Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[video] Plants and Animals - Live from La La Land

Plants and Animals - La La Land (April 20)

The newest single "The Mama Papa" just hit the internet, and we're nearly one month away from the release of La La Land. Plants and Animals will be playing no less than six shows at SXSW in the next four days! The band says they'll be giving Austinites a sampling of their forthcoming album (due April 20). Since I'm impatient, I've been trying to find as many new songs on the internet recorded over the past year from P&A. Below are three songs if you can't wait. And don't forget that they'll be playing the Crocodile on May 22 w/ Frog Eyes!

Buy :: Plants and Animals - "The Mama Papa" (digital download)

"Tom Cruz" @ la FlĂȘche d'Or // Paris, FR

"Fake It" @ Paragon Theatre // Halifax, NS

"The Mama Papa" @ Modified Arts // Phoenix, AZ

"The Mama Papa" (Official Music Video)