Sunday, May 9, 2010

[video] Local Natives - "Airplanes" on Craig Ferguson

For those of you who missed the Local Natives' awesome Thursday-night performance of "Airplanes" on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, here you go. One of my favorite albums thus far in 2010, Gorilla Manor is one of those instant classics that ceases to wear out. Below is another video of their KEXP live rendition of the Talking Heads cover "Warning Sign." Enjoy.

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Chissy said...

love them. airplanes is my favorite song. i can't wait for wednesday when they come through columbus! it's going to be such a good show

Jon Humston said...

just saw them last night in iowa city, at the small and intimate mill. great set. the bass was wearing a hat just like that, and his shirt said "the new front ear." didn't get it until i spoke it in my head.