Thursday, May 6, 2010

[new music] Ratatat - "Party With Kids" from LP4

Ratatat's LP4 finally gets a face

Head over to P4K or Stereogum and stream/download the first song shared by Ratatat from their upcoming fourth album. Following up their cleverly named LP3, LP4 was apparently recording during the same session, but will feature more worldly sounds than its predecessor. It also is supposedly going to rock hard. After listening to the new track "Party With Kids," though, I kind of felt like it was a tab bit on the boring side. Hopefully in the context of the rest of the album, these feelings will fade. We'll have to wait until June 8 when the album hits shelves to be sure. A track listing is posted below:

Ratatat - LP4:

01 Bilar
02 Drugs
03 Neckbrace
04 We Can't Be Stopped
05 Bob Gandhi
06 Mandy
07 Mahalo
08 Party With Children
09 Sunblocks
10 Bare Feast
11 Graper Juice City
12 Alps

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