what our record may have been in the regular season, everyone starts 0-0 in the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Whitehurst is going to be really fucking good once he can take all the snaps during practice and get some games under his belt. He has all the ability necessary, he really just needs to get down his game-time timing and judgements to be able to make more instinctual decisions. Completely impossible to do that when Hasslesuck turnover machine is hogging all the snaps.

sijagur said...

nice post... thanks